Live and Let Live (DIE)

When you were young and your heart was an open book, you used to say Live and Let Live,

Ari sighs as he looks through his scope, at the one person he's saved so far today, Timothy McGee. He is wondering why he saved him when his cell phone rings and he looks at an incoming text message.

"Ziva" is all it says and he knows why he's saved the younger man. His sister means the world to him. As his "Handler" she'll be the one who will have to make any amends for what he is about to do. She will need someone with strength to help her through the years to come. He sighs and looks through his scope again. Anthony DiNozzo, Junior or Leroy Jethro Gibbs...he should kill them both just to make sure that Ziva can have her chance at happiness.

But if this ever changing world that we live in, makes you give in and cry

He thinks about his father; about the hatred that he cannot use against a man who allowed his wife and daughter to die while he climbed the Mossad ladder to leadership. He looks at the two men, about how they can affect his sister's life. Tony will almost certainly try to put the moves on Ziva; he is too cocky about his own good looks and charm, but he is certain that Ziva will be able to put him in his place. Gibbs, the man who reminds him of another bastard. He will need to make sure that when he kills this former Marine, he does it slowly and with meaning.

Then he looks at the woman in the picture. Caitlyn Todd...his Caitlyn. Tony has put the moves on Caitlyn many times, something that he cannot allow. As for Gibbs, it will mean that Ari might finally have an adversary worthy of his hatred.

Say live and let die, live and let die, live and let die...

Gibbs has lost his own wife and daughter. One more loss will anger him and Ari can maybe have a bit of revenge for the way that he's seen Gibbs treat some agents better than others. Timothy might not be as world or street savvy as the other three, but with training he will be a good match for his Ziva. Now for the other decision.

What does it matter to ya, when you gotta job to do, you gotta do it well...

Tony would be an obvious choice, it would almost certainly crush Gibbs to lose him. Then again it would make both men suffer if he kills the one person on the team who has them smiling right now. If he takes out the other woman, the Gothic scientist later and maybe the gentle doctor in autopsy, they will be devastated and the devastation they will feel for years to come. He can let them live while inside, in their souls they slowly die and if he can play with their minds at the same time...

You gotta give the other fella hell,

He sighs as he mutters, "I am sorry Caitlyn."

Live and let die...

a/n: No, this has nothing to do with the Accidental Meeting or the Second Meeting stories ...just a stand alone as to why Tim lived, and Kate didn't, from yet another perspective. This was also written for the Paul McCartney Challenge on another site, where we had to take one of Paul's songs and write a story around it.