Chapter 11


There was a knock at the door and I was startled. Who knows, it could be the Denalis wanting to kill us. Edward approached the door knowing who it was hearing their thoughts.

He didn't share with us though, we had all of the nervousness.

The suspense built up and he turned the knob and open the door. My breaths stopped and I stared confused. Jacob, I think was his name. I remember him vaguely, we were best friends when we were little. Billy Black, his dad was and still is friends with Charlie.

Jacob was cringing at our smell, I did the same about him. I crinkled my nose in disgust. He didn't smell human, his blood wasn't appealing to me.

Edward showed him down the entryway and into the living room. When Jacob saw me his eyes lit up and came over to hug me. He was Emmett-Size, bulky and muscled. I got up to hug him and his skin was abnormally hot. "Remember me?" he said with a grin across his face. "How could I not? You were like my only friend when we were little!" I responded.

I sat back down and Jacob sat by me. "Does she know yet?" he asked Edward curiously. What didn't I know? Was Jacob aware of the fact we were vampires?

This went through my mind and Edward replied "That's what we were going to do". Jacob must've seen my confused face because he then said laughing "I know you're a vampire. And well, you aren't the only people with a secret.

They already know, just don't freak out ok Bella?". I nodded and he continued "I'm a werewolf." I was shocked. How could I just be excluded from the fact that my best friend was some mythical creature? I tried to speak but words wouldn't come out.

Edward broke the silence and explained "The Quileutes are all wolves. Once Billy was too, we have a treaty to stay away from each other and to not hunt on their lands. They came here to help us fight."

Fight? This just reminded me how real all of this was. I was a vampire, Denalis are going to kill me, and Jacob was a werewolf. Or shape-shifter, they chose when they change. I only had 4 days left until Charlie expected me to be home.

I couldn't believe how my life has changed in just a few weeks. I zoned back in and asked "Are we going to train? I know that you already know how to fight, but I don't. And I think we should have some sort of plan to do this."

We exchanged looks and Edward wasn't going to give in for me actually fighting in battle. Esme finally said "We will. Everyone needs a little practice to be sure. We don't want anyone getting hurt".

"Let's meet somewhere tonight ok?" Jacob said. "The meadow." Edward told him. "I'll bring Sam and the others." Jacob stood up, hugged me and left the house. Alice pixied over to me, "I'm going to take her shopping!".

I glanced over to Edward and saw him grinning at the fact that he knew I wasn't going to tell her no. "For what Alice?" I asked her and she replied "Training clothes! New makeup and we Can get your hair done!".

"I guess so. I'm not going to be able to get away from this one will I?" I stated. Jasper laughed and told me "Alice wants, Alice gets." Alice and I went to the garage and Edward followed us there. "Alice, please actually watch her this time?

Last time she got her life taken away." he said seriously. Edward was wrong, my life just started as I met him. "I will" she promised. Edward opened the Yellow Camaro door and kissed me, and whispered "Please, stay safe?" I nodded and we were off.

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