I don't own Kingdom Hearts or any of its characters. That honor goes to Tetsuya Nomura. This is just a tribute to the Kingdom Hearts saga since right now I can't afford a Nintendo 3DS or get Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance. So to Kingdom Hearts, Happy tenth birthday and may Kingdom Hearts continue.



It was in a dark chapel that Sora, a fourteen-year-old brunette from Destiny Islands had watched in terror as his home and his two childhood best friends, Riku and Kairi vanish right before his eyes. The last thing he saw was Riku offering his hand out to him saying, "Let's go together". Both of them disappeared within the evil darkness that consumed their world.

Sora fainted and when he awoke he found himself in a different world known as Traverse Town. There he met two messengers of an unknown king that went missing after he fought the evil entity that consumed Sora's home for years. These messengers were Donald Duck, the king's mage and Goofy, the head of the king's knights. Together; Sora, Donald and Goofy set off to free the worlds that were devoured by the darkness and also consumed Sora's home world and ripped him apart from his friends. They didn't know what laid ahead for them.

Now Sora found himself confronted by the fact that he couldn't seal the portal with the bright rainbow vortex off or wake Kairi and the other six Princesses of Light from their slumber. He was conflicted, but one thing Riku had said to him during their fight sparked an idea. He approached the keyblade that Riku had used in their previous fight as he tossed aside his own keyblade. Sora knew there would be consequences, but right now the situation seemed hopeless and he was on his last leg. Everybody depended on him.

Donald and Goofy cried out as they watched Sora stab himself with the keyblade, the Key to People's Hearts through his chest, Sora fell to one knee; blood ran through the part where he stabbed himself through and light enveloped him. He smiled as the hearts that made up the keyblade release themselves and return to the six Princesses of Light that stood in pods on each side of the chapel like dolls. Two hearts were also released from the boy's body; one returned to the lifeless girl's body and she opened her eyes. She saw the heart and the vanishing body of her injured best friend and she screamed, "Sora!"

As the seventh Princess of Light, Kairi ran to catch her friend. However, he completely vanished once she caught him. "S-Sora," she gasped. Donald and Goofy stood by grieving over their best friend that had just sacrificed himself to awaken the seven Princesses of Light. What were they going to do now since their hero was gone?


In a strange forest just on the outskirts of a small town known as Twilight Town was an old mansion; a small light appeared. It sparked about and then a portal of darkness swallowed the heart. The darkness dispersed and a boy emerged. He appeared to be no older than sixteen and he pretty much looked different from anybody in the town. The boy had fair skin, sandy blonde hair which was windswept, a narrow face and piercing aqua-blue irises. He stood there like a zombie and watched as another portal appeared.

However, the person that emerged from this portal was quite different from him. The man was taller and dressed in a dark cloak with a hood that covered his face. The boy stood emotionlessly as the man made four letters, S-O-R-A appear in front of the boy. They spun in front of the boy, but the boy never averted his eyes from them. The man called the letters to a sudden stop and an X was added. "Roxas," the boy said.

"That is right-the new you," the hooded man replied with a slight smirk.

The next few days, a man with spiky red hair, emerald green eyes and tear-drop tattoos underneath his eyes named Axel was assigned to mentor Roxas. The new Organization member was completely different from the rest of the Organization members in the way that he lacked memories and acted like a complete blank. Axel could only act like a babysitter to the zombie nobody. During the year, a new member, Xion was introduced. She was just like Roxas in that she was a complete blank and lacked any memories of her other half's life. This brought the three together. The two eventually began acting a lot like the other members and they enjoyed eating ice cream and watching the sunsets together.

However, things soon changed. Xion fought a strange boy. He was dressed in the same black, hooded coat as Organization XIII, they fought. He called her and her keyblade a sham and that she needed to find a new crowd. Xion couldn't bring herself to leave the Organization, especially not for her best friends, Roxas and Axel, but she began to doubt herself.

Things went from bad to worst. Xion began to have memories, which she thought were hers, but in truth they weren't. The friendship between the three became stained. Roxas felt that Axel was keeping something from him and Xion was avoiding him. In the end, Roxas left the Organization and Axel and he was forced to kill his last best friend, Xion. A man named DiZ, a mysterious girl known as Namine and the boy that fought Xion, Riku captured Roxas and made him forget his time in the Organization and implanted memories of a false existence as a normal kid.