Title: Biker Girls

Content: AU YoruXSoi and lots of the Bleach crew as part of a Motorcycle Club

Summary: Both Soi and Yoruichi became an orphan, yet they both dealt with it in a different way. Soi became a hermit, while Yoruichi relied on the support of her friends and guardians. Yoruichi finds Soi and pulls her out of seclusion by introducing her to her motorcycle club. Together they start building a bright future. AU YoruXSoi. Fluffy feel-good story.

Disclaimer: I do not own Bleach or its characters. Neither do I own the motorcycles or their brands.

Author's note: This is probably not your regular fic. What I've done is put the character of Bleach in an everyday setting. No magic, no combat, just ordinary people going about their lives. You also won't find excessive amounts of angst, drama or hurt here. The things you will find are people helping each other dealing with life's little and big problems, lots of caring, affection and hugs, silly and humorous conversations and of course our favorite couple Yoruichi/Soi. It's meant as a feel-good story and I hope it will put a smile on your face.

The main reason why I'm writing this is because I simply enjoy writing. It's a great way to put stuff that happens in my life into perspective. I'm also trying to improve my English skills, seeing how it's my second language and quite an important language at that. Anyway, enough about me, on to the story. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it. All critique and feedback is highly welcomed, as well as your reviews and favorites.

PS: Get your license and a nice motorcycle if you haven't yet, you won't regret it.

The three cylinder engine began sputtering underneath her. God damn it, it's out of petrol. With a few last fits and starts it became fully silent. Using the last momentum of the bike Yoruichi managed to steer it into a driveway. The forest road she had been riding on was a small one with very little places to park safely. Thanks to this driveway she didn't have to place the heavy machine in the bank.

The chocolate-skinned woman took off her helmet and silently cursed herself for not checking the fuel level earlier. The nearest petrol station was at least twenty miles away. A golden eye peered into the tank, only to find it indeed completely empty. The Triumph Tiger, her pride and joy, had a fuel tank of 24 liters and she still managed to drain the damn thing.

The old beast had come into her possession thanks to Urahara, owner of the biggest motorcycle store of Karakura Town and surroundings. Yoruichi worked there as a mechanic and had fallen in love with the all-road bike when it first rolled in. Someone had bought a new Ducati Multistrada and traded in the old Tiger. It had been battered and used, making Uruhara doubt he'd make much of a profit from it. That's how Yoruichi had managed to make a nice deal for it with her boss, buying the old bike for the resale value. With passion and patience she had serviced the bike back into perfect condition and was now officially in love with the British machine. The versatility of the all-road bike just screamed adventure and the comfortable sit allowed her to drive it for miles without tiring.

If it wasn't for Urahara she would have never been able to afford her own bike. Her parents had been extremely poor, so she never had the possibility of going to high school. Without any papers her chances for a good job were extremely slim. Luckily Uruhara had picked up on her knack for technology and had been kind enough to give her a chance in his garage. As an apprentice mechanic she had learned the ins and outs of the trade from the silent Tsukabishi. Thanks to him she was now a fully qualified mechanic, with a modest income. It was enough to survive in her small apartment flat in one of the cheaper districts of Karakura Town.

The Tiger was her most prized possession and now she had let the blasted thing run dry. Stupid thing to do, Yoruichi scolded herself. She had taken the Friday afternoon off to drive in the forests south of Karakura Town. Her colleagues had been surprised, Yoruichi never took vacation. She didn't have any money for far away journeys and sitting at home only made her nervous, thinking about her dead parents. But the late march weather had been so beautiful that she just couldn't resist making a nice ride. Business was stale anyway, seeing how the season hadn't properly started yet.

With a sigh she grabbed her cell phone. She'd call Rukia to bring her a flask of fuel. Rukia was one of the saleswomen at Uruhara's shop and over the years they had become close friends. If Rukia couldn't come she'd call Nelliel, although Hallibel would tease her forever about her stupidity. In shock she saw that the battery of her cell phone had run dry. Panic clasped her throat; she was now stranded in the middle of nowhere and it would soon be dark. The forest around her had already become much darker. How the hell am I going to get home?

Wait, I'm standing on a bloody driveway.

