This is going to be a one-shot NOT based on a song. If you would be so kind to leave a comment or a song suggestion I will do my best to write a one shot about it This one is 11th Doctor remembering Rose's birthday.


He was sitting on the swing under the floor looking depressed. I couldn't help but notice he was holding a picture of someone in his hands.

"Doctor?" I asked quietly while I walked down the stairs. His head snapped up and he looked at me. The Doctor's eyes were red and his face was puffy. It was obvious he had been crying.

"Oh, hello Pond." He said wiping his eyes on his sleeve. "Can I help you with anything?"

"What's wrong?" I asked while taking a seat on the floor in front of him.

"Oh it's nothing." He looked at the picture in his hands again.

"Can I see?" I asked quietly. He nodded and held out the picture. There was a girl with blonde hair and a man who was very lanky and had brown hair that was amazing. They were wrapped up in a hug under a banner that read 'Happy Birthday Rose!'. The man was looking down onto the girl with this expression of pure astonishment as if he didn't believe she was with him. "She's beautiful. Who's that man?"

"That's me." He replied simply taking the picture back.

"That's you?" I exclaimed. Doctor smiled a bit and then looked back at me.

"Yes. I regenerated right before I met you. That was me exactly one year ago." He looked so sad when he said that.

"Wow. Who is that girl?"

"That's Rose. Rose Tyler." Doctor looked at the picture and a tear fell from his cheek.

"She meant a lot to you." I stated.

"I fell in love with her."

"What happened to her?"

"I lost her to an alternate universe. I had a human clone and he's with her but I miss her so much I still have all her clothes and her possessions that she left here. Her room is still exact in every way."

"Tell me more about her."

"She was smart, just brilliant, beautiful, as you can see, funny, nice, and my best friend." The Doctor looked as if he was remembering a long gone memory that was blissful.

"I wish I could have met her." I sighed.

"Would you like to see her room?"

"Only if you are okay with it."

"I haven't gone in there since the day she left, maybe it would be best. You know, for closure."

"Of course." I held out my hand as I stood up. The Doctor took it and he walked me to a room that was clearly a girls room. The room was large, larger than mine. The queen sized bed had a cover that was purple and a canopy over it. I expected to see the surfaces covered in dust but they weren't. The desk was covered in random papers and even a few drawings. The dresser had at least 20 pictures of her with the Doctor. "Was she in love with you too?" I looked back at the Doctor who was still standing in the doorway with tears streaming down his face.

"Yes. We had so many marvelous journeys. Saying goodbye was the hardest thing in the world. Please, excuse me." The Doctor then walked away leaving me alone in the deserted bedroom that once belonged to Rose Tyler. I was about to leave when I found something that made me curious. It was the diary of Rose Tyler. I read a few entries and learned about all of their journeys. I decided to look at the last page and what I found there was shocking. On the back cover she wrote, Doctor, I know one day I will be gone and you will clear away my things for another lucky traveler, but I hope you never forget me. I love you so much and I know that I was so lucky to be with you. ~Rose. I internally debated the idea of giving the diary to the Doctor to help him. If I did it would make him cry more, which hurt me. If I didn't and I kept it from him he would be mad. If I did he will be able to relive his memories with her and that would make him happy. I left Rose's room and went back to the control room.

"Doctor?" I called out. His head popped up from under the floor again.

"Yes Amy?"

"I found something you might want to see." He wiped off his hands and then came up to join me. I held out the diary and he looked at it confusion. "Just look at the back cover." He grabbed it and then opened the back cover. His eyes went from shock, to sad, to happy.

"You found this in her room?" He asked and I nodded. "I didn't even know she had a diary." He then hugged me and whispered "Thank you for finding this." I just nodded and watched as the Doctor began to read the diary.

"Happy birthday Rose Tyler." I whispered to no one.