smut_60 Prompt: #23 Handcuffs
50kinkyways Prompt: #19 Handcuffs

Additional prompt: "reluctant but willing to be convinced"

Massive thanks to headrush100 for the additional prompt :)

Beckett sighed at the look of boyish delight on Castle's face. Yes, she'd told him he could pick the activity, but... "Handcuffs?" she asked, her face scrunching up.

Castle's expression fell slightly as he looked at the steel rings in his hand. "What's wrong with handcuffs?" he asked, almost offended.

"It's just so..."

"Cliche?" he offered, then grinned. "I know, isn't it great? They're so classic."

"Castle, I don't..." Beckett bit her lip as she reluctantly trailed off. She had told him he could choose.

"Haven't you ever wanted to cuff me to your bed?" Castle asked, playing dirty.

Beckett's breath caught for just an instant, barely long enough for Castle to notice. She licked her lips. "It's... not that," she hedged. "It's just... They're for work."

"Afraid you'll get turned on the next time you have to cuff a suspect?"

Her silence was telling.

Castle would have laughed, if he didn't value his testicles so much. "What if I cuff myself to the bed? Then you don't have to deal with the handcuffs and still get to have your wicked way with me," he suggested.

Beckett chewed lightly on her lower lip. Pushed her hair behind her ears. Looked around the room like she expected Gates to pop out and yell at her about misuse of police property. "All right," she finally agreed.

Nearly giggling with glee, Castle hurried to the bedroom. In the doorway, he paused, turned, and pointed out, "See, this is what relationships are all about. Compromise."

Beckett shook her head once he was out of sight and muttered to herself, "I'm in love with a nine-year-old on a sugar rush."

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