Relieve washed over her when she spotted a house between the trees. She'd just ask the inhabitants if she could use their phone. She put the bike on steering lock, grabbed her helmet and began to walk to the house. It was a beautiful, well-kept property, with a nice garden, outside swimming pool and double garage. The people who live here are rich. The house itself wasn't overly large, with two stories and white plastered walls. With apprehension she knocked on the door. Please be home.

It took a full two minutes before the door finally opened. A slender girl was standing in the doorway. Wow, what a pretty face. She had short black hair with two long braids in the back, which surrounded a sharp face with even sharper steel grey eyes. She was wearing tight sweatpants and a tight, sleeveless shirt. Despite her lean figure she had toned muscles and looked very fit and healthy, a bit athletic even. Her pose betrayed that she felt a bit uneasy. 'Yes?' she asked. 'Can I help you?'

'Hello,' the chocolate skinned woman greeted. 'I was wondering if I could use your phone. I'm stranded here with my motorcycle, you see.' She vaguely pointed at her bike. 'Ran out of fuel.'

The girl gave her a shy smile. 'Oh, I see. Happened to me too, once. Had to walk three miles to the nearest petrol station and then back again.' She winced slightly. 'Motorcycle boots aren't made for walking.'

Yoruichi had to laugh. 'You ride as well then? What kind of bike have you got?'

The smile of the petite woman widened. 'Wait here,' she said. For a few moments she disappeared in the house, than came back out again with a keychain. Yoruichi followed her to the garage. As the door opened Yoruichi couldn't help but gasp, as there were three shining bikes standing there. The first one was an Agusta F4, a carbon fiber full blood racer with a 1000cc four cylinder engine. The second one was a BMW R1200 GS Adventure all-road bike, full option from the looks of it. It basically was the ultimate all-road bike, a bigger version of her own Tiger. You could pick a random point on the world map and this bike would drive you there in a straight line. The last one was a 1968 Royal Enfield Interceptor, a classic bike. This one was currently laying in pieces though, with the engine removed and standing on the work bench. An impressive amount of tools lined the walls, almost as much as she had herself at work.

Damn, this woman has serious money in her shed.

Yoruichi was actually speechless, which caused a shy chuckle from the owner. 'I use the BMW the most, to get around you know? Perfect for traveling long distances. The others are fun bikes.' Yoruichi approached the Royal Enfield and crouched down next to it.

'What's wrong with this one?' she asked.

'Just servicing it. Got some new parts for the engine to make it run smoother.'

'You maintain your own bikes?' Yoruichi was impressed; most people were too scared to tinker with their bikes. Which was just as well, seeing how many ways there were to screw things up.

'Learned it from my dad. It has become a bit of a hobby of mine, there's nothing more relaxing than working on a motorcycle.'

'I know all about it,' Yoruichi said with a smile. 'I'm a mechanic at Uruhara's bike shop.'

'Oh, that's nice.' The woman smiled kindly. 'Dad never wanted his Enfield taken to a commercial garage though, scared that something might go wrong,' she chuckled. 'It's a bit of an heirloom. My grandpa drove it for a few years, than gave it to my father for his eighteenth birthday. After my father… passed away it came into my possession.' The woman shifted uncomfortably. Yoruichi felt the tension and decided to change subjects.

She pointed at the BMW. 'Do you actually fit on that?' The GS was massive and the woman was rather small. The other had to chuckle again. Such a cute laugh.

'It's lowered, otherwise I wouldn't. It's big and heavy but once she's rolling she eats out of your hand.' The two were soon lost in conversation about the three bikes. The small woman knew a great deal about them, both in history and technology. That didn't stop her from asking the chocolate skinned woman thousands of technical questions about her three bikes, specifically about maintaining them. Yoruichi was happy to help her, feeling useful for the first time in her life. The small woman seemed very grateful for her help, which warmed Yoruichi's heart.

'We didn't actually introduce ourselves,' Yoruichi noticed after a while. 'My name is Shihouin Yoruichi.'

'Right. I am Soi Fong, you can call me Soi.' They shook hands. 'I must have got a jerry can of fuel here somewhere, by the way. We can fill your bike up so you can drive to a petrol station.'

