Hello followers and friends,

It's Innovia posting an update 6 years after I first published this fanfiction.

I bring good news - I am back into writing and I've started by creating a brand new original piece called 'The Dragon Thief'. I now write under my actual name and mean to get into the publishing industry with my writing (which means I'll have to pass on any further Sydrian stories). However, if you ever did enjoy my fanfiction, I assure you that you'll enjoy my new series just as much if not more. The sypnosis to 'The Dragon Thief':

Nox is cold, entitled, demeaning and childish.

Lannasia Derouv finds herself trapped in an undesirable situation: turn herself in as a wanted criminal to the High Lord of the North for a wrongly accused crime, or join Nox, an insufferable apprentice from the Mages' Guild, and his master mage in the hope to escape to the safe city clutches of the Southern Province's Capital.

But surprisingly, in her journey to right what was wronged and prove her innocence, Lannasia is given an easy way out - she can abandon the life she once knew as Lannasia the master thief, third-ranked in the Thieves' Guild, and start a new one as apprentice mage Lanna Sinclair, granted that she enroll into the Mages' Guild alongside Nox under Master Alderyth's guidance. It sure beats a lifetime of hiding from an angered Northern High Lord, right?

Sometimes, some things are too good to be true...

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If you enjoy reading fantasy romance stories by authors such as Richelle Mead, Holly Black, Cassandra Clare or Sarah J. Maas, then you'll love 'The Dragon Thief'.

I hope to hear from you all soon :)

Innovia (for the last time) xx