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Two months later…

Stephanie is watching TV when Jesse walks in from the recording studio.

Jesse: Hey baby, can you come down to the studio with me?

Stephanie: Why?

Jesse: I need your opinion on a song.

Stephanie: Fine,

They walk into the in-house recording studio which Stephanie has never been in since her younger years of singing.

Stephanie: So what do you need?

Jesse: Well actually, I lied. I don't need an opinion, but I need your voice.

Stephanie: What are you talking about?

Jesse: In this song, I need a female singer. You know, like a duet.

(She sighs) Stephanie: Jesse, you know I don't sing anymore.

Jesse: Why not, you're an amazing singer. Besides it can give you something to do until your knee heals. (She thinks about it for a moment) Please, for me.

Stephanie: Fine, but I don't know if I can still do it, it's been too long.

Jesse: Don't worry; I'll get you back into it.

A week later…

Stephanie is the recording studio with Jesse. Marie comes down in excitement.

Marie: Hey guys, how's the song writing going?

Stephanie: Pretty good, we're surprisingly almost done with it.

Marie: That's good.

Jesse: Why are you so smiley?

Marie: So guess who called after seeing your tweet about getting back into singing?

Stephanie: I give up.

Marie: It was Justin Bieber himself and he wants to know if you would want to do a song with him. You know, like a reunion/comeback for you.

Stephanie: Um I don't know it's been a long time since I've talked to him.

Jesse: Wait, this the same Justin Bieber you dated before me, right?

Stephanie: Yeah, that's the one.

Marie: Well what do you think?

Breaking News!

She's back! Multi-talented Stephanie has returned to a singing career. She and soon-to-be husband, Jesse McCartney, have been working together in recording her returning album. The biggest surprise is that her first single is called "Imperfection" and it features one of her ex's Justin Bieber. The two previously dated back in '08 shortly before fame came into the picture. The relationship lasted for an entire year until the two decided to call it quits and going their separate ways in careers. The song is now available on iTunes and rumor has it that the two former lovers will be filming a music video for the song.