At that moment a rainstorm began, causing a massive roar on the garage's flat roof. 'Oh crap, my bike,' Yoruichi screamed over the noise. Soi grabbed her by the arm. 'Let's push it in the garage quickly.' Both women struggled to get the heavy bike up the driveway and into the garage. When they finally managed to get it inside they were both soaked. Yoruichi checked the machine. 'Great, the thing is dripping wet,' she groaned.

'Let's clean it up quickly.' Soi threw a piece of cloth to the other woman and began drying the bike with a cloth of her own. The pair was soon working diligently on the bike. Yoruichi was glad that she wasn't the only one who was anal about keeping her bike dry, Soi seemed to share the same opinion. Sure, a bike was just a tool, but a delicate tool at that, one that requires a lot of attention. 'This is a very nice bike, Yoruichi. Those three cylinder engines are very good, aren't they?'

'It drives perfectly. It's not as nice as your bikes though,' Yoruichi said with a bit of shame. 'It was the most I could afford.'

'Oh,' Soi muttered. She looked rather embarrassed. 'It's still a nice bike, though. You've taken well care of it.'

'Thanks. She's my pride and joy, actually. A battered, old piece of shit, but still my pride and joy.'

'As long as you're happy with it.' The pair worked in silence until the bike was completely dry again. Yoruichi gave Soi an appreciative look, than looked down to her soaked clothing. 'Let's get inside to get dry clothes,' Soi said. 'We might get sick if we stay in the cold much longer.'

'Errr… right. Let's hope this storm blows over quickly so I can go home.'

'I doubt it will. You can stay the night here… if you want of course,' she added nervously.

Yoruichi gave her a warm smile. 'Thanks Soi, that's very generous of you.'

Soi felt her face heat up. 'Let's go inside then,' she quickly said. Yoruichi chuckled at the shy behavior, but decided not to comment on it. It would only make her feel more uncomfortable and she didn't want to scare off the adorable girl she was now forced to spend the night with. Forced, she thought with a smirk. Like you really mind staying with her.

Soi had given Yoruichi a towel and some dry clothes, which she quickly changed into. They were a bit tight, seeing how Soi was much smaller than she was, but at least it was warm and dry. Evenings were still very cold this early in the year and the rain certainly wasn't helping. Her wet bike gear was hanging to dry in the shower. The pair was enjoying a nice meal that the Asian woman had cooked, which consisted of different kinds of tender meat, rice and crisp vegetables.

'This is really good, Soi,' Yoruichi complimented. 'You're a great cook.'

'Thanks,' Soi muttered with a red face. Damn blush, control yourself woman, she mentally ordered herself. 'Cooking is a bit of a hobby of mine. I used to cook a lot when I still lived with my father.' Those steel grey eyes turned sad again.

'Your mother didn't live with you?' the mechanic asked carefully.

Soi shifted uncomfortably in her chair. 'She did not. She… died giving birth to me. It was always me and my old man together.'

'I see, sorry to hear that.' She tried taking the conversation to a lighter subject. 'So what do you do for a living? Must be pretty well-paid seeing this house.' The house wasn't overly large, but rather luxurious. It was expensively furnished and provided everything a woman would need. Besides a massaging shower there was also a Jacuzzi and sauna and Yoruichi had seen a small fitness area. She figured that's where Soi got her athletic figure. The house had warm colors, with a nice wooden floor and creamy walls.

Soi reddened even more from the question and didn't dare looking the other in the eyes. 'I… am unemployed currently. All my wealth… I inherited it from my father.' She looked rather embarrassed and sad. Yoruichi felt pity for the girl, clearly she was struggling with it all. She wondered if she should press the matter or leave it.

'Do you want to talk about it?' she asked carefully. Soi's face contorted in pain for a second. 'You don't have to, if you don't want to,' she added quickly. 'Although it might make you feel better.'

Soi was struggling internally. She never talked about her father, not even to her best friend Orihime. She never found the right moment to do so and Orihime never asked. A few questions from this chocolate skinned woman though and she felt all her barriers crumbling. They had met only hours before, yet it felt like they had been friends forever. She was just so kind and easy to talk to. Even now Yoruichi was giving her all the time she needed, politely keeping her distance. I can trust her. The thought had formed automatically and Soi knew it was the truth.

