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"…Jeopardizing the Statute of Secrecy… reckless behaviour…" Shacklebolt continued to scold The Saviour of Wizarding World. Harry grimaced and bit his lips, squirming on his seat like a kid scolded by the school principal for not doing his homework. "…worrying the Ministry… disappearing and caught again in muggle war…"

Harry felt like the preaching would never end. He grimaced. He had stopped listening since five minutes ago. Then he looked to his side to find Teddy tried to hide his laugh behind his palms.

"Don't laugh at your Godfather, young man." Harry hissed to his Godson. Teddy laughed harder and his hair turned bright scarlet. Harry pouted.

The boy snickered and patted his Godfather's hand. "There, there. It will end soon. You are used to Hermione's preach anyway, right?"

Harry sighed. "Well, you are right. I should enjoy this moment. Hermione hasn't scolded mesince the birth of her first child." It was nostalgic, being reminded of how he would be scolded by Hermione about everything, really, but Harry was glad that it ended. Ever since Hermione and Ron were married, the time they could spend with Harry decreased greatly. Especially, when Ron was accepted as the Keeper for Chuddley Cannons and Hermione started her career in the ministry. And ever since their first child, Kiara, was born a year ago, Harry hardly ever saw them anymore. He missed them, sometime, and it almost made him want to crawl back to Ginny, but Ginny hadsince moved on and was dating Dean Thomas. So Harry had sucked it up and focused more on his healing study and Teddy.

Teddy nodded, acting wise beyond his age. His hair turned into the usual black and his eyes became green, just like Harry's. Harry smiled fondly and rubbed his Godson's hair. The two of them pictured the lovely image of a close family. But Shacklebolt wasn't feeling warm today.

"Harry James Potter! Are you listening to me!"

"Yes, sir! Just know that I only began firing spells when we became were in direct harm." Harry corrected his slumped posture and looked straight at the Minister's eyes. The minister sighed.

"What should I do with you, Harry? You are a walking disaster magnet."

Harry had the nerve to pout. He knew what he was, thank you, and he didn't need others to point out his talent in finding problems and get dragged into it.

"I was just taking Teddy for a much needed holiday…" Harry tried to defend himself, something that wasn't applicable minutes before,seeing as Shacklebolthad not stopped scolding him since they got seated in the living room in Stark-Avenger Tower,and it didn't help that they still hadan audience. The group of muggles had stayed behind, watching them in interest as if they were watching some show. Beside Shacklebolt was the muggle Mad-eye Moody, as well as, the man in suit.

"The problem now is that you have been recorded by the muggles' media." Shacklebolt sighed. "We cannot obliviate the whole city, let alone the whole world. This is world news, and they have captured your back along with Teddy, blasting that blue thing out of the window."

Harry grimaced. It seemed that his reluctance to keep up with muggle technology has bitten him on his arse. Apparently, there was some muggle patron inside the café that had used his mobile phone to record Harry. Harry was glad that his face wasn't very clear, but the way he shouted the spell and the wand in his hand clearly showed that he was using magic.

"The video has been confiscated, but it has at least 3,000 views on You-tube." The muggle'Mad-eye' started to talk. Harry turned to see him. "I was not very aware about your world before this, Minister Shacklebolt, Mr. Potter. But now that I am aware of a whole new world of magic," The Mad-eye seemed to be sceptical about the word, "this has become a new concern. I will need an agreement between your world and mine. I cannot let a bunch of wizards, who can turn citizens into toads on a whim with a spell, be allowed to just run around loose."

Minister Shacklebolt looked harassed. "I assure you, Mr. Fury, not every wizard can do that, or even would. It is NEWT level, and not so many people can do the human-animal transfiguration perfectly."

Harry wanted to laugh. It seemed that the Minister was even more clueless than himself in the muggle world.

The 'Mad-eye' critically assessed the Minister with his one eye. "I don't understand what you are trying to explain, but I do want to express… gratitude for Mr. Potter's decision to help us in our fight against the Chitauri. However, we also want to apologize for the injury to his shoulder. We have treated the wound, but it would seem better for Mr. Potter to stay at least until he is fully healed. I extend my welcome for Mr. Potter and his Grandson to stay in this Avenger tower."

Tony voiced his disagreement, it's his—Tony Stark's—tower, which was quickly silenced by Clint's hand.

"…In the meantime, Mr. Potter and his godson can teach magic to those within S.H.I.E.L.D."

The minister looked contemplative for a second before turning to Harry. "Harry, are you injured?"

Harry gave an abbreviated nod. "Itwas easily healed after the bullet was removed and it's just sore now. A vial of pain relief potion and some time to rest are all I need."

