A/N: So I thought that this would be fun, introducing a different side to Sebastian Shaw, not a 'nice Oh look how much I care about my family' but a different side. He was horrible with Erik and the various masses he delt with to get to where he was. Imagine how much worse it might be if they were family. In my line of work the worst crimes I've seen are the ones done by family. I think he would be a terrific manipulator and with someone like Frost...

Merideth sat in unabashed awe, staring openly at the very red, very strange Russian devil before her. He glanced occasionally back at her from his seat. From all appearances he seemed completely at ease, if not a bit taken aback by the attention. Emma, however seemed more irritated by his so shown reaction to Merideth's shock.

"Azazel, give the girl a proper show." Sebastian grinned at Merideth and the red man, Azazel. He nodded, vanishing in a cloud of red mist and reappearing behind another man, who wouldn't speak to her and startling him into swearing a fair bit before the pair of them vanished and bounced in clouds of red smoke around the room. Merideth couldn't help the girlish giggle that escaped her.

"Bastian, it's amazing! How…how is this even possible? I could only dream of something like this…Azazel is…incredible." She was so engrossed in his teleporting and the other man's swearing in what she assumed was Spanish, maybe something close, she hadn't seen Emma's skin begin to glitter and catch every light in the room just right.

'There is so much you have yet to learn, Dove' Merideth spun around, her mouth agape as she saw Emma, her skin now pure diamond. Her mouth didn't move but something was definitely reaching out to Merideth's mind then. 'So many memories, so much fear, you have a gift of your own if you want to learn how to use it. We can show you…' Her body slowly changed back as Riptide managed to knock Azazel across the room, both men laughing. Sebastian stepped forward, smiling. Merideth felt her hands tremble, her stomach was knotting up, but she was excited.

"You mean…all this time, I was…" She stopped herself when her voice began to crack. Emma, for the first time since she had known her, smiled warmly and put a hand on her shoulder, a gesture of kindness that seemed to be so foreign to the ice queen until just that moment.

"It's only a theory, you see, but it's quite possible it's genetic. Also, there is a good chance that on a subconscious level we are all drawn together. Sylvia, for instance, is a bit of a telepath herself. She has a unique ability to read a person and know them on an emphatic level before she ever says a word to them. You have seen her do it." Sebastian spoke, as he did she thought of all the times Sylvia had written someone off, enthusiastically helped, or that one horrifying moment she had been stabbed. She had known he was going to do it before he knew he was going to. "Her gift gives her the gift of foresight, so to speak. Like a fortuneteller except she is the real deal. I had no idea she was so strong, and don't worry. I'll see to it her medical expenses are all taken care of. Emma told me of the incident. You possess a rarer gift. The two of you developed together, which is rare enough, but to be two of a rare talent and to have found one another is…something special." His voice held a sort of reverence that made her miss Sylvia all the more.

"She is doing well, Merideth. We will keep you updated on her progress." Emma cut in.

"Can you hear everything I am thinking, as well?" She looked up at the blonde, who smiled and nodded.

"You need to learn to control your talent and to use it. Telepathy is not something to be toyed with. You have the ability to project thoughts, fears, pain and suffering. You can force your will onto another, have you ever done that before?" Sebastian caught the deer in headlights look. "I'm going with no. Well, we'll have plenty of time to work on that with Emma. She'll be able to help you better than anyone ever could have." He smiled and knelt in front of her, placing a hand on her shoulder. "I am, very glad you're here. I will do everything I can to help you learn to master this and get you home soon, my dearest niece." He kissed her forehead. "Now, how about you come for a little trip with us?"

Merideth's face lit up with excitement. Azazel held out a hand to her, a small smile gracing his features. She cautiously took it after her uncle ushered her up to him. "He doesn't bite, it's that damn tail you have to watch out for." Sebastian chuckled, placing a hand on the other mans shoulder. "To the Yacht, please."

"Yes, Comrade." And in an instant they were gone. Nothing but red smoke where they had once been, and Merideth's squeak of delight.

"We have the Yacht surrounded, they are suspected to be on board." Moira informed Charles. Raven was standing beside her, eyeing all the other boats beside the one they were on, speeding toward the massive yacht.

Charles placed a finger to his temple. "It's amazing, there's another telepath out on that boat…wait, there are two. She's in both…both our minds..." Charles stumbled as he felt something dark sink deep into his mind, suddenly filled with an intense urge to leave, dive into the water and swim toward the rudders, eat a bullet, anything to get away from that yacht. "Inc...incredible…" He clenched his teeth, struggling against both minds.

