I used to think what my lot in life was.

That was before I found that

In Truth, None of it Was Fiction.

I came into this world

Through a twisted act of fate.

A dropped wallet,

No fault of my own.

I lost everything that day.

Or so I thought.

My mother sacrificed herself

For me.

I will never see my best friend


But all is not lost.

Not anymore.

This world has not

Been kind to me.

It has chewed me up

And spat me out

Multiple times.

It has broken me, yet

I have risen above it,

Like a phoenix from

The ashes.

I have a purpose now.

And the means to pursue it.

I am not weak.

I am not helpless.

I will get past this,

And save this

Screwed-up country

Once more.

We are living in

A blind reality.

We cannot see the future,

Or where we are going.

This is

The Unseen World.

But I will make it through,

And I will make sense of

What we cannot see.

I shall make clearer


Shades of Grey

That cloud our vision

Until we can see for ourselves

Once again

What is Fact

And what is Fiction.