The minister nodded. "Then, do you want to stay here or come back to Britain with me by way ofportkey? Though to be honest, I think it would be better for you to lay low for a while until this whole sensation dies down. The Daily Prophet is having a field day with the gossips. I know you wouldn't like that."

Harry knew which the better choice was. "Fine. I'll stay, though please make it aware that I was within the law to act."

Shacklebolt smiled. "Then, I leave it to you. Be careful, and don't get dragged into any trouble again. We have enough on our hand with your damage control as it is now. By the way, Senior Undersecretary Granger-Weasley sent you a message. I wager you will get an owl soon."

Harry grimaced. Knowing Hermione, the owl message would be a howler. "You can count on me."

"Good. And back to our business," Minister Shacklebolt turned to the muggle 'Mad-eye'once more, "Yes, we will need to discuss things about this agreement of yours. Now, there is aMinister of Magic here in America and it would be better for you to contact them first. Also, we usually contact your president about any magic/non-magic relation, so please contact them as well."

Shacklebolt coughed before he continued, "Furthermore, Harry Potter is a very important person from our world, and so if anything happened to him, you would not like the consequences. We owe him a life debt, after all. You may ask him about magic, but I regret to inform you that magic cannot be learned by people born without it. I think both of us know how bad it is if it was leaked to public, thus, I wish to keep this matter as the outmost secret."

Fury could only nod. He was displeased, of course. But he knew when to stop asking.

Tony was smirking. It wasn't everyday that a person could out speak Fury. Truly, he was quite shocked with the revelation about magic. Then, there was Coulson; that Agent Coulson was standing beside Fury, looking damn healthy,as if Loki had never stabbed him or he had never died. This brought another thought to Tony: Fury used Coulson's blood-stained cards to unify the Avenger time bomb. The way that Fury spun it, made him and the rest of Avengers think that Coulson had died. Now, said man was standing in front of them.

That meant Fury had manipulated them to get the Avenger to work.

Now, that wasn't to say that Tony wasn't happy that Coulson was alive, after all Pepper liked the guy,or maybe he wasn't too happy that Coulson was still alive because Pepper liked the guy.

But truly, the revelation made Tony's brain explode…Magic? Harry Potter hadused magic to heal himself? And, the man they called Minister Shacklebolt, looked like he was a tourist from Morocco, with his gold-red hat, robes and all.

Fury looked displeased. Tony would guess it was because there was actually something he didn't know, even though the president knew. It must be hurting his pride as the international spy to know nothing about something as important as Magical world. And he was right, Tony supposed, that if there was such thing as a community of magic users on earth—and Loki was not counted because he was a GOD from an alien-knows-where planet—big enough to have their own ministry, that means serious threat for the rest of human being without magic.

Now, back to magic, Tony wanted to laugh until he farted. Magic was a bit far stretched, even after Loki invaded them. If Loki had used magic, it was kinda acceptable because he was a God,or a Demigod,or whatever. But, Harry Potter was a man, a human, and he could do magic? So, the black-haired Britain could pull a rabbit out of a hat? Change Tony into a toad (well, if he must turn into something, Tony would prefer to turn into a bottle of vodka)? Was that even possible?

If it was, then God wasn't fair. Why didn't Tony have the magical power as well? Not that he would admit that aloud, of course.

Still, the whole magical concept was unacceptable to Tony, especially trying to reason it with all the laws of physic in his head. But then, it would explain why the small boy beside Harry was able to change his hair and eye colours easily, would it not? The boy has been changing his facial and hair colour a lot; Tony almost expected rainbow colours by now.

Tony turned to observe his comrades, to assess what they thought of the magical world, and paused when he saw Steve's face. The man's Ken doll-like face was smiling from ear to ear, dreamy-eyed and staring at Potter and his group. It seemed that Captain America loves the notion of magic.

Tony turned to the other side to find Natasha's impassive face, Clint's skeptical look, Bruce wiping his glasses with his shirt, and a contemplative Thor. It was rare to see the Demigod looking that serious. Maybe he was using his brain for once.


So after retrieving their stuff, Harry and Teddy would live with the Avengers,at least for the holiday.

Lunch was awkward. Tony still insisted that all of them should go to the shawarma joint to eat, especially after Harry asked what the said food was. Tony gleefully explained that the food is 'the magical version of non-magical food' and can only be described as 'un-describable' and as a tourist from Britain, Harry and Teddy needed to try it at least once.

Harry decided that the amount was too much; he ended up sharing his with Teddy. Even sharing the one portion between them, both British males felt quite bloated afterwards.

"Amateurs," Tony called them, as he, Steve and Thor competed between them on who ate the fastest. Natasha and Clint rejected the food and instead settle for tea and wraps, while actually interrogating Coulson (who was assigned by Fury as the official Avenger Babysitter). Bruce wasn't there because he refused to leave the stress-free environment that was the ten levels of R&D candy land of the Stark-Avenger tower. After all, Bruce has drawn the line after his one-time shawarma-eating experience.