Raven watched in horror, not knowing what else to do she hugged her brother. The contact immediately disrupted whatever hold the darker force had on him and he managed to pull himself together enough to thank Raven.

"What…what is that?" Moira asked as a massive anchor lifted itself out of the water.

Raven, at a loss and more than a little terrified, answered what Charles was thinking. "An anchor?" 'And one pissed off mutant.'

The three of them watched as the anchor hovered momentarily, lights lit up the deck of the Yacht, voices announced that Sebastian Shaw was under arrest, and then the whole plan came apart. The anchor tore the Yacht apart as a typhoon wiped out the boats that were down in the water. Charles felt, at the last second, another presence in the water. So faint he wasn't sure he'd even felt him at all.

"LET GO!" He shouted over and over again, his hand shaking with effort. "YOU'RE GOING TO DIE, LET GO OF THE BOAT!" He ran to the other side of the boat, as a submarine passed beneath them, and dove overboard. He managed to grab the man in the water, placing an arm around him and a hand on his head. 'You have to let it go, Erik. Let him go, you're death won't stop him now…let him go, Erik…let him go for now.'

More or less out of shock he stopped, drained he succumbed to the frozen water and the pair floated to the surface, Erik unconscious and Charles near frozen. "His name is Erik Lensher. We need to take him with us." Raven eyed the man suspiciously, checking for a pulse. "He's alive, he needs medical treatment, but be careful…he's not very trusting." She nodded silently, helping the other medics get him to the car.

Erik woke up in a well lit room, warm bed, and…a blue woman hovering over him. He bolted up in bed…no shirt, not good. "Who the hell are you?" His German accent making him seem more intimidating to the blue woman than he had already been when he was sleeping, which he found pleasing.

She stumbled back, her bright yellow eyes flashing fear before showing recognition. "I…I'm Raven Darkholme. Charles said I should care for you until you woke, you're awake, I've done my job and you've scared me into my next life…I'll leave you to dress." She turned, her hands still shaking. "He's been waiting to see you for…" She shifted from blue to blonde and clothed mid-sentence. "Oh, three days, so try to make it quick. Everything you should need is in there. You're clothes are there." She pointed and turned to leave.

"Thank you." He mumbled quietly before she left. He was rewarded with a bright smile as she darted out the door. He groaned and pulled his coin to him from across the room. Smiling as it slid easily between his fingers.

Raven made her way downstairs, smiling to Charles. "How's our guest?" He asked with his ever present smile.

"Just fine, awake and getting freshened up now that he has scared the living daylights out of me." She pinched his cheek. "Are they going to show us around today? What's that weird looking building down there? What about that over there? Can we go t-" Charles held up a hand and pointed to the door.

"You have work to do first, dearest." Moira was standing there with a folder and a 'please help me' smile. Raven groaned and smiled. "Thank you ever so much, dear sister." Charles chuckled. When both women had gone he finished his tea, spun the cup around in his fingers a moment, and finally turned to the stairs. "You can come down now. There's no one else down here but me." A figure descended slowly, when Erik came into view his features were hard, angry. "I'm sorry for stopping you before, you would have died in your attempt, but I am sorry. I can't imagine having what you have been searching for your whole life taken from you when it's staring you in the face…I've never stood where you are and but I may still feel what you're feeling one day." His face was solemn; a sort of terrible realization that he was taking on an enormous and deadly challenge that would lead him and his new friend down a dark road.

Erik stood still, reflecting on the man's admission and apology. "I understand." He said after a moment. "I would not have done the same, you realize, but that does not diminish my appreciation." Erik accepted a cup of tea when it was offered. "Where do we go from here?"

Charles nodded, a small smile hanging at the corners of his lips. "We first must find out if that machine up on the hill is what I think it is. We waited, you see, for you to wake before we took the grand tour. It seemed rather important that we were together for this." Charles pat Erik on the shoulder. "We have plenty vested in finding Sebastian, I'll make sure we find him before…the others…do. He's like us and it's important that we be the ones to at least locate him, wouldn't you agree?" Erik found himself nodding, his eyes dark with anger. "The choices you make when we get there are your own." Charles smiled, something about it telling Erik he was going to try everything in his power to stop him from killing Sebastian.

