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Title: Coming Home – Being a Family in New Rome

Fandom: Percy Jackson and the Olympians / Heroes of Olympus; set five years post HoO

PJatO Disclaimer: All rights reserved to Rick Riordan for he created the awesomeness that is Nico di Angelo. And everything else related to Percy Jackson and the Olympians / Heroes of Olympus. Aside from the Gods, of course. They are all copyright by the old Greeks. This fanfiction on the other hand is entirely mine. No money is made with this, though reviews are more than welcomed.

Warnings: shounen-ai, mpreg, miscarriage, anal, explicit intercourse, adoption, shoujo-ai, hetero

Main Pairing: Octavian/Percy

Side Pairings: Frank/Hazel, Jason/Reyna, Nico/Leo, Piper/Annabeth, Paul/Sally, Luke/Percy (past), OMC/Percy (mentioned)

Percy Jackson Characters: Perseus Jackson, Octavian Simmons, Rachel Elizabeth Dare, Hazel Levesque, Frank Zhang, Jason Grace, Reyna Anderson, Piper McLean, Annabeth Chase, Nico di Angelo, Leo Valdez, Chris Rodriguez, Clarisse la Rue, Jake Mason, Will Solace, Sally Blofis, Paul Blofis, Mrs. O'Leary, Blackjack, Scipio, Arion

Own Characters: Sedanur 'Danny' Aykan/Simmons

Jayna: Hercules 'Herc' Grace

Chrisse: Calandra 'Cally' Rodriguez

Frazel: Sammy Marie Zhang

Pipabeth: Theadora Tiphane 'Thea' McLean-Chase

Jakill: Elizabeth 'Lizzy' Mason

Summary: After the Giant War, Percy Jackson had just disappeared. No one knows where he went, not really at least. They knew he was fine, he called often, but he stayed out of their hair. Until one day, five years after the war, he just appears again in New Rome.

Yes, I have decided to turn this into a multiple-chapter fanfiction, because I noticed that I have a lot more to say about this plot than I thought. I tried writing a sequel, but it was just too much to press into a one-shot, so I decided to split the 'Coming Home' oneshot into the first two chapters. I altered it a bit with some parts, but mostly it's the original thing.

For the chapter titles I found it funny to chose them in both, English and German, since German will appear quite often in this story. But don't worry, it will be either understandable in the context, translated by the characters or I'll put a translation onto the end of the chapter. Or it's such a tiny, unimportant thing that I'll leave it out.

The list of children will be edited with the plot, but I don't want to spoil that just yet. It would be boring if you knew about my plans for Octavian and Percy just yet, wouldn't it? ;)

Coming Home

Being a Patchwork-Family in New Rome

1. Chapter: The Return – Die Rückkehr

"Oh, goodness, I love New Rome!", yelled the redhead with a broad grin.

She whirled around with her arms in the air, taking a deep breath. Her company rolled his eyes.

"Rach, you're behaving like a child again", noted the blonde man.

"Tavy, you are no fun at all", grinned Rachel and hung from his arm. "Let's go eating!"

Octavian smiled slightly. He appreciated the fact that his best friend came visiting as often as possible. Actually, he appreciated the fact that he had a best friend to begin with. Back before the Giant War he had always kept to himself. And then the Greeks had not only invaded New Rome, but also his heart. There was that stubborn, beautiful Greek with the most mesmerizing eyes and Octavian had felt his heart beat like never before. It had frightened him, even though he would never admit that. So he had pushed the beauty away. And then the war broke loose, really loose. Nearly three years of fighting. Though the fighting and the pining for the Sea Prince brought him a surprising best friend. The Oracle of Delphi. Somehow the ginger had known, seen the looks Octavian would throw at the son of Poseidon in secrecy. Rachel had always told him he should face his feelings, he should tell the Sea Prince, but Octavian never did. And after the war, Percy Jackson just disappeared. He called, of course, to assure his friends and family that he was fine. But no one had seen him in person for five years now.

"Five years, Tavy", whispered the redhead worried. "Don't you think it's time to move on?"

"How should I move on? He's the only one that ever made me feel that way", murmured Octavian.

