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Kurt knelt over Blaine who was still screaming.

"BLAINE! Blaine, are you seriously hurt?" Kurt asks but the only reply he gets is screams and sobs.

"Shh, Blaine. Honey, it's going to be okay," Kurt says and quickly calls 9-1-1.


Karofsky's knife hadn't meant to go down far but it had. Blaine needed blood transplants and stiches.

Kurt waited with him, even staying overnight. Blaine's family were overseas so he had no one to comfort him. Not that he was awake that much and when he was it was in a drugged up haze.

Karofsky didn't get very far on the night he attacked Blaine. In fact he ran right into a police officer. Of course the police officer stopped him since he was carrying a bloodied knife. He now had it on his permanent criminal record and was in juvy.

It was the second night of Blaine's stay at the hospital that he got the chance to tell Kurt what happened.

"I was walking home from the city when Karofsky jumped me. He told me to text you to meet me at the park but at night. He threatened me with a knife so I was forced to. He gave me ten minutes to 'warm you up' then he came in and you know what happened after that," Blaine explained.

"I'm going to Dalton Academy. Dalton is the only place that I can be safe in," Kurt says and smiles.

"Kurt, I love you," Blaine says and presses a small, soft kiss on Kurt's hands that are entwined with his.

"I love you too, my saviour in a bow tie," Kurt says and kisses Blaine on the lips.

"MY saviour in skinny jeans," Blaine whispers against Kurt's lips.

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