Title: Once, there was.

Prompt: Misfortune

Pairings: Masami, Makorra

Disclaimer: I don't own this franchise, nor am I affiliated with Nick or LoK's creators.

Mako was not like the other boys, Asami thought. And that was precisely what made him so fascinating.

His eyes would slip across the room as he entered it. She thought it was an interesting quirk, when she first noted it. Something that made him just a little bit dangerous, in the best possible way. Just like his pale yellow eyes or the tilt of his chin—it was an inescapable part of him. A layover from his rough-and-tumble youth that made him Mako.

It made Asami smile. But in all her watching, she began to realize something more. It became apparent slowly. His—preference—more pronounced the longer considered, and the closer she looked. In all the watching, she found something she wished she hadn't.

Sometimes his eyes would find the shape of Korra, when the young avatar was distracted.

He would trace the fall of her hair or the rise of her shoulders as she was bending—innocuous things that seemed so unthreatening at first. Perhaps he was admiring her mastery over their shared element. Perhaps he found her tribal hairstyle as kitschy-quaint as she, herself did.

But it wasn't that innocent. Gradually, it unsettled Asami. There was something in his smile where she was concerned. Some hint of grudging pride. Some measure of affection. It was inherent and so faint that she'd missed it, until now.

It was an ease between them, Asami finally named it. No awkwardness when their shoulders brushed or hands touched. And for all their bickering, each knew where the other stood. Without asking, they knew. He and Korra didn't have to work at their compatibility. They simply fit one and other—both brash in their own fashion.

It stung. Because he was, Asami admitted, not the boy for her. But, despite that bit of misfortune, Mako was the one she wanted.