'My father was a successful entrepreneur. He has started a number of companies all around Asia, mostly in raw materials, but also offshore and maritime businesses. Once they turned profitable he sold them to the highest bidder, always keeping shares in them. His first company he started at the age of sixteen, which he sold when he was 24. Made his first million when he was 32… he was extremely successful.

'He wasn't home very often though, which he thoroughly regretted. He always said he wanted to spend more time with me. I was raised by Lady Unohana; she was our housekeeper and nanny I guess. Five years ago my father started building this house. He was going to sell all his last companies and retreat here with me, living from the money he had made. We were going to live together, travel the world on our motorcycles, enjoy each other. It… was supposed to be perfect.'

Soi had to catch her breath and take a gulp of water. Yoruichi's encouraging smile made her continue. 'We moved in here when I turned eighteen, three years ago now. The next two months were the happiest in my life. That was when my father got sick.' Tears welled up in her eyes and she just couldn't continue. She heard Yoruichi leaving her chair and sitting in the one next to her. A warm arm wrapped around her shoulders and she felt an assuring squeeze.

'What kind of sickness did he get?' Yoruichi asked gently.

'C…cancer.' It was no more than a whisper. 'Only s…six weeks after we heard the news he…' Soi choked and started to cry. She felt strong arms lifting her out of her chair and she was pressed against Yoruichi's body. It felt warm and comfortable, secure. Arms wrapped protectively around her and her face was pressed against a strong shoulder. Her entire body was jerking as she cried.

'It's okay,' a gentle voice whispered in her ear. 'Let it all out.' Soi did just that and let all her emotions out. Never before had she let herself go like this, but with Yoruichi it felt… right, somehow. Her back was gently rubbed as tears streamed down her face. She didn't know how much time had passed when she finally calmed down, it didn't matter. Yoruichi gave her all the time she needed and she was extremely grateful for that. She continued to lean against that warm body and Yoruichi squeezed her gently.

'It's so unfair,' she finally muttered into the shoulder. 'We were supposed to live a happy life together.'

'Life can be unfair,' Yoruichi whispered. 'One moment you're as happy as you could ever be, being confident that nothing could ever happen to you. Then the next it is all brutally ripped apart, with a cold randomness that you can't comprehend.' The petite woman shifted in her arms to look at her, steel grey eyes almost looking pleadingly. 'It's okay to mourn for those lost, Soi. But you can't forget there is a whole world out there, people that want to get to know you. You can't just turn your back on that. Your father would never have wanted that.'

'You think I'm living here like a hermit.' It was a statement, not a question.

'Aren't you?' The question hurt, as it was spot on. She had been living here like a hermit, unable to face the world.

'I'm afraid, Yoruichi. Afraid that if I get close to someone, I lose them again.'

'I know exactly how you feel, Soi.' Soi was surprised to see a pained expression on that beautiful face. 'My parents died in a car crash when I was seventeen. I was petrified, those people had meant the world to me and suddenly it was all gone. I tried to get away from it, lock myself up. Luckily friends came and helped me get out of it. Got a nice job, a nice apartment and good friends. It still hurts that my parents aren't here anymore, but it doesn't take precedence in my life anymore. We deserve a bit of happiness.'

Soi felt those words hit home. Yoruichi was right; hiding from the rest of the world wasn't going to solve anything. She had to pick up the pieces again. Only she didn't know how. 'I need help,' she whispered.

The smaller woman was looking Yoruichi directly in the eyes, with a pleading expression. Yoruichi felt her heart melt from that gaze. Such a cute little thing, yet so broken. 'How could I ever say no to such eyes?' She gave the other woman a bright smile. 'Let's be friends.'

Soi gave a weak smile in return. 'Thanks, I'd like that,' she muttered. She suddenly realized she was sitting on Yoruichi's lap with their faces only inches apart. Her cheeks lit up like a buoy and she quickly stumbled up, causing an amused chuckle from the mechanic. Yoruichi decided not to tease the girl about it, still overwhelmed with emotion. She too hardly talked about her parent's death. The fact that she trusted Soi enough to do so after meeting her only hours ago told her enough. There was something special between them.

