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"Such a shame." A soldier said as he helps pick up the dead bodies and their pieces. He shakes his head when he sees a few women bare and tries to make their corpse modest. The once small town busy with business, with small children laughing was now nothing but ashes and only a few stray animals walk on the rocky like road. Men in in white uniforms now stained red from their own blood lay in that same road to forever be asleep. The only building that was up was the main justice building and it had a letter on the head Peace Keepers desk.

A man that had a tall and lanky figure stood with a figure the same height but not as lanky stood next to him as he lanky man held that same letter in his hand reading it…knows who it was from.

We hope that you enjoyed our handy work of a raid to show you that we can't just only destroy ships. And also thank you for taking the time to read this letter because this will be our first and last to you swine. We have caused more havoc then Mace and Onyx ever caused together with this village. You can try to find us but when you do don't think you can. Read the record of ships we sunken.

We are just showing how we feel about you puppets and the white wash King Snow. And that we will soon see him in hell one day.

From yours truly uncle,


The letter was then formed into a ball as Daniel Hinder formed his hand in a fist. "Didn't think my nephew would have the balls to do this," He muttered as he looked at Captain Crane. "Inform Snow we need to get these pirates and put them to justice if they do not seek mercy like how I did." He said to Crane causing him to nod in agreement.


I sighed before I started to clean up the broken glass that Cato caused. His words still echoed in my head.

I will get you Fire Girl

I shook my head just as I threw the glass over broad and watch it hit the slightly moving water. I don't get the man, he first tries to rape me…I'm upset how I can't thank Peeta for saving, he then treats me like he hates me, and now he says he wants me? I'm just glad now that he's gone. Merissa just came back with Marvel; before she could walk towards what I guess the bunkers he wrapped his arms around her waist like he did last night and whispered in her ear. I do hope I don't go through the same thing Merissa is with Marvel. Marvel isn't as cold as Cato is.

I could stop a shiver from shooting up my back in dread. I will not be afraid of Cato Teufel, but that doesn't mean I'm going to be stupid and try to get him mad….I will simply ignore him as I told myself before. He's just toying with me until I break; which won't happen. "There…all done." I told myself after I got done with the deck. I blew a lock of my brown hair from my face. I heard boots hit the deck again…I thought it was Cato so I just shook my head.

"Katniss…we need your help with the goat milk so we can make cheese. Primrose said you know how to do that." Rue told me when I set the dirty water down.

"Of course I'll help Rue…" I told Rue with a smile, she's almost exactly like Prim. Rue has eyes that seem to find the good in everyone. "Where are they?" I asked her after I poured out the dark water into what Clove did before she walked up towards Gale.

"I'll show you." Rue smiled as she grabbed onto my hand and started to walk to where that door they walked through was at, which was where it lead to our bunkers. After a bit of walking I saw Clove swatting away a chicken from her as she held onto a basket, Merissa was sitting down reading while Glimmer was sewing something and Prim was walking with a boy around thirteen, swanky but not tall like Marvel…the only person who's taller than Marvel is Thresh.

"It really wasn't my choice…I want to be an inventor more than I do a pirate but I wanted to live so I am just doing this until I can get on a ship to the new world across this sea." The boy said to Prim as he helped her move the bucket full of goat milk.

"I hope you do Tech and thank you for getting my goat Lady." Prim said to him with a smile on her face. Tech smiled at her goofy and turned a slight pink color. He started to starch the back of his head before he just said you're welcome to her. I just slightly shook my head as I went to go help Clove before she dropped the eggs.

"Need help Clove?" I asked her as the hen tried to peck at her. She gave me a look saying 'what does it look like?' I slightly laughed as I started to count the eggs.

"They're 25 men on this ship." I heard Thresh say to me, I know why he did it to, I'm the cook and I have to see if I have enough to give everyone their breakfast. I nodded my head and finished counted leaving a total of 5 dozen eggs. "Where's the kitchen?" I asked him…From What I've seen from this ship that it's quite advance because no ship can store and keep food fresh along to have water that's fresh to drink and bath with because Cato smells a lot nicer then Thresh does. Maybe because the captains of this ship uses it and Rue does to.

Thresh grabbed onto a bag full of potatoes and started to walk out the door …we were then on the deck again. Thresh opened the door where Cato walked into. We walked down the hallway for a bit until He opened another door leading into what looked like a dining room with a massive table. The kitchen was behind large wooden doors, the kitchen was nice and large.

"The captains get first serve, then the crew gets the rest." Thresh told me, I raised one of my eyebrow at him. "The captains always get everything first; you question it you're thrown into shark infested waters." Thresh answered me causing me to nod in understanding.

"Tell your crew that breakfast will be ready in 20 minutes, also tell the Captains that we could bath while they eat, I hate feeling filthy." I told Thresh, he nodded his head before he walked off. I started and I was done in the time limit I said I would be. Gale started to eat when he got his part, Marvel did at least tell me thank you with a smile on his face. But then there was Cato.

He looked down at me strangely, like how he did earlier. He took a bite out of the potatoes I made in front of me. "Not bad Fire girl, but it would be nicer if you were in my bed chambers severing this to me so I could give my gratitude to the chief." He told before he continued. "Remember what I said to you…Katniss." He hisses out my name. "I will get you all to myself." He lowly whispered to me before he walked away. "By the way…of course you can bathe; knowing how women like to be clean… and I want you smelling nice." He told me as he turned around and then went back to his seat.