It seemed that Coulson had been actually in the middle of battle between life and death when Shackleboltshowed up. The Minister of Magic had assigned a few healers from St. Mungos' as soon as he had assessed the situation, who gave him 'magical treatment' (this sparked Clint's interest and he noted to himself that he would personally ask Coulson how magic felt. Was it awesome, ticklish and awesome, or weirdly awesome) and within a day, Coulson was back on his feet. Natasha commented about magic being superior in medicinal knowledge, but Harry expressed (because when Coulson said 'magic', Harry suddenly became interested in their conversation) that not all magic would work. There were several muggle medical techniques which would work better on certain injuries or diseases.

When they returned to the tower,the others left Tony to show Harry muggles technologies. Tony easily ranted about everything from his toaster (Harry knew what that was) to the newest artificial intelligence system,being a newer version of JARVIS (Harry didn't think he could ever fully understand the concept) that was still under development. Some of the Avengers tried to stay, but they either got called away (Coulson, Natasha and Clint), became bored (Thor) or were too used to Tony's hard-to-understand ramblings that they couldn't stand it anymore (Steve), so they left, leaving only Tony, Harry and a half-asleep Teddy. Somewhere between the television, the dry cell and the data pad, Harry lost interest, but when JARVIS was mentioned and the system actually introduced himself, Teddy jumped and looked around.

"Who was that?"

"I am JARVIS, Mr. Lupin,it is a pleasure to meet you."

"I can't see him! Harry, can you see him?"

Harry shook his head. Teddy looked contemplative for a moment, before seemingly reachingan absolute truth: "Harry! This JARVIS person is using an invisibility cloak!"

Harry smirked to that, and it was his turn to explain what invisibility cloaks were to Tony. To demonstrate, Harry took out his cloak from his pocket (he had placed all their stuff inside his magically-expanded pocket) and handed it to Teddy. Tony was awed when he saw Teddy suddenly disappear once he pulled the cloak around himself. The genius engineer stumbled quickly to his lab and returned with some detector machines and used them to try to track Teddy.

At first, Tony was too immersed in wondering why the hell his GPS and radio wave detector couldn't detect Teddy, even though he could hear Teddy's voice from somewhere in the room. However, when Tony asked JARVIS whether he could detect Teddy, JARVIS managed to detect him only 60% of the time, and it quickly became a game of hide and seek.

Harry laughed so hard, watching Tony run around the room, arms wide beside his body, trying to be in contact with as much air as possible while keeping watch for any sudden movement/twirling of cloak within the room. Tony's hypothesis was - if Teddy was still solid matter, then he could catch the boy even withhim being invisible, by trying to grab as much empty space as possible. Furthermore, the boy was still a human, so he would produce heat and some type of tracks. Teddy took it as a challenge and Harry just knew the boy was playing dirty.

The game ended when Harry caught his godson on the table—Teddy hadn't hid behind anything or just run around the floor, he simply sat on the table and watched Tony moving around airplane-arms-wide style. Harry only caught Teddy because he noticed the boy's sock peeping from on top of the empty table. Trust Teddy's wolfish instinct to have him settle in a higher place while watching his prey.

Tony roared and he tickled the boy until Teddy begged for forgiveness. Harry helped his godson by casting tickling charm on Tony and the billionaire offered thousands of dollars for Harry to stop the charm. Teddy in turn, tackled Harry and together with Tony, they attacked.

It was soon the Saviour of Wizarding World's turn to beg for forgiveness.

That was how Pepper found them, two and a half men laughing hard, enjoying the result of their game,andshe brought dinner with her. Lovely.

It seemed that any scent of food was enough to assemble the Avengers. One by one members of the superhero team entered the living room and asked what dinner was.

When Harry and Teddy could finally retreat to the guest floor (they were assigned the floor between Captain America's floors and Bruce's), Harry sighed. His godson was both super excitedbe hereon a bit of a sugar rush. The lady, who asked to be called Pepper, seemed to have taken a liking to Teddy and had spoiled him by allowing the boy to have two bowls of dessert ice cream.

Teddy's metamorphmagus ability was the focus of that night's dinner talk, with Teddy changing his hair colour like a rainbow (courtesy of Tony's suggestion) and turning himself green (when he remembered that Bruce told him he could turn green). It was a nice time had by all, and Harry was glad when he saw his godson was so happy. Teddy had needed the distraction and also the acceptance of his metamorphmagus ability.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the lift door.

"May I come in?"

Harry gave his permission and the door opened, revealing the God of Thunder.

"Son of Potter, I have something… to discuss with you."