When Steve and Tony came back, tired and weary from the trip, they did not expect to see Clint and Natasha playing with Legos with Peter. Clint and Peter were building some sort of colorful wall-thing, while Natasha, apparently, had hogged all of the black and grey pieces to make a fake gun.
"Boom," She said in a monotone, aiming at Tony's chest as the two walked in.
"Woah!" Tony froze for a minute, and then felt instantly foolish for doing so.
"Oh, hey guys," Clint greeted them, adding a green block Peter had handed him to the wall. "Kagome's out doing something. I think Thor's with her; She'll be fine." Peter clapped his hands, and Clint called Natasha over. "Lookit what Pete and I made!"
"That's nice. Good job, Peter," Natasha praised, patting the small boy's head.
"What about me?" Clint asked.
Clint deflated.
"What is it?" Steve asked, crouching down to kiss his son's cheek, before studying the tower.
"Stark tower," Natasha answered, smiling a little bit.
Tony appeared in the bar, grabbing some scotch, and a glass filled with ice. "My boy's gonna be an architect, you'll see. Or a scientist! JARVIS, can you order another chemistry set for Peter?"
"Apologies, Mr. Stark. It seems that Miss Taishou ordered me to forbid you from ordering another one."
"On what grounds?!" He cried.
"Peter's not even old enough, and he already has 30 plus chemistry sets." Steve said in a flat voice.
"Your point is..?"
"Hey guys," Kagome said, tossing her purse on the couch next to them, making them slightly jump at the noise. "Can we order out? I'm beat."
"Sure. Where were you?" Natasha asked, raising a brow. "Don't tell me..."
Kagome confirmed the russian's thoughts, "I was getting Loki aquitted."
"What?!" Clint yelled, horrified. "After what he did?!"
"The Tessaract did that Clint, and you know it. Loki was being controlled by the cube and got corrupted. Clint," Her voice turned soft, nurturing, "What color are Loki's eyes?"
The man shivered. "Blue."
"No, they're green. They're so green you would notice them in a crowd of a million people, guys, I've seen them. Also, do we have a heating pad?"
"What? Why?" Tony asked, rising up to get one.
Kagome chuckled nervously, before sticking out her hands.
They were near blue, and shaking.
"Kagome, what did you do?" Steve cried, jumping to his feet and enveloping her small hands in both of his large ones, instantly warming them up a bit.
"Well, Loki's a Jotun, and I made him upset. It was my fault, really, and he apologized. It's fine, just-ow, don't squeeze, Steve! A bit of a mishap. I've had worse." A heating pad enveloped her hands, causig her to sigh in relief. "You guys are life-savers," Kagome praised, kissing each on the cheek.
Peter gurgled happily at seeing his mother, causing her to smile at him. "Hey Peter! How's my spider-monkey doin'?"
"Doing awesome with his Uncle Hawkeye," Clint stated smugly.
She looked wearily at Natasha. "How many this time?"
"Only a couple of buildings were vandalized, Kagome. It's fine, for the most part."
Clint seemed insulted, "Hey, hey, not vandalized, it's art!"
"You spray painted a butt onto Tony's garage door," Natasha pointed out, amused.
"Goddammit!" Tony yelled, stomping down to the garage. Steve snickered, hiding it with a cough.
Kagome giggled, highfiving Clint. "Nice. How'd ya get past JARVIS?"
"He said that there was a fire going on in the lower floors. My tempature censors are being...upgraded again, and I checked it anyways."
"I thought you could be in more than one place at once," Bruce pointed out.
"...Not during repairs."
"You totally helped him go inside, didn't you?" Kagome laughed, covering her mouth.
"...If Mr. Stark wishes for the best possible alarm system, he'd best go on to finish my repairs."
"JARVIS, are you pouting?"
"I do not pout, Kagome-sama." (JARVIS calls them by their language; , , Kagome-sama/san) Everyone laughed, even Peter.