The rain continued to poor as the pair continued their dinner in silence, both lost in their own thoughts.

Yoruichi helped with the dishes after dinner. The tension had passed and they were now happily chatting about the rides they had made on their bikes. Soi only had her license for two years, but had already seen more of Japan than Yoruichi had in her seven years on the bike. Not that the mechanic had any money to spare for long vacations. The longest rides she made were the weekends away with the motorcycle club she was part of.

Soi did have the money and time to go on vacation on her bike. She had seen most of Japan on top of her trusted BMW and was telling her new friend animatedly about the beautiful roads she had been on. Yoruichi was rather envious of the petite woman, but sternly reprimanded herself for such thoughts. Driving her bike was one of the only things the poor thing had. That will soon change though; I'll let her into my world.

After the dishes were cleaned up they went to the living room. It was surprisingly cozy, with a black leather couch and fauteuil. There was a fireplace, with two photos on the mantelpiece. One showed a pretty woman and a handsome man, smiling brightly in the camera. Her parents. Soi had her mother's eyes, but her father's face. The other showed a younger Soi with her father. Soi was around sixteen in the picture and looking extremely cute. The pair seemed extremely happy together.

'He was the kindest man on earth,' Soi said quietly. 'He truly regretted not being there for me more often.'

'I wish I could have met him.' With a sigh Yoruichi placed the photo back on the mantel, then gave Soi a lopsided grin. 'Although he wasn't the kindest man on earth. That title belongs to my father,' she lightly teased. Soi had to chuckle and Yoruichi was glad to see a bit of light returning to those steel eyes. 'I have to make you smile more often.'

'Oh? And why is that?' A shy smile formed around Soi's lips.

'Because it makes you very pretty.' The chocolate skinned woman stood a little closer to Soi and cupped her chin to look her in the eyes. A deep blush crept around Soi's cheeks. 'And that blush is just adorable.'

Soi thought her face would melt under the gaze of those bright golden eyes. No one had every complimented her about the way she looked. Ashamed she pulled away and turned around, unable to face the other woman. Her stomach was feeling unlike anything she had ever felt before. Like someone had let loose a hundred hamsters inside it. 'You're just saying that to make me feel better.'

'I'm just stating the facts.' Yoruichi sat down on the couch and made herself comfortable, her eyes never leaving Soi's face. 'But if you're too shy to admit that you're pretty, that's fine by me too. Modesty isn't a trait most of my friends possess and I find it rather… refreshing.'

Soi new positively felt like she was on fire, but she had no idea what to do. She had never been the subject of flirting and certainly not by a woman. She didn't know if she wanted to scream in joy or in terror. 'I… I'll get the fire going.' The temperature outside had dropped considerably, so a nice fire would make things more comfortable. With trembling hands she started putting blocks in the fireplace.

Yoruichi felt a bit sorry for teasing the poor little thing. Clearly she wasn't used to a bit of flirting. It awakened the predator within her, hunting the raven-haired woman and making the shy creature hers. But she didn't want to scare Soi off, she looked about to break already. And she wasn't even sure if Soi swung that way, although the lack of protest suggested that she did. I've only met her for a few hours and I'm already trying to get in her pants. Very smooth, Yoruichi. Shows just how desperate you are. Sure, the clock was ticking, seeing how she was already 25 years old. All her friends and colleagues were pushing her to find a nice girlfriend to settle down with. Beautiful, little Soi was definitely a possible candidate.

After a few minutes a nice fire was roaring in the fireplace, basking the room in its warmth and warm light. It made the room very cozy, certainly with the pouring rainstorm outside. When Soi turned around her face was still slightly red, but she didn't look as flustered anymore. 'Would you like some coffee?'

'Yeah, that would be nice.' Soi went to the kitchen and after a few minutes she returned with two steaming mugs. She sat down besides Yoruichi on the couch, but left a foot wide gap, feeling still a bit uncomfortable. Yoruichi smiled but didn't say anything. They enjoyed their coffee in silence, staring into the fire.

