Title: Hot Day

By: Kataru

Chapter: 1 - Alibi


Disclaimer: Naruto is story by Kishimoto Masashi and I don't own any of the copyright thing to anybody. I have my own... here! © 2002 Naruto Fanfic. He-he-he --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Sun shines through out the leaf village. So peaceful and calm but... its summer and so hot. "K-KRINGGGG!!" The alarm clock rings. Naruto awaken.

"SAKURA-CHAN!!! huh? Darn Sasuke Idiot!!! Arghhh!!!" Naruto seems to be dreaming bout Sakura. He fixes his bed and eats his breakfast (just milk and cereal). "Tok tok tok" Someone is knocking on the door. Naruto check who is it.

*I wonder who's this dumbass disturbing me early in the morning*

"Hey Naruto!!! You're already awake? I thought I hit a jackpot struggle ling you today"

Sakura evilly grins. Naruto complains about Sakura being mean and ask her why she comes visit him.

"Kakashi sensei asks me too. I don't know why but he just ask me to gather us. He didn't said why or what where gonna do or any mission."

Naruto sat back and said that he's not on mood today and his stomach is in bad mood. Sakura understand him and she'll just gonna explain to kakashi sensei about him.

"Okey... So... take care" Sakura left.

*He he he... I'm off today on that (blah blah blah). Now im gonna train my self to surpass Sasuke...*

Later, Naruto goes off for a walk. Looking for a perfect place to train. But he suddenly feels something... an uneasy feeling. He then continues to walk. Time past by, he feels wet and hot. He stop and nods... something's dropping. He tap his forehead, it wet. Naruto is SWEATING!!!

"The Hell!!!It's so hot!!" He yells and get people'e attention. "W-What?" Naruto's thinking what his going to do now. He think and think until he past a restaurant. "Huh? Yeah!" He saw a customer put an ice on his drink. "Hmmm..."

"Whoooosh!!! It's hot!!! After we arrive back home, im going to take a bath again!!! I swear!!!"

"Hey, don't be so loud ~ people may imitate you... *I'm gonna do that too! he he he*"

After Naruto heared those two villagers, he got a plan. *I'm gonna go to a lake...*. Naruto is heading to lake but someone call him.

"Naruto!!! Hey!!! What's the hurry? Where are you going?"

"IRUKA SENSEI!!!" *Hell...hmm.. what am i going to say... Think! think!* "Ahhh... Im just patrolling around, you see... intruders may come attack us anytime. he he he"

"I see... such a nice boy huh? what did you eat?"

"Umm... i eat cerea-- HEY!!! That's beyond the topic. So What is it Iruka sensei?"

"He he he... see you grown up. Hey why don't you take a break by now? It's too hot. You may faint from too heat. Let's go to somewhere we can cool down?

"Sounds cool... Okey!!! I'm on it! Let's go Iruka Sensei"

"That's it... hey... not that way. Here, to the right"

"Ahh-- yeah... Huh? So where's that place?"

"Just come and see..."


* to be continue