"And with that way you mean as if you have a heart?", chuckled Rachel amused.

The blonde rolled his eyes, but he nodded nonetheless. It was true. The great savior of Olympus with his big heart, all the love he held for his friends. It took great influence on the augur. Especially after the Sea Prince had disappeared. First he had only befriended Rachel Elizabeth Dare, but the oracle was pretty persuasive and she soon forced him to befriend the lesbian couple both Rachel and Percy held so dear. The golden couple of Camp Half-Blood, as Piper McLean and Annabeth Chase were called. The two, along with many other former Greeks, had moved to New Rome to live a peaceful adult life. And truth be told, Octavian was glad he had befriended the blonde woman. Because she was the one who received most Iris Messages from the hero. And the daughter of Athena and her girlfriend often came to visit along with the ginger, but since the couple had just recently adopted a little girl, they couldn't leave the baby on their own often.

"How is little Thea?", asked the augur curiously.

"She's driving her mothers insane", grinned the ginger amused. "But I guess her god-fathers are at fault for that. Could you imagine a worse influence than Leo Valdez on a little child?"

"Actually, yes", smirked the blonde. "The combination of the firebug and his boyfriend."

"Oh yes. You should have seen Piper's face when Thea first came home with a zombie at her hand!"

"I would have loved to see that", chuckled the Roman.

"You should come visiting again, you know", hummed the ginger as they neared the restaurant. "You haven't seen Thea in a while. And babies grow so fast. And it would perhaps take your mind off of this whole mess. Five years."

"It doesn't get better by repeating how long it had been", grunted the blonde irritated.

They finally arrived at the restaurant and the augur opened the door for the woman. Rachel grinned at the chivalry and entered the beautiful place. It was the coziest little restaurant the oracle had ever seen and she always felt at home here.

"Auntie Rach! Uncle Octy!", called a loud, happy voice.

Seconds later, there was a little girl with golden eyes hanging from Octavian's waist. He rolled his eyes and wrapped his arms around the child, lifting her up. She giggled broadly, her dark hair frizzly, standing up into all directions.

"Auntie Rach is here? Where? Where?", screamed another voice.

Rachel nearly collided with the floor at the impact of the miniature version of Jason Grace.

"Hey, Herc", grinned the redhead and ruffled his hair.

Her eyes scanned the restaurant and soon spotted the boys parents. Reyna and Jason were sitting at a table, smiling at them. The former praetors put their forks down and stood up to great their friends and collect their whirlwind again.

"Hello, Rachel, I didn't know you would visit", smiled the daughter of Bellona.

Jason glared down at his son and lifted him up so the oracle could stand up again.

"Hercules, what did I tell you about jumping people?", chided the former praetor.

"Uh... Dunno, daddy", grinned the boy.

"Would you mind helping me with this one?", asked Octavian and raised one eyebrow, pointing down at the clingy girl in his arms.

The two-years old giggled happily and clung even more to him. Someone came through the backdoor, a broad and tall man with a white apron, shaking his head at them.

"Sammy, don't suffocate Octavian", grunted the cook and took the girl off him.

"What's suffoffucat?", asked the child and blinked adorably.

"Hello, Frank. Where is your wife?", grinned Rachel and patted Sammy's head.

"Since you stole one of our praetors, she is busy with her duties", smiled Frank and hugged the redhead with one arm awkwardly. "Nice to see you, Rachel."

Octavian smirked. He remembered vividly his first encounter with Percy Jackson. Funny how the girl he had threatened back then, the reason for his and Percy's dispute, turned into the strong young woman on whose side he would be praetor. While Jason and Reyna had both given up their praetor-ship to settle down in New Rome and start a family soon after the war, Hazel saw her destiny elsewhere. And Frank was a good househusband.

"How are things with the Greeks?", asked the daughter of Bellona curiously and motioned for the two new arrivals to sit down with them at their table.

The augur and the oracle obeyed, sitting down with them, and so did Frank. The two children ran off, easily bored by the adults.

"Good, a bit wild with Thea though", grinned Rachel. "But the kid is adorable."

