Hiya! Well I am doing this for Nikkiara's "A Day in A life Of a Kittypet" one-shot contest. Hope you enjoy!

I awake to the sounds of my human putting more cat-food in my bowl that says my name, Kilala. I slowly awake from my slumber and go over to the food bowls.

Almost every day is the same. Wake up, eat, get petted, wander around, see if there are any mice, sit by the fire place, sneak outside, get dragged inside, eat, and sleep. But today, I have no intentions of going by routine. No, I shall spend the day outside!

Oh, by the way, I am a gray she-cat with green eyes.

I look all around my human's house for a way out. No windows are open. There is only one, exciting, way out; through the chimney

I scrabble from stone to stone, and finally make my way out. I slid down the roof and somehow end up landing on all four paws. I heard my human calling me, but I dare not go back. Today I shaal be outside!

My day included some of these blissful things; rolling in wild Cat-mint and rosemary, walking along the fence, and last but not least, my attempt to hunt.

I stalked a small mouse, the sun was setting, my human was calling desperately now, but I liked my freedom. The mouse caught scent of me, and I leaped. I came down on the mouse and threw it up in the air, and finished it with a bite. Only then did I catch sight of two pairs of eyes, one blue, one yellow. The one with yellow eyes stepped out of the brush. I arched my back and hissed. The she-cat looked impressed.

"I will not harm you, Kittypet," She said in a calm tone, yet a voice that demanded attention. "I am Darkstar, I have been watching you."

"And why would that be?" I let out in a growl.

"I have been watching you, and have decided to grant you what seems to be what you desire most." Darkstar said. That got my attention.

"What is it?" I asked eagerly. Darkstar looked amused

"I am giving you the option to become a Shadowclan cat."

Hope you enjoyed! I might be making a actual story out of this!