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There are certain things you are born sort of just knowing. The sky is up, the ocean is deep, buttered bread always lands butter side down, cats hate water, dogs hate cats, toddlers are feared by all furry four-legged friends. You are not welcomed into the world with fear, complexity, or the certainty that you…you are different. According to Charles Xavier's thesis, this wasn't true at all. By his logic the clouds very well could be cotton and your face actually could get stuck that way.

"Mer, you coming?" Doe brown eyes watched with impish excitement, blonde hair swaying wildly in the wild gusts and English rain. A girl in a knee length brown dress and boots spun from the object of her current fascination. The newly named Professor Xavier was walking with a lovely blonde woman. His theories terrified her. Evolution, being something she had taken a great interest in recently, had become the object of her greatest fears. Each new discovery leading her down a darker path and further from what she had been taught as the truth.

'What if…what if he's right?' She worried her lip, turning just as he caught her glance. Watching as she made her way through the rain toward the pub Raven worked at. He felt something stir as he watched the brunette walk away.

"He's starin' at you, dove." Merideth smiled at her friends nickname for her. Being pale in complection with dark eyes and hair she was teased, white as a dove, 'though not nearly as pure' she would remind Sylvia.

"Probably because I was staring at him. His lecture was interesting, theories on evolution that are beyond anythin-" Sylvia held a hand up in defiance, cutting Merideth off.

Shaking her head in the negative she adamantly refused to listen. "Not tonight, my Yankee friend. We're gettin' sloshed and having oursleves a ball." Both girls laughed at that. Merideth felt the cold seeping into her skin, she felt that something else was trying to crawl in there with her. A feeling she felt all too often.

The night was uneventful, Charles made a pass at Sylvia, who remained unimpressed though she put on a good show. She came back to Merideth relaying the whole scene from the mutant eye trick to his weird possesive sister. Merideth chuckled, feeling sufficiently light headed for the evening. "Ready to call it good? I'd say this was, all in all, a success." Sylvia smirked at the thinning crowd.

Merideth gave it a once over. "I won't argue, we had fun. Oh, and you were the only one anyone made a pass at…let's not leave that out. That, in my opinion, made the evening. Mutant eyes." Merideth dodged a poorly thrown, balled up, napkin and laughed.

They hailed a cabbie and made their way to their flat. "No school for awhile at least." Merideth noted. Sylvia worked, she hadn't bothered with University life.

The two had met at the restaurant that Sylvia worked in. Merideth was looking for a cheaper place to live while she went to school and was feeling awful about the options. One bedroom, shared bathroom flats were not as appealing at twenty five as they were at eighteen. Especially in a foreign country. Sylvia had seen her struggling and started up a conversation. By the end of it the two were picking out a two bedroom close to the restaurant as it was convienient for both of them. Merideth was fairly social, Sylvia was an exceptionally kind, knew you were going to be fast friends as soon as she saw you, people. Merideth had moved from New York so rain and snow hadn't thrown her for any loops, driving had been too much of a hastle so she rode a bicycle. She had done that in New York more often than not as it was often much quicker than waiting through traffic, and it was usually nice enough outside she preferred to be out in the open air. She didn't miss the states. She felt relieved to be away. Europe was beautiful, open, and so green she thought there ought to be another name for the color.

As the taxi drove them home they sat quietly, neithered worried about tomorrow or the next month. It was dark when they reached their building. Sylvia had the keys out first and was at the door before Merideth had finished paying and getting out of the cab. She saw a man walking toward Sylvia, thinking it was Alec, the man who lived across from them. Or maybe Henry, he was out late on Thursdays and Fridays…but something in his walk told her he was neither. He stood before her, Sylvia's eyes filling with every emotion related to fear and sorrow as he stood there. Merideth ran, her mind racing, skin burning with adrenaline, she didn't know if she was screaming or Sylvia, but the look on the mans face when she slamed bodily into him meant it must have been Sylvia. He cursed, dropping an unreasonably large knife, which was now coated in her best friends blood. Sylvia fell back against the wall, gasping and holding her stomach. Lights lit up the buildings across from them and their own. Merideth could hear footsteps and feel the fear coming from the people rushing toward the sound. She hadn't realized the man got away until she turned and saw him bolting down the street.

"M-Mer…your eyes…dovey, you've got s-goddamn this hurts." She hissed in pain as the door flung open. Whatever it was had left her as Henry flung the door open and saw a very bloody Sylvia and a frightened Merideth.

She looked up at him, her eyes full of tears she couldn't cry. "She's bleeding too much. Call an ambulance, Henry!" Merideth felt her voice crack, her hands were shaking as they helped Sylvia hold pressure on the wound. Sylvia continued to stare at Merideth with concern, her gaze going soft as she began to slip into unconciousness.

Three days, seven hours, and forty eight minutes Merideth had spent in that hospital. All three shifts in the ER and ICU knew her on a first name basis and often didn't seem to mind her presence. She wasn't going to leave anyway. The police stayed to fulfill the investigation, questioning her several times on the attacker. Did she know him? Had she seen anyone suspicious at the Pub? Where there any unusual people hanging around as of late? No no no….No she didn't know this guy, but he would remember her if she ever got a hold of him. She would carve her name into his frontal lobe. Bastard.

"Miss Valentine? 'ello, we spoke yesterday on th'phone." The man had a strange accent she couldn't place, Irish, maybe a little british? She could hardly understand him on the phone and now was worse. He slurred his words together, mispronounced every third word, added t's and forgot h's. If she didn't know better, she'd guess he was just drunk and trying to pass his slur off as an accent.

She nodded for him to continue, pulling herself together enough to try and listen as she sat, waiting for Sylvia to wake. "Th'man who stabbed yer friend 'ere. He was found yesterday, apparently he wer'ant feelin' none too good. The chap 'ung himself…plucked 'is eyes right out o' 'is 'ead an was said ta 'ave some very terrible mutilations all over 'is body…" The detective, Hicks, was casual to an impressive fault. "I canna tell ya th' rest. Pretty gruesome, for a lady." He chuckled.

Merideth managed a nod, wondering how much worse off he could have been if he had been mutilated, blinded, and hung. "I se-er…understand." Somehow saying 'I see' would never again seem appropriate. "Yes. So, is there anything you need more from me?" He shook his head.

"Jus' thaught you'd like ta know." He nodded, his several chins winking at her as he hoisted his plump body up out of the chair.

Merideth held Sylvia's hand and began to weep uncontrollably. When he ran from them than night, she had thought of all the horrible ways she could repay him…hang him, blind him, sever every tendon so he couldn't run from anyone again... If the rest of what happened was true, if those horrific thoughts came true... But…how? She didn't tell anyone. No one had seen them, had they? Something was wrong with her. The sky was going to open up any minute and swallow her, the ocean was going to dry up tomorrow…this was so wrong.

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