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Soo it is time for SasoSaku! The Twin of our Gaara-kun!


"Yo!" -Speaking

"Yo!" -Thinking/Flashback




Lazybum. Senior. And Former Leader of 41O?

Teaching and Dancing.




Sasori took little pants as he dance to the beat of the music. School was over and he decided to come to the studio and practice. School dismissed early so it was still 4 o' clock. He was currently dance to BANG as for the artist...he doesn't know who.

Sasori panted as he did the finishing move when he heard clapping. Sasori turned around, surprised, and was greeted by a clapping Sakura.

"What are you doing here?"

"What? I can't use my own studio now?" Sakura said teasingly walking to a corner and dropping her bag.

"You own this studio?" Sasori blinked at Sakura who nodded.

"Oh sorry...I didn't know someone owned this studio."

"Na its alright. As long as you don't trash the place..." Sakura said stretching before doing some basic dance moves. It's been a while since she came to her studio and she heard there was someone using her studio but she wasn't expectiAccount+ng it to be Sasori. Sakura was brought out of her thoughts when she heard Sasori speak.

"Do you mind if I watch you dance?"

"Hmm...sure. Mind if I use your stareo?" Sasori nodded.

Sakura walked to his stareo and placed her CD in. Sakura went to number 7 and waited for it. The song started but Sakura didn't dance yet. She was waiting for a certain part.

Sasori was about to speak when she suddenly danced.



(A/N In my account her dance. Skip to 1:18 HAHAHAH! Or you could watch from the first and wait until 1:18 xD)




Sasori stared at the dancing girl in front of him. Her moves were flawless and graceful even if she was dancing to a hip hop song. (Moment 4 life by Nicki Minaj)

He could see why she was the leader of 41O. She was dancing as if she was just doing something so simple like walking. He saw Sakura stop as the song went to the chorus. Sasori wanted to but...The heck with it!

"Hey Sakura...do you mind teaching me a dance?" Sasori said looking away as Sakura blinked at him and shrugged.

"Yeah sure. I don't mind. Come here. What dance do you want to learn?" Sakura asked searching through her IPod. Sasori shrugged and said any.

"Hmm...Okay this one." Sakura muttered looking at the song in IPod.

Sakura continued to show Sasori the dance moves and correcting him when he gets a mistake. Sasori watched as Sakura showed the correct move and can't help but stare at her face instead of the move.

"Sasori? Hellooo! Earth to Sasori?" Sasori snapped out of his day dream and blinked at Sakura's waving hand.

"You okay? You wouldn't reply back to me when I calling you?" Sakura said putting her hand on her hip.

"I'm fine, sorry." Sasori muttered shaking his head while Sakura nodded hestitantly.




"Do you want a drink?" Sasori asked as opened the door and looked back at Sakura who nodded.

"Hawaiian punch please."

They were taking a break from practicing and decided to just sit down. Sasori was getting the moves faster than she expected and he was doing it better than she expected. The dance was simple for her but hard for other people not that she was bragging and stuff. Sakura nodded in thanks as she took the Hawaiian punch from Sasori. They sat there in silence with the occasional noise of sipping.

"Hey let's have a bet!" Sakura suddenly said as Sasori raised an eyebrow in question.

"After this, you have to dance in the park near here. If you can't you will have to buy me something I want. But if you can..." Sakura trailed off thinking.

"You have to dance with me and kiss me in the cheeks." Sasori finished with a smirk on his face. Sakura stared at Sasori in surprised before blushing.

"W-what! Kiss you in the cheeks? Only one thing!" Sakura shouted looking away. Sasori chuckled before shaking his head.

"Nope! Your the one who made this bet so you have to do it. Now let's continue." Sasori said putting his drink down beside his bag before getting up and facing the mirrior while Sakura grumbled before following him.

"Okay after that move you position your hand like this and..."

"Alright! You got it!" Sakura said clapping her hands. Sasori smiled a bit before grabbing Sakura's hand.

"Dance it with me this time." Sakura blinked before grinning and turning on the music again.




"Dang it..." Sakura muttered as she stared at Sasori dancing in the middle of the park while the people around her staring at him in awe. She didn't expect him to actually do it. TOOT HIM! TOOT HIM TO HELL!

Sasori smirked at the grumbling Sakura while he danced. What did she expect? He danced infront of a lot of people before. This was nothing.

"C'mon..." Sasori said grabbing Sakura's hand and bringing her in the center of the park before turning on the music while Sakura took her place.

(A/N The dance is the one they were practicing. Link in my Account.)

The people around them stared more at the two dancing teens before clapping when they stopped. The little kids running up to them and smiling at them while they smiled back. Well Sakura did. Little kids held their parents hand, screaming: "I'm going to be a dancer when I grow up!" When they were all gone Sasori faced Sakura with a wide smirk in his face.

"Aren't you forgetting something?" Sasori said teasingly pointing at his cheek while Sakura blushed and glared at him. Sakura took a deep breath before moving to peck his cheek when...


Sakura stared, dumbfounded, at Sasori who smirked wider before licking his lips.


Sakura slowly blinked before turning beet red.

"You-you BUTT HOLE!" Sakura screeched chasing Sasori around the park. Sasori laughed as Sakura chased him. She was just way too cute for her own good. Sasori smiled as Sakura passed by the tree he was hiding before coming out and hugging her from behind.

"Eeep!" Sakura jerked as she felt arms circle around her waist before thrashing around.

"Let me go! You jerk!" Sakura yelled while Sasori smiled and chuckled at her cuteness before pecking her cheek. Sakura froze as she felt his lips on her cheeks before exploding.

"YOU FRIKIN' BUTT HOLE!" Sakura exploded as she hit Sasori in the head before glaring at him.

Sasori laughed out loud at Sakura's blushing face while the people around them smiled at the two teens. Sakura turned away, still blushing, before walking away from Sasori. Fast.

"Aww don't be like that Sakura." Sasori whined playfully while Sakura glared at him.

"Shut up! I don't want to talk to you!" Sakura yelled looking straight ahead.

"Your so cute when your angry!" Sakura snapped her gaze at Sasori in shock before walking even faster.

"Hahahah Wait up Sakura! I'll walk you home!" Sasori said laughed before running after Sakura.

He should go by the studio more often.




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