"How about that tour?" Erik diverted the conversation, glancing harmlessly around the building and the surrounding area. "This isn't half bad for a kennel." He spat the word out with mild distaste.

"Research facility…classy Kennel to you, Mr. Lensher." Raven quipped from behind them. "Hey, we get to go with these nerdy guys and meet Hank McCoy. He designed Cerebro? I think that's what it's called." The two men, who had recently been flattered into taking the attractive blonde on a tour, were now adjusting lab coats and glasses in an attempt to diminish their 'nerdy appearance. As Raven looped an arm in Charles' and waltzed passed them, Erik chuckled. Her appearance tempered slightly before Charles, eyes dimming, the curl going out of her hair, even her breast size seemed to decrease slightly and her skirt became longer. He realized then that her clothing must be added on as an afterthought, or she can change the molecular structure of anything touching her…which seemed less feasible that her making the clothing appear and disappear.

"Interesting." He mumbled, shoving his now empty mug onto one of the scientists she had no doubt distracted from their work. Moira, the nagging voice he'd heard in his sleep, now had a face…it fit the voice as far as he was concerned, she found them and led them to another portion of his Kennel away from home. R&D, which oddly enough for him, did not use rats or have a lab. It was strictly mechanical. "Not research and development without…" Then they saw it. Cerebro. "A lab rat…" Charles of course leapt at the chance to use it.

"Is it safe?" Raven teetered on her toes, not ready to pull him back, eyeing Hank sweetly…and finding his toes ridiculously interesting. He assumed it was due to the fact that she herself was blue, a lovely shade of it in fact. Not unreasonable to want to find more like yourself.

"We haven't been able to get it to do anything, none of the other telepaths have been able to make it work." Hank had said.

Charles chuckled. "That's because you haven't had any other telepaths use it." He placed what looked like a pasta strainer with spark plugs sticking out in all directions on his head.

Erik laughed quietly to himself. "What an adorable lab rat you make, Charles."

"Not now Erik. Don't ruin this for me…" Charles gave him a warning glance.

Raven giggled. "What, your life long dream of being a lab rat? Oh, please Erik…don't take it from him, I fear he shant recover!" She threw her hand over her eyes dramatically.

"Are you sure I can't shave your head?" Hank had hardly finished the sentence before Charles was glaring at him as well.

"Stay away from my hair. Raven, why don't you and Erik sod off, hm? This is my moment, one day you both may have one of your very own." He glared good naturedly at her pout.

Without another warning Hank flipped a switch and everyone gasped at the same time Charles did. The machine began spitting out information and Hank was nearly screaming "It's working!"

Raven stood beside Erik in shared awe and her own secret excitement. It was like Christmas, one of them may end up being like her. Different, scary…blue. At least she wouldn't be alone in the world and have to rely one a completely false image she designed just so she wouldn't be killed for being herself. Existence shouldn't be a punishment. But it was. Everyday was a new set of trials, more difficult and taxing than the day before.

That evening she walked to the study hoping to find Charles, instead she found Erik. She opened the door, and gasped in shock, her face falling in disappointment. "Sorry, I was looking for Charles. I didn't mean to disturb you." She turned, sighing as she went to shut the door.

"Wait. Raven, was it." She backed up a step, her eyes bore into him. Yellow like a cat, though the rest of her was pale skin and blonde hair in a robe and slippers, she had clearly been upset or she wouldn't have forgotten a simple but highly important detail like that. "I don't think we were properly introduced." She eyed him warily before walking closer. "Erik Lensher, you don't have to call me Mr. anything, Erik is fine." His voice was smooth as silk and just as disarming.

"Raven, again. You scared the last good years I have out of me." She smiled sweetly. He chuckled back at her, taking her hand and kissing a knuckle.

"I do apologize. I will try not to do so again." She smiled politely and excused herself, complaining of her need to see her brother. He didn't press further and turned his attention to a book she hadn't seen him holding a moment ago.

She wandered back to her room, her mind swimming with questions and curiosities. She had never bothered to try and date men, her emotional state dictated how in control she was of her powers…and she could shift if she wasn't focusing, nothing like finding out your girlfriend is freaky and blue. She sighed and fell back onto her pillow, wish Charles wasn't able to see into her mind and she could tell him and he would be surprised. At least this way she wouldn't have to worry about stumbling over the words, he would have seen the whole interaction.

"And he would ask you what in the hell is going on?" His voice had her bolting up in bead.

Raven smiled, patting the bed. "You're just in time!" She chirped.

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