I blew at my bangs in frustration. I managed to serve all of the other 22 crew men. Thresh said thank you as did Tech. Two of the crew men looked at me in a way I don't like, which was the one who tried to have me…found his name was Jet, and the other one had ashen blonde hair with brown eyes. I let out a breath of relief that there was enough for Rue, Prim, Glimmer, Clove, Merissa, and me. We ate in together on the deck as did Thresh and Tech. I was starting to like the boy with brown hair and eyes that blushed every time Prim said something to him.

"I'm glad that you girls got on this ship." He said before he took a bite out of his breakfast. "One thing because the cook we had before couldn't cook this good and that Cato and Marvel don't pay any more attention to me." He said again after he swallowed. Before he took another bite, Glimmer showed concern.

"What do you mean Tech?" she asked him causing him to turn bright red, why would Cato want this boy on his crew? He's nothing like any of them; he's too bashful and shy. He was about to say something but Rue cut in.

"Because they used to be extremely mean to him. He had to deal with Cato insulting him and threating to throw him to the sharks and also with Marvel finding it funny to place an apple on his head to practice throwing spears and joking that he's a little rusty with them. He was Marvel's punching bag along with Cato when he's in a really bad mood" Rue told us, after Glimmer heard this, she hugged Tech; he was turning a bright red.

"I'm so sorry about that Tech." she told him after she let him go. "How could you still stay on this ship?" Glimmer asked him, he just looked down. "It's okay now…right?" Glimmer asked him again, he just nodded his head. I thought Glimmer was going to hug him but Prim did it before she could.

"I'm sorry about what happened to you Tech, I'm glad I'm here to so that your captains wouldn't do that to you anymore." Prim told him, he mutters thank you to her before he went back to eating. I took a deep breath to fight back the urge to walk up to Cato and confront him on how he treated Tech. As soon as we got done, Thresh offered to wash all of the dishes and I just let him do it.

After they left Rue showed us where the bathing room was. When we stopped into front of a door we walked into a nice bathroom. "So…who wants to go first?" I asked them as we stood inside. Glimmer coughed to try and get our attention. "What is it Glimmer?" I asked her. She stood up straighter before she started to talk.

"Thresh gave me fabric along with other things I need to make dresses, and I just need to measure everyone else besides Rue, Primrose, and me." Glimmer told me. I knew what she meant, she wants to go first.

"And that you also want to go first to?" I asked her as I raised one of my eyebrows; she nodded her head before she went inside. "I'll just go last." I said as we started to wait until she was done out of the door. After Glimmer came out Clove went in, then Merissa, then Rue. As me and Prim waited for rue to get Prim asked me something that I thought she'd never would.

"Maybe being on this ship isn't so bad, don't you agree Katniss?" I raised my eyebrow towards her; she then continued to explain to me why she thought that. "Because they aren't really doing anything bad to us, we met Thresh, Rue, and Tech. And I'm still with you." She told me with a smile on her face. I closed my eyes and shook my head.

"But you also have to remember is that there are 23 other men on this ship Prim. And I'll do anything to make sure none of them get to you." I told her when I opened my eyes again.

"Anything?" she asked me. "Katniss, you know that anything is a big word. Mom told us not to use that word unless we really mean it." Prim told me as she looked down and started to play with her golden hair.

"I do Prim; I won't let anything happen to you." I told her making her to look up at me.

"Promised?" She asked me. "Do you promise me Katniss…that you'll do anything to make sure nothing happens to me?" she asked me again as she looked up to me with her bright blue eyes. I took a deep breath and thought about it, would I do anything to keep my little sister Primrose safe.

"I promise Prim." I told her as I smiled down at her. She smiled back and hugged me. I mean it; I'll do anything to protect Prim.


A smile formed on my face as I heard that one little word that could easily make Katniss the Girl on Fire mine. ANYTHING. That word echoed in my head, just one fucking word would bring such fucking joy in me. And all that's to happen is for little Primrose to have her sister feel lie she's in danger. I felt myself just shake, I had to ball my fist just to try to get a better control over it. I know exactly what I'm going to do to make Katniss my wench, my own…personal little wench.

"I've got you now mocking jay." I whispered to myself before I went back towards my quarters. And I was slowly getting Katniss in my web, and there'll nothing she can do about it.


As I sat in the bath tub scented like peaches and started to rub my arms with the light orange colored water with bubbles with my hair down and wet. I took a deep breath and went under the water. When I was running low of air and rushed up to the surface. I leaned my back again the now warm tub and enjoyed the water as it was slowly getting cold. I thought I felt a pair of eyes watching me but I just brushed it off and kept my eyes close.

I've never had this luxury in my whole life, if I wanted to stay clean I had to boil the water and clean myself with scentless soap. Here, there all types of soaps and scents that make my senses go wild. And then there were the muscling scents that made me toes curl, one even smelt like my father, pine and musk.

After I felt the water grow cold I got out, dried myself off and got dress in my new forest green dress Glimmer made for me, the fabric was silk and I could just lace it up in the front but the lacing had a green piece behind it. The sleeves stopped at the elbows but had white lace around the edges. Glimmer is an amazing dress maker. I kept my now damp hair down and walked towards my bunks…running my fingers threw my hair as I hummed the valley song.

Katniss didn't know that a pair of stone like eyes watched her every move…pleasure stirring in him, making him shake with excitement with a smirk that would chill your bone to the core, that every step she took made him want more and more anxious just to grab you and make her his, no one but his, forgetting about not raping you, throwing everything away to just making his claim and never letting her go.

And both knew little about one event that will bring them closer and closer into something more than just a possession but more into passion and fire. That both will learn and so will others; hat they simply cannot live without the other, that their souls are bounded and that their meeting… was not bad luck but pure, unpreventable fate. And you can never escape fate, you can try but it will always win.