He Sees Her

Chapter One: Tidus/Yuna – In His Eyes

By: Dark Mousy

His hands were tight; his muscles tense as he gripped the leather-clad wheel as if he would never let it go. The rain pelted his car windows in torrents, while the wind beckoned his car off the highway road with its immeasurable speeds.

            Tidus had never had a problem with driving before, but the rain and the night made him nervous, since he could not see more than three feet in front of his car. He was practically letting it glide, only keeping his foot on the break to regulate the speed the wind was pushing him in. He thought about pulling his car into the side, but as he looked, the street lights illuminated the many cars already stopped there, hoping for the rain to pass.

            He tried to think of something to lift his spirits, like the Blitzball game he was driving away from. They had a victory of 7 to 0 and it was something to be proud of. However, these thoughts quickly left his mind, as loud, screeching noise rang in his ears.

            He heard crash, after crash, after crash, and even in the quiet safety of his own Saturn XL100 he could hear the glass breaking and shattering… And it kept continuing. A few minutes of consecutive crashes, and his eyes could do nothing but watch the blinding fog in front of him while his ears took in the sounds of eminent death.

            It was all over. Despite the rain, the blonde opened his car door, and stepped out of his black car. His cornflower blue eyes widened and shone when the lightning shined its momentary grace upon the scene that lay before him. In front of him was a mechanical graveyard. He couldn't even begin to count the cars piled up. Quickly, he ducked back into his car and punched on the blinders, and he noticed that those around him stopped and did the same thing to illuminate the scene. When he looked around him for some kind of sign of what he should do, he saw no one gossiping, or trying to peek over each other to try and see exactly what happened. Everyone seemed to just stand there in a shock, horrified by the scene in front of them that had taken place only moments before.

            He had been going up the highway, and so the main direction of the rain was flowing down towards him, the cold liquid flowing over his yellow sneakers. When he looked down to find the water going into his sneakers, the lightning flashed, and he could see that the water was tainted with blood. The initial shock faded for him, and he ran forward to the scene, in his soaked Blitz uniform. His action caused those around him to break their moment of shock, as they too, went forward to see what they could do. Those that stayed behind utilized their cell phones from their cars, obviously notifying the authorities that an ambulance or more would be needed…

            In a thunderstorm, a pile of metal soaked with water is never a good thing. Tidus stopped before the first car he had seen, and when he looked down, he saw a pale, feminine hand hanging out of a cracked window from her upside-down car. He panicked slightly; he didn't know anything about such things and he knew that moving someone from a car wreck could break their neck.

            The boy leaned down, practically on his stomach as he looked inside the dimly lit car. Her body had indeed flipped upside down, but the larger part of her torso was curled against the ground, and he only hoped that it was not a neck-breaking flip. Tentatively, he reached out his fingers, and held them to her neck.

            With the rumbling of the thunder and the pouring of the rain, it took him some time to find a pulse, but he felt relieved when he did. The girl was far past unconscious, and a cut on her temple bled heavily, covering most features of her face, but the rest still stayed. In his moment of shock over what he could do, he looked at the young woman, with her blood-matted and soaked brown hair, and strange Japanese-like dress, although she did not look like the person to just wear them out in public, nor did she look cultured in such a way. Tidus dismissed it, however, as probably being a Kyoto teacher of some sort and left it at that.

            He brushed away the glass that was jetting out with his gloved hands, giving him a clear shot to be able to hold the door so he would be able to open it. The door itself had been smashed into the ground, so there would be no way he could try and open it to allow her easier access out. He knew that if he tried to take her out from the window the glass would cut her.

            Already, the sound of loud sirens could be heard as people rushed to move their vehicles to the side to allow the ambulances access. Tidus heard the girl moan slightly, and then he began to waste no more time as he planted his feet onto the wet ground, and used the car for leverage as he worked to free the door. His eyes closed, and his muscles in his toned arms and legs tightened with the effort of prying the metal from being crushed around it. The metal gave another creak, and Tidus fell backwards to the asphalt as the metal door fell on him.

