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"Yoow!" -Speaking

"Yoow!" -Thinking

Lazybum. Senior and...Former leader of 41O?

I Quit this Dance Crew.

Time: 2 Years Ago. 14 Years Old.

Location: America.


"Danielle, how many times do you want me to tell you? I Q-U-I-T. Quit." A pinkette with emerald eyes said, packing her things up as a brunette girl with blue eyes stared at her in shock.

"Why the hell are you quitting for?" Danielle yelled.

"Because I can. I'm don't want this anymore," The pinkette said, sighing as she zipped her bag.

"What of this do you not want? We have fame, money, fans and we are practically the BEST dance crew in WHOLE America maybe even the whole world!"

"EXACTLY! When I made this dance crew I never wanted us to be famous in whole America, I only wanted us to be famous at The Dance Alley. Sure, I wanted fans but I don't want to have people knowing me and asking me pictures where ever I go. I can barely go out to hang with our friends from The Dance Alley! All of us were perfectly fine with our lives but you apparently weren't," the pinkette said with a glare on her face.

"Are you saying this is my fault!?" Danielle yelled, pointing to herself.

"No, I'm not. I was actually fine with all this at first. But you changed Danielle! All this went into your head and you became an entirely different person!"

"I did not!"

"Look, you obviously can't see it my way, so I ain't going to waste my breathe trying to explain it to you," the pinkette said, grabbing her bag and walking to the exit.

"Tell the others they have a new leader."

"YOU'RE OUR LEADER!" Danielle shouted. The pinkette paused and turned around, a scowl on her face.

"Oh? Didn't you want to be leader, Danielle? Even going as far as practicing with the group without me and lying to them about it."

Danielle stuttered, taking a step back as her eyes widened at the smirking pinkette.

"Did ya think I wouldn't find out? The team trusts me more than you, Danielle. They tell me EVERYTHING."

"I...we...I didn't...You know what? FINE! QUIT! We don't need you! We will still be the best with or without you!" Danielle yelled, her embarrassment quickly disappearing to anger.

"Please, Danielle. The day you will not need me is the day you will be better at dancing than me and I doubt it will be anytime soon," the pinkette said, smirking at the growling girl.

"Give me your necklace!" Danielle said mentioning the dogtag with the 41O logo on it. Sakura touched the dog tag around her neck and, for a second it looked like she was about to rip it off, but then she smirked,

"I think I'll keep it."


"Ja ne!" Sakura chuckled as turned back around and opened the door to the exit.


Danielle watched in shock as the door slammed shut with one thing in her mind,

"Whats Ja ne?"

And that day 41O, the best dance crew in America, lost their best dancer and leader, Sakura Haruno.


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