The doors to the battered rec room flew open and hit the walls with a clattering racket. Everyone present looked up with looks ranging from terror to mild curiosity, including the Rogue Gallery. At least those that were present which included the Joker, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Riddler, Two Face, Scarecrow, the Mad Hatter, and Scarface. In marched two burly guards who kept the guns pointing at a slightly downward angle with the target being the small child before them. His hair was a blue black in color and was a little long for a boy's, reaching a little passed his shoulders. His eyes were an almost yellow green and darted around the room in terror. The Arkham uniform was huge on him. The pants had been badly altered by someone who seemed too frustrated to care and the jagged edges dragged on the floor, occasionally tripping the boy. The shirt had received no such treatment and hung off his shoulders, the sleeves rolled up several times to reveal the sickly thin and pale wrists. It was obvious that no set of cuffs had fit so the limbs were bound with what looked like some sort of fishing wire wrapped in duct tape. He looked around the room nervously, swallowing a couple times before he turned to face the guards and raised his hands with expectant look. The guards simply looked down in disgust before shoving the child forward with the barrels of their guns. The boy landed in an untidy heap and looked up with questioning eyes at the retreating guards.

Pam Isley, better known to most as Poison Ivy, stood angrily and, without a word to the unspoken questions of her fellow Rogues, made her way over to the child. She wasn't quite sure why; but her maternal instincts had flared at the sight of the boy. Maybe it was how thin and frail he looked. Maybe it was the uncertain and near terrified way in which he looked around. Maybe it was just the fact that he looked far too young to belong in the boring grey uniform and locked away. Whatever had moved her normally unshakable heart was the reason that she now knelt before the boy and smiled her warmest.

"You alright honey?" He looked up cautiously and Pam took note that his eyes were not in fact yellow. Instead they were a very interesting forest green with shots and streaks of gold.

"Yes pretty lady." She laughed softly and nodded in delight as Jervis seemed to catch the caring bug too. He sauntered over and crouched down at the boy's side. He smiled brightly at the boy's curious gaze and tipped his large top hat.

"It's a pleasure to meet you my dear boy. My name is Jervis and this lovely woman in Pam." The boy smiled shyly and bit softly on his lower lip.

"I'm Thorn." Jervis clapped his hands together in delight.

"A charming name! Now tell me Thorn, how old are you?" Thorn held up four thin and crooked fingers. To the two Rogues, it looked as if they had healed horribly wrong after being snapped. Jervis did his best to hide his worry behind his usual wide smile. "A delightful age, full of mischief and games." Pam then scooped the boy up into her arms and carried her back to the couch and cluster of chairs that the other Rogues remained still watching the scene. Even Jonathon's gaze had been dragged from the interrupted chess game that rested on the aging end table. Pam reclaimed the chair she had abandoned and set Thorn on her lap. Upon meeting the curious gazes of the other Rogues, he immediately cowered backwards.

"No need to be afraid honey; I just brought you over to meet the rest of the family." At this, Joker snorted loudly and received a sharp glare from Pam. "Now Thorn, that's Joker. I would suggest only being around him when he's in a good mood. Beside him is Harley." The bubbly blond smiled and waved before coming up to tickle him under the chin.

"Hi Thorn! You and me are going to be best buddies!" He nodded eagerly and hugged her around the waist. Once she had sat back down, Pam drew Thorn's focus to Harley's right.

"You already know Jervis and the man beside him is Edward. He loves riddles and puzzles." Edward smirked and reached out a hand to ruffle Thorn's hair, which Pam noticed, was full of mats and looked in need of a wash. "Now beside us is Jonathon but you'd best call him Professor Crane for right now and next to him is Harvey." Both men nodded their greetings to the boy, neither being the type for many words when unnecessary. Seeming to gain more confidence, Thorn slipped off Pam's lap and went around the circle, proclaiming 'hug' and then proceeding to do just that. Even Joker received a hug though mainly because he was still in a straightjacket due to his last escape. Jervis the scooped him up and sat the boy on his knees facing him.

"Now Thorn, I need to ask you a question, ok?" Thorn nodded, his fingers reaching out to fiddle with the front of Jervis's uniform. "Do you know why you were brought here?"

"Well see, mommy wasn't happy when daddy went on a trip with his skelecatary."

"Secretary." Jonathon corrected. Thorn smiled over his shoulder.

"Yeah that. He was gone for a really long time and then he phoned mommy and they got in a huge fight on the phone. Mommy said lots of bad words and didn't money in the bad words jar." He pouted a bit at the seeming unfairness. "Then mommy stopped getting out of her pajamas and brushing her hair. She just sat on the couch so I thought she was sad. So I turned cartoons and brought her toys to play with and furry friends to hug. I got her candy and cookies but she didn't seem to like that. Oh before I forget, I had a tiny little sister. Her name was Mel. One day I started to give Mel a bath but after I turned off the water I remembered that I didn't have any bath toys for her, so I went into her room to get some. When I came, mommy was in the room and holding Mel under the water. I went over and tugged on her sleeve. I tried to tell her that Mel was not a fish. Mel stopped moving after a little while and then mommy said that I shouldn't have touched her because my hands were filthy. Then she took me over to the sink and turned on the water really hot. She told me that if I wanted to touch her then I had to have clean hands first but the water was too hot and it hurt. So she said if I wouldn't have clean hands then I wouldn't have any hands and she broke them and all my fingers. I cried a lot but it hurt so much. Then I heard mommy on the phone. She said that I killed Mel and was attacking her. Later in the big room she told the guy with the funny white hair that my hands had been broken when she tried to lock me in the bathroom because she was scared. So here I am. I think they believed her because Miss Ran Door is her sister." Harley giggled.

"You mean Van Dor?" He nodded.

"Yeah but I like Ran Door more though."