Tony Stark walked in, eyes bright and hands guarding a precious bundle as he ran from his girlfriend. "Hahaha! Kagome can't catch me!"

"Tony, don't run with Peter, you'll drop him!" The soft pitter-patter of feet followed the man.

"No I won't- oh hey, Steve! What did Fury want? Mwuah!" A soft kiss was placed on the blonde's cheek as his boyfriend ran off again, laughing.

"Uh-" A small figure bumped into him, and in an instinctive moment, he wrapped his arms around her. The two froze but didn't move. Kagome was still not used to physical contact after the state she arrived in a few months ago. She was used to it if she suspected it, but not at all otherwise.

"Sorry!" His arms unwrapped immediantly, face worried.

"It's okay." The girl smiled. She stepped back, looking over his shoulder (with some difficulty). "Have you seen Tony? He took Peter when I was finished changing him and ran off."

"He ran off while holding a baby?" Steve yelled. "Dammit, Tony!"

Tony flinched from inside the closet at hearing the yell. 'Shit...'

Peter gurgled happily, smiling up at him.

" don't want to get Daddy murdered by Papa and Mommy, do you?" Tony whispered to Peter, who gasped a little. "Then shhh..."

"Tony Stark, where are you?"

"Why did he even steal him in the first place? It's our kid!"

"Tony, you're in deep shit if I don't have our child in my arms in a second!"

"Kagome! Peter can hear you!"

"Sorry, Petey, but Mommy's pissed!"

Tony looked back into his arms, only to see his kid missing. "What? Peter!"

A tiny noise told him to look up, confused to see his son climbing on the wall. Hell, Peter could barely walk, he was still basically an infant.

"Peter..." He said carefully, "Come...down...from there..."

The door of the closet opened, Kagome running slightly ahead of Steve. "Tony, what the -"

"Shh! Don't startle him, he'll fall!" Tony hissed, eyes still on their son.

Steve walked slowly towards Peter, arms outstretched to him. "Come on, Petey. Come with Papa."

Much to their surprise, their usually obedient son climbed up further.

"Peter, please come down!" Tony pleaded, noticing how Kagome's face grew more pale the higher he went.

"Peter..." Kagome said softly. "Please..."

Steve reached up on his tip-toes and grabbed his son down. Everyone sighed in relief, rushing over to their child.

Kagome pulled on Tony's ear. "You are so in trouble!" She said in a mock angered voice, before cooing over their child.

"So, what's wrong with him?"

"Nothing's wrong with him!" Steve said defensivly.

"I agree with Steve, but should we let Bruce examine him?"

"Kagome!" Steve said nervously.

"Do you want to know what's wrong with him or not?"

She placed a hand on his arm. "Look, I know this stuff makes you uncomfortable, and I don't feel right leaving him overnight, but what if he needs help, Steve?"

Tony was watching his son, a soft expression on his face. "She's right, Cap." He said quietly.

Steve reached over to tug on Peter's brown hair, tucking it out of the way of his big eyes, which looked curiously up at them. Sighing, he nodded sullenly.