"Gods, I feel so old when I hear that", sighed the son of Jupiter and shook his head. "I still remember vividly how we were teens and saved the world. And now it's diapers and daycare."

"Yeah", nodded Frank with a small smile and leaned back in his seat. "I remember how I freed Thanatos from his bounds, back when the war had started..."

"The way I remember it, you wouldn't have been able to free Thanatos without your wife and me."

Octavian froze as he heard that voice. But it couldn't be. Looking at the shocked expression on Reyna's and Rachel's faces, it was true. The redhead jumped off, knocking her chair back and sprinted over to the door. The augur turned very slowly around to see for himself. It was true. The beautiful boy had grown into a gorgeous young man. The same wonderful sea-green eyes and that black hair that looked soft as silk. He had grown, but not very much, was still smaller than the augur. And he wasn't as muscular as he used to be, years without dangerous quests had done that to many of the former heroes. A soft smile grazed the rosy lips as he hugged the ginger.

"I wouldn't have thought to see you here, Rach", grinned the son of Poseidon.

He soon found himself in a tight group-hug as Reyna, Jason and Frank joined them. Octavian wanted it too, wanted to touch the Sea Prince, hug him, feel that this was real. But they had never been friends, they had never gotten over their differences.

"What are you doing here?", asked Frank. "You said you wouldn't return like ever!"

"I've been so worried for you", whispered Reyna. "Are you alright?"

"What brings you to us Romans? Why not the Greeks? Or have you been there already?", wanted the son of Jupiter to know.

"Five years! Five years and you just drop by like that!", hissed Rachel angry.

But the tears in her bright green eyes betrayed her anger and she hugged him even tighter. He chuckled, but didn't answer one of their questions. Octavian observed him and frowned. There was a certain sadness in the beautiful eyes, a sadness that didn't sit right.

"Mama? Mama, can we eat now?", asked a low, shy voice.

All eyes were drawn to the little girl that stood behind the Sea Prince. The Romans and the oracle let go of Percy to stare at the child. While the son of Poseidon knelt down to lift the girl.

"As far as the sign goes, this is a restaurant, darling. So yeah", grinned Percy.

"Great! I'm really, really hungrig!", grinned the girl broadly and hugged him. "Can I have pizza, Mama? Please, ich will pizza! I didn't have pizza since we left Hamburg!"

Sea-green eyes looked questioningly at Frank. "Can she have pizza?"

"Of course", nodded the son of Mars slowly, unsure.

"You think we can sit down?", chuckled Percy. "I'm kind of tired and exhausted and hungry."

"Me too, Mama!", announced the girl loudly.

Octavian blinked with a frown, looking at the girl intensely. She was a pretty kid, with long, blonde hair and sky-blue eyes, wearing a blue dress with ribbons. The augur gulped hard. Percy Jackson had disappeared for five years, a beauty like him, of course he would find a good man and start a family. That must have been the reason Percy had left his old life behind him to begin with. He knew, Octavian knew how special children of Poseidon/Neptune were. The sea, the ever life bringing sea. And the sea's children, equally life bearing. The augur's heart tightened at the thought of his Sea Prince having a child and a guy.

"Hello, Perseus", greeted the blonde lowly.

Percy sat down next to him and nodded in greeting, lifting the blonde girl up. Frank had left for the kitchen to get something to eat ready for the hungry newly arrivals. The child was eagerly staring at Octavian, reaching her hands out for him. The Sea Prince tried to shun her, but much to his surprise, the augur smiled at the kid and reached out for her too.

"Hello, young lady. I'm Octavian Simmons, and who are you?"

"I'm Sedanur Aykan, but meine Mama always calls me Danny!", grinned the girl broadly. "Are you related to my daddy? Because you have the same eyes and hair genau wie ich!"

"And who is your daddy?", asked the Roman slowly.

"Mein Papa ist Apollo!", grinned Danny proudly.

That explained why there was no guy having his arms possessively wrapped around the Sea Prince. But Octavian would have never thought Percy would bed a god, much less without protection.

"Percy!", exclaimed the two females wide-eyed and stared at the demi-god.

Percy frowned at his female friends, noticing the odd looks the men were throwing at him too.