Soi had just put down her mug on the table when a bright flash illuminated the room, immediately followed by a massive thunderclap. She nearly jumped in Yoruichi's lap in shock. All the lights went out, making the fire the only source of light. Soi had her face buried in the mechanic's shoulder again and was trembling. 'Hey, calm down little one.' Yoruichi's deep, calm voice did indeed soothe her a bit. 'It's just the thunder.'

The smaller girl pulled back and gave the older woman an apologizing grin. 'I hate thunder,' she said with a small voice.

'That's okay. Lots of people do.' Soi felt thoroughly embarrassed by her childish fear, but Yoruichi managed to take that away with just a few words. How can someone have such a huge effect on me?

Yoruichi gave Soi a squeeze in the shoulder, then moved over to the window. It was pitch black outside, she couldn't make out anything. 'The lightning probably knocked out a power line. Guess it'll take them a while to fix it, here in the middle of nowhere.'

Soi gave her a frightened look from her spot on the couch. 'We'll be in the dark for the entire n…' Another loud crack cut her off, quickly followed by another. The thunderstorm was now directly overhead. With a cry Soi threw her arms around her own head, trying to shield herself from the thunder. It was really silly, this fear she felt, but she couldn't help it. Once again she was six years old, alone in the forest, dark clouds gathering overhead. All alone, while the demons of the sky rained thunder upon her.

A warm hand on her back snapped her out of her stream of thoughts. Strong arms lifted her up and suddenly she found herself in Yoruichi's lap again, shielded by her presence. A hand on the back of her head guided it to a steady shoulder. 'Shush now, Soi. Nothing is going to happen to you.'

Yoruichi stroked the back of the small woman, feeling the shivers and whimpers going through her spine. She wondered just why Soi was so afraid of the thunder. The massive blasts had always fascinated her; it was an awe-inspiring force of nature. Right now she wanted to be there for Soi though and she continued muttering soothing words in her ear, trying to calm her down as the storm continued to rage on.

After about fifteen minutes the worst of the storm had blown over. The thunderclaps became muffled and distanced. Soi finally dared to look up to Yoruichi and managed a weak smile. 'Great first impression I'm making, huh?'

'I'm the protective kind, in case you hadn't noticed yet.' Yoruichi pressed a soft kiss on Soi's forehead. 'I'd say we'd make a perfect couple.'

Soi's smile grew from those words, lying contently in the bigger woman's lap. 'I sure hope you are not trying to take advantage of my fear, Miss Shihouin.'

'I certainly don't hear you complaining, Miss Fong.'

Soi had to chuckle from that and Yoruichi laughed with her. 'You're moving a bit fast, though.' The small girl snuggled closer to the brown body. 'I hardly know you and I'd hate to make commitments I cannot hold.'

'Sorry, I didn't mean to push you into this,' Yoruichi answered. Soi hummed softly in response. 'But… you aren't immediately repulsed by the idea of us being a couple?' Yoruichi asked carefully. 'Like in the future?'

Soi thought about it. Yoruichi was kind. She had punctured right through her wall of self-pity concerning her father's death, but not in an ungentle way. With a warm smile she had managed to comfort her and push her in the right direction. And then, when Soi had been overwhelmed by this childish fear for the thunder, Yoruichi had moved in to calm her again. She hadn't made fun of her; instead she had given her exactly what she had needed: protective arms and calming words. And then there was the fact that Yoruichi was frankly the most beautiful woman she had ever seen. Soi was quite honored that someone like her wanted to be her friend, let alone be her girlfriend.

'Oh, not at all Yoruichi. I actually rather like that idea. In the near future.' Yoruichi felt her heart skip a beat from joy, a hot feeling nestling in her stomach. She pulled the warm, small body closer to her own and shut her eyes contently. The warmth of the fire and sound of the rain made her doze off in a blissful sleep.

A/N: Bit of drama here, to kick start their relationship. I know their relationship is moving quite fast, thanks to my impatience. Those two just belong together in my mind and I'm bringing them there a.s.a.p., hope you don't mind. Brighter chapter coming up next, let's just hope the weather clears up so they can have a nice ride on their bikes together.