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Chapter 1

1944, Manchuria

It was a long and very tiring day. Another day at the battlefield. It has been 13 years since Japanese invaded Manchuria and created a new state called Manchukuo and 7 years since they attacked again taking the city of Nanjing and turning it into a cemetery.

Flying over the destroyed and ransacked land, Xiao Yu sighed. It wasn't easy being an angel in this time of war. She could feel the pain of all people down on Earth and every one of them left a little scar on her heart.

Suddenly, as she was just passing by a military camp of Chinese army, she heard a surprising thought. A thought she would have never expected to hear in this place and time.

'What a beautiful sunset.'

Xiao Yu looked down and saw a young soldier sitting in the trench looking at the sun quietly disappearing over the horizon.

She decided to fly closer to see this strange man who was thinking about such ordinary thing in the midst of sea of painful and sorrowful thoughts. She flew around him curiously noticing that under all the dirt he sure was very handsome. A smile rose on her face as she could see he's equally handsome inside where it really mattered.

She stayed with him until he fell asleep right there on the dirt and cold ground. She was feeling a little guilty listening to his thoughts all the while but something in them just held her there. Despite being filled with the horrors of the war he seemed strangely calm in his heart as he was taking everything in as it went. He wasn't fighting his situation, he knew that everything that happens, happens for a reason. He wasn't praying nor begging the God to save him or take him away from this place, he was simply sitting there, watching the sky and the stars.

Xiao Yu watched the sleeping man and realized that strangely being close to him calmed her down so much that all the little scars she earned that day healed on their own without the holy power of Heavens. A surprised smile flashed across her face. 'Who would have thought a simple man could have such influence on an angel…'

Then she heard a silent call from Archangel Rafael asking her to return back to Heaven. Rather unwillingly she rose up waving her wings carefully not to wake up the soldier and with one last look she turned and flew right up to the sky.

'XiMen. His name is Ximen.'

Chapter 2