Hey, guys.

Sorry. This isn't a chapter. I feel really, really guilty about it, but I just can't continue this story the way it's going.


In fact, this is an update to let you know that this story has not died. To let you know I am still alive. As I type this, I have notes and drafts for the first chapters of the In Truth, None of it Was Fiction rewrite up behind my internet browser.

It won't be published until sometime next year, I'm afraid. I want to get a solid chunk of it done before I publish any of it. You're going to have to wait for the continuation of Karmyn's story. Also