When I came here, I was sad and numb. Most of the time my smiles weren't even real. Something changed though, my laughs were genuine and were the kind that made your stomach hurt, and I felt the weight on my heart lift along with the brick wall that seperated me from other people.

Uncle Marcus told me that I was that happy bouncing baby, that my eyes always sparkled and I had a bright smile. When I look in the mirror, I'm constantly looking for that sparkle, a real smile. I looked for some sort of happiness. Lately, when I looked into the mirror, my eyes had a sparkle that I never remembered was there, and my whole face lifted when I smiled.

I think going here was a good thing. I met some amazing, funny, and a whole bunch of weird people.

Though, I was sad when I realized that Greg and his famliy were leaving today.

I shook thoughts of that away and got dressed. I was in a bathing suit, shorts, and an off the shoulder shirt. Charlotte, Andre, Greg, Donna, Kethie, and I were going to be hanging out by the lake.

I sighed as I walked out of the bathroom. I was walking down the hallway when a hand grabbed my shoulder, pulling me to a stop. I raised my eyebrows slightly as I turned around and saw Greg.

He let go of my arm slowly and rubbed the back of his neck. "I thought that we could talk alone before I left." He said and then looked down.

I gave him a small smile as I nodded. "Okay." Cue even more awkward-ness.

He cleared his throut. "I just wanted to say, um, that I kinda really like you. I know I shouldn't be saying this, since I'm leaving and we might never see each other. So, um, yeah."He said it quickly but I mangaged to understand him. I was in shock from what he said.

I realized that he was waiting on a reply. "Well, I kinda really like you too." I said and smiled at him.

He smiled back, but I could tell he was hesitating with something. I was about to ask him if something was wrong, when suddenly his lips were on mine.

I closed my eyes and kissed back. It was short but sweet. I still had my eyes closed as we pulled away, trying to comprehend that he actually kissed me.

Once I opened my eyes, I looked at Greg to find worry etched on his face, and a pink tint on his cheeks.

"Are you mad? Do you hate me? You do, don't-" I cut him off with a small peck on his lips.

"I'm not mad, and no I don't hate you. I'm quiet happy actually." I smiled sweetly at him.

He sighed in relief. "Good."

I grabbed his hand shyly. "Lets go by the others." I suggested tugging his hand lightly.

None of the adults noticed we were holding hands as we walked passed them in the living room. It seemed as if everyone was sucked into their own worlds as they talked in groups.

We got to the lake and everyone else were already there. Greg went to join Andre in the water, grinning at me before going into conversation with Andre. I passed by Gloria, who I suppose was watching over us, and joined Charlotte.

Kethie was skipping rocks and Donna was watching him by his side. I smiled as he taught Donna how to skip a rock. I grinned at their cutness.

I looked back at Charlotte, and stared at her confused. She had her hands on her hips and a questioning look on her face, along with a smirk.

"What happened? I saw you guys holding hands" Oh, right. I should've known that she was going to say something. " Well, he said that he liked me, and we might have kissed..." My voice getting quieter as I trailed off.

She squealed quietly, making sure nobody else heard her. "You guys kissed!" I began to blush even more, and I nodded.

Her grin resmebled the chesire cat grin, and she had this strange glint in her eyes. I furrowed my brows. Shaking my head I focused on Donna, who had skipped the rock three times. I smiled and clapped along with everyone else.

"Bravo." I heard and saw that it was Mrs. Feder was the one who had said it

Donna had asked Mrs. Feder if she could skip rocks, and she claimed she was the best. I chuckled.

Kethie handed his mom a rock, and she launched it...right at Greg's stomach.

I laughed, but It came out muffled since my hand was covering my mouth. Mrs. Feder asked if he was okay, and he said that he was glad she was having fun while still holding his stomach.

After Mrs. Feder walked back into the cabin, I went into the water next to Greg, and Andre took it upon himself to go by Donna, Kethie and his sister.

"Are you okay?" I was still slightly laughing.

"Can you hug it better?" He asked with a smirk, his arms were spread open knowing that I wouldn't decline.

I rolled my eyes playfully but hugged him nonetheless. I heard 'awing' and I pulled away giggling.

Greg grinned at me.

"Guys, guys!" Becky yelled running towards us.

"What Becky?" I asked her from my spot in the water.

"Mom said were staying, and that were going to the water park today." She was bouncing with excitement.

As soon as she said that, everybody else bouncing with excitement as well.

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