Warning: Nothing, just a bit of fighting scene.

Pairing: Not yet. Family Harry/Teddy.

Rating: K, at the moment.

Betaed by NightAngel99. Thank you very much!

Note: To make this work, please disregard the Harry Potter timeline. I make it that Teddy is currently an eleven years old boy.


Harry Potter didn't know what to do. He was the Saviour of The Wizarding World and all those weird titles the Ministry of Magic bequeathed him, but he wasn't the best of parent. Heck, he didn't even have the best example of what parents are supposed to do. How does one treat a family member in depression?

In front of him sathis godson, his only family. Teddy Potter-Lupin wasn't looking like the usual cheerful boy. No, after three months in Hogwarts, the boy finally snapped. He couldn't get through his first year in Hogwarts anymore. And that was all because of his family lineage.

Teddy's father, Remus, was a werewolf. His mother was a metamorphmagus. And those things stuck with Teddy. Teddy was a natural metamorphmagus. He hadbeen doing this chameleon-like attitude ever since he was three. Basically he could blend into the room by changing his own body colour like the colour of the wallpaper, or making his brown hair black and unruly, just like Harry's. It used to be a source of fun in the Potter household.

The boy was able to control his own appearance, but sadly he couldn't control himself on the full moon. On those full moon nights, he turned into a wolf, although he was able to retain the human mind in him. Teddy didn't like it though, because the transformation both ways wasvery painful. He would howl and cryand wish the pain to go away. It was always when those times came that he realized how much his Godfather loved him. His Godfather would come to him every time that happened. Harry would then cradle the crying cub inside his arms, shushing and comforting,and stay with Teddy throughout the night. Sometimes, Harry would even turn into his animagus form and play with the werewolf cub the whole night, just to calm the pain down when it was time for Teddy to turn back human in the morning.

Ginny was unable to accept Teddy's werewolf form and it was the main reason why Harry and Ginny broke up the engagement. Ginny reasoned that she didn't want her children to be living with a very dangerous werewolf, even though Teddy was still able to retain his human mind everytime he transformed. Teddy felt really bad about it, but Harry calmed his Godson down, saying that if Ginny couldn't acceptTeddy's werewolf side, then they couldn't be family since that was the main point of being a family: to accept each other's everything. Since then, the relationship between the Weasleys and Harry started to fade away; the twins beingthe only ones who would receive them like an old friend. Now, Harry and teddy only talked to the twins once a month.

And three months ago Teddy started going to Hogwarts for his first year. Alas, it didn't go well. After the students knew about his condition, they shunned him. Especially since Teddy was Harry Potter—the hero's—nephew. His metamorphmagus ability was criticized as 'unstable', 'embarrassing' and 'annoying'. He was unable to make friends even in his own house, Gryffindor. When he transformed into a werewolf in the first full moon, the teachers caged him inside a magic sealed silver cage. It was very painful, without his Godfather to soothe him and with the silver all around him. Teddy tried to run away the next full moon, but it resulted in his dorm mates seeing his werewolf form. It created chaos and since then nobody wanted to share anything with him—all his dorm mates demanded (through their parents) that Teddy Potter-Lupin needed to be removed from their dorm.

In the end, Harry took Teddy away from Hogwarts, not before cursing and satirized the whole school as judgmental hypocrites. He took his Godson away, away from Britain, and now they were on their first week in the States, under the label of 'holiday-ing' but with not so much fun.

Harry decided that Teddy and he needed a holiday, so there they were that noon, eating lunch in one of the café in the middle of Manhattan.

The boy was pushing his food around. Harry felt his chest sting. He didn't like how everything hurt his Godson. Teddy was a very nice boy. He deserved more. Harry didn't want Teddy to have a bad childhood, like what hehad gone through.

"Teddy…" Harry tried to speak, but these days the boy just refused to listen to him anymore, opting to keep silentand follow meekly everything Harry asked him to do.

And that was when an alien-humanoid looking monster sprang through the window behind Harry.

The Avengers (well, that was what they called themselves) werebusy fighting the Chitauris, and that was not so easy, with civilians running around them in panic. Loki hadopened the portal and now those Chitauris swarmed down like parasites.

Captain America told the Avengers personnel to do their own specified task. However, the numbers were just unbalanced—it's like one against a thousand. So it was hard for them to control, and some of the Chitauris were able to infiltrate the buildings and subways without getting known.

Unfortunately, Captain America realized it too late. Those strays Chitauris were targeting the civilians and killing some of them. Shouting and screams were heard; making the Captain winced in his anger and desperation. He was angry at himself because he couldn't save those innocent civilians, because he didn't have the power to do better.

If only he was stronger…

And then a blast was heard from one of the café, and Captain America turned to see five unconscious Chitauris flying away from the said building.

"Wh…what was that, Harry?" Teddy was shaking, hiding behind his Godfather's body. Even though Harry was quite short for a man, Teddy was still a shorter boy. And Harry had grabbed him, hid Teddy behind his own body, and started to attack those weird looking aliens with some offensive spells.

The first alien who flew across the window was dead the second Harry's reductor met his neck; but more and more were coming into the shop. Other customers were already running away in panic and fear, so Harry decided he could use more magic to defend himself and his charge. Deciding he needed more power, he switched tothe Elder Wand instead of his personalphoenix feather wand. When the Elder Wand touched his fingers, the wand shook in delight.

Harry started to shout even more offensive spells, but the longer he tried to defend, the more thatcame, so in the end Harry opted to run and grabbed Teddy, running while simultaneously casting 'bombarda' on the whole café.

The building exploded, and Harry wished the owner of the café didn't remember his face. Harry wasn't sure he could handle the court case afterward.

He ran to the street, and found that there were more aliens around them, with a pair of normal looking humans—well, one of them was a very attractive lady in a catsuit and the other was a bulky man wearing a tight American flag—fighting the aliens off. Immediately, Harry decided that they were the good guys, so he sighed in relief and ran to take his Godson to a safer place before maybe helping them out. Some police were already gathered and blocking the road—but they were blasted by the alien's gun, so Harry opted to apparate back into their hotel,only to find that he apparated right in front of a ruin of the building, a handful of the alien looking menace and a human-shaped metal knight in red and gold armour,Gryffindorish colour,fighting those aliens on top of the ruin of things.

Harry was very surprised, and so were the others. Immediately realizing that the hotel wasn't an option anymore, the wizard then turned and apparated back to his initial place outside the café, and placed Teddy on the road. Apparating twice in a row while holding his Godson wasn't the easiest thing; and Harry let himself to catch a breath first.

Teddy was in standing there in surprise, shock and awe.

"I never know that aliens are real in America!" The boy wondered.

Harry grimaced. Why was it always him? Damn his bad luck and seemingly twisted fate.