"She's Roman, that's the reason I came here", said the son of Poseidon slowly, before it dawned on him. "Oh. You think I... No, she's not my daughter!"

"I am!", pouted Danny with a frown. "Ich bin deine Tochter."

"Of course you are", smiled Percy and kissed the top of her head. "But not by blood, mein Engel."

"Where have you been, Percy? And what is going on?", demanded Jason to know.

He stared at the other child of one of the Big Three intensely, demanding an answer.

"I would love to clear that with the praetors later", whispered the Sea Prince, looking down at the girl on his lap in indication. "You know, perhaps when Danny can get a place to rest?"

"But I'm not tired, Mama!", complained the girl. "Nicht ein bisschen!"

"You just agreed that you're tired too", grunted Percy and raised one eyebrow.

"But not anymore! This is exciting! I want to see the city!", protested Danny widely.

The son of Poseidon sighed exhausted and ran his fingers through his hair. Octavian noticed the black circles beneath the beautiful eyes and how thin the hero was.

"You know what, Danny, I know two very nice kids around your age who would love to show you everything while I talk to your mom", smiled the augur.

Percy raised one eyebrow at that. Not only because the blonde was being so nice, but more so because of the implication of him being praetor.

"Here we go! One extra big pizza with everything!", announced Frank as he came back.

Danny cheered at that and Percy licked his lips as if he hadn't eaten in days. The pizza was placed on the middle of the table so everyone could take a slice. The way the Sea Prince ate told the augur that the young man truly hadn't had anything to eat in a while.

"Those bothersome kids, where are they?", grunted Jason with a frown.

"You mean those two?", chuckled someone in the doorway. "I found them bothering Terminus."

"We were not!", protested Hercules with a pout.

"No, we weren't, mom, really not!", agreed Sammy on Hazel's other hand.

"Oh my gods, Percy?", exclaimed the dark-skinned woman suddenly.

Her golden eyes were wide as she stared at the Sea Prince.

"We've been at that point too, yeah", nodded her husband with a chuckle.

"Hello, I'm Sammy. Who are you?", asked the youngest of the children and blinked curiously.

"I'm Danny", grinned the daughter of Apollo broadly, stuffing another slice of pizza into her mouth.

"Can you help me with something?", asked the daughter of Frank and Hazel adorably.

"With what?", mumbled Danny curiously between her bites.

"Since we are now two girls, we are more than one so we can overpower Herc!"

"Who is Herc?", blinked the blonde girl confused.

"I'm Herc, hi", grinned the boy and stole a slice of pizza. "And you girls don't stand a chance."

"Mama, kann ich mit ihnen gehen? Bitte, bitte, bitte?", asked the daughter of Apollo wide-eyed.

"Sei vorsichtig, mein Engel", warned the Sea Prince and nodded shortly.

Sky-blue eyes widened as a mischievous grin spread over Danny's face. She put the pizza down and jumped at the grandson of Jupiter. The boy yelped and ran off, closely chased by the girls.

"Children, the attention span of flies", grunted Percy irritated and shook his head. "Who were they? Aside from completely adorable."

"Hercules is our son", grinned Jason broadly, grabbing his wife's hand.

"And Sammy Marie is our daughter", smiled Hazel softly as she hugged Percy and sat down next to her own husband, still staring at the son of Poseidon. "Where have you been all that time?"

"I...", sighed the Sea Prince and took a look around at his friends.

"Well, you got the two praetors here now", smirked the daughter of Bellona, looking from Octavian over to Hazel and at the end settling for Percy. "You going to tell us?"

"I don't... really want to talk about it", muttered Percy and folded his hands in his lap.

"We're your friends, if something is bothering you, you can tell us", whispered Rachel soft-eyed.

"After the war", started the Sea Prince slowly, lowering his gaze. "I traveled. At first, I just wanted to see Rome and Athens without fighting monsters and I wanted to return soon. But I couldn't. It was just so beautiful and I felt so free. I started to travel Europe, just with a back-pack. England, Italy, Greece, France, Turkey and... Germany. Two years ago or something like that, I got kind of stuck in Germany. München, Munich. I fell in love. With the city, with the guy, with his cute, little sister. He was a son of Apollo, handsome with that blonde, sunny hair and the blue, blue eyes. Danny is his little sister. She was so adorable, I couldn't stay away. I just wanted... you know, something quick and short, but she was wonderful. So I stayed. Learned German, got a job, moved in with them. Lived a boring, regular life. He was... pretty nice. At the beginning. Their mother, she had died in child-bed. He had raised Danny on his own, more or less. I felt bad for her, not having a parent at all, so I... I guess I spend more time tending to her than to him and he seriously grew jealous of his own baby-sister. He started drinking, cursing everything, his life, their father for being a god and not caring, their mother for dying, me for not being his and his alone..."

"Did he...", started Hazel worried and coughed. "Did he hit you?"

"He tried it", shrugged Percy darkly. "I broke his arm. He never tried it again. And then, a few weeks ago... I noticed that I was pregnant. He was already jealous enough of Danny as it was. A baby? He demanded that I get rid of it. I told him I would never take an innocent life. I gave him two options. Either he sobered up and took responsibility, for me, the baby, his sister. Or he would never see me again and I would take his sister with me. The next day, I came home from work and he was just as drunk as every night before. So I packed my stuff and grabbed Danny, because I couldn't leave her with him, he was in no condition to take care of a four-years-old. And he didn't want the responsibility either. I didn't know where to go. Camp Half-Blood is a summer camp, it's not... not what I want for Danny. So I thought about New Rome. And she is Roman, after all."

"Wait, if I caught that correctly... you're pregnant", blinked Reyna slowly.

"No... Not anymore", whispered the Sea Prince with dark eyes.

"What...", started Rachel, not sure how to put it.

"I didn't have money on my body when we left. It was... a dangerous journey, two half-bloods on their own and without money. We got attacked, often. Once by the minotaur and... I lost the baby."

Percy wrapped his arms tightly around himself, closing his eyes tightly.

"We'll find you and Danny a flat in New Rome", whispered the female praetor. "Everything is going to be alright again, Percy. You're with your family again."

"I'm... so sorry", whispered the Sea Prince with tears in his eyes. "I wanted to call you, I wanted to visit. But at first, with the traveling, I never had time. Time slipped away like nothing. And then... He was so jealous whenever I would as much as look at someone else. He was so possessive. Why am I always ending up with jerks who treat me like crap...? Why can't I just be happy...?"

He clung to the redhead while he cried and sobbed all the pain away that had been building up. Rachel wrapped her arms around him and whispered soothing nonsense.

"You and the kiddo are safe with us, Percy", promised Jason.

"There is that nice apartment near ours, I think it's empty", nodded Frank with a frown.

Octavian bolted up and grabbed Percy's hand, pulling the Sea Prince with him.

"What? Tavy, where are you bringing him?", scolded Rachel irritated and ran after him.

"To the hospital", frowned the augur with a dark glare.

"Hospital?", grunted Reyna skeptically.

"Since mortals are not used to male pregnancies, I doubt you went to a hospital after you lost the child, right?", asked the blonde man, waiting for the younger one to shake his head. "A miscarriage is dangerous, you need to get checked. If anything remained, it may cause an infection."

Percy frowned up at the older man confused by him. Then he turned to his friends.

"Could you... Take my stuff with you? Anyplace with a bed would be fine. And maybe... keep an eye on Danny? She's a trouble-magnet. And with her mingled Denglish she may confuse others."

"Of course", nodded Reyna. "I would love to check what the girls did to my boy anyway."

She went off into another direction, closely followed by Hazel, who muttered something similar. Frank and Jason stayed at the restaurant with the back-pack.

"How are you feeling, Perseus?", asked Octavian worried.

"I... tired, but that comes with the journey, I guess", murmured Percy, staring at their linked hands.

"You're running a fever. Your forehead is covered in sweat. And your hands are shaking."

"But don't you worry, Percy", smiled Rachel weakly. "We got the best healers here."

The walk to the hospital was kind of a blur to the son of Poseidon, the only thing he was sure about were those strong arms holding him and those blue, blue eyes looking at him.