            The water began to run off him as well, and he grimaced as he pushed the door up and off him. The blitz player got up shakily, before making his way to the car, finding her arm had draped out again. Without an impulse, he took her hand in his gloved one.

            "Just hang on for a little longer, ok?" His voice, even through the thunder, was soothing, and smooth. He was trying to stay calm for a woman he didn't even know.

            He was relieved when she grasped his hand only lightly, and he took this as a sign that he would be able to move her from the car. Gently, he kneeled down lower, and lifted her upper body from the roof of the car enough for him to get both his arms under her torso. He braced his feet on the wet ground, gently moving back in a crawling position as he straightened her body as much as he could, and began to pull her out; keeping her upper body from touching the glass that lied under her.

            When he finally pulled her out gently enough, he had put her so that she lied on top of him with her back on him while he lied on the ground. He sighed when he sensed movement from her, and he was forced to close his eyes against the rain that was coming down more heavily. He felt her drop her hand at his side, and when it landed on his own, the unconscious girl wrapped her hand around his, and made no more movements.

            He was forced to open his eyes when a red light was passed over them, and he was looking up to the face of a worried EMS.

            "Sir, do you need medical attention? Were you in the accident?"

            Tidus looked up at him, in his own world for a moment or two, with the events that had happened in less than thirty minutes.

            "Sir? Are you all right sir?"

            "She needs it, please get her an ambulance." He said, more calmly than he would have thought. There were flashing red lights everywhere, from ambulances and fire trucks and police cars alike, and the voices of those trying to get people out of their cars could be heard over everything else. He knew there were more ambulances coming… There had to be. There had to be more than thirty cars in the pileup… But it happened in a matter of minutes. Tidus couldn't even begin to comprehend how death could happen right in front of his eyes so quickly, and he had just come from a game… He was so happy then.

            He waited for only a few minutes, and even under her he could feel the soft rise and fall of her breaths. She had the main cut on her temple and various cuts along her body, but nothing looked bad… Unless she had bruised something he couldn't see or hurt her head. He was forced to open his eyes again when the same man spoke to him again.

            "Sir, we can take her now. Do you know this woman?"

            Tidus was about to reply as a no, but he felt his hand being squeezed lightly, and so he bit his bottom lip before saying an answer.


            "Yeah…" He replied, and closed his eyes against the rain. He already knew that saying that gave him a right to go into the ambulance with her, and yet he still wondered why he had even said yes instead of just allowing them to take her and not see her again. But when she squeezed his hand he felt something, remorse, sadness, and the knowledge that she only wanted someone to be with her.

            The men pulled the ambulance as close as they could without damaging the lighting used to try and get the people out. They didn't bring the stretcher out because it would only get soaked by the rain, so instead the two men lifted her off him gently, and laid her on the stretcher in the ambulance. Without even looking to Tidus, one of them went to drive the ambulance, while the other went into the ambulance. Realizing that they would leave without him, he got up quickly, ducked into the back of the ambulance, and shut the door.

            As the ambulance began to leave, the man next to them put his gloves on, instructed Tidus to sit down, and began his work. Tidus was only staring at her face, before his attention moved down to here her delicate hand was hanging off the stretcher, the fingers curling and uncurling lightly as if expecting something. He, without thought, reached out his gloved hand, and she held it. She couldn't see him, but she probably knew it was he by the feel of his glove.

            "How is she?"

            "We won't know if it's a concussion until we run some tests, but nothing looks broken, just cuts and bruises. She was one of the lucky ones, but with that on her temple the hospital will most likely keep her for a night just to make sure."

            The blonde nodded, and looked back to her face, which the man had been nice enough to dry with a rag, and had put a clean, white bandage on the cut. Her face looked serene, and more beautiful than he had seen… He had thought some of his fan girls attractive before, but never like this… It was beauty to be revered, something he had never seen.

            And as she still held his hand while the ambulance pushed through traffic to the hospital, Tidus looked on the face of the woman who would change his life forever.

            A woman, who, he would later find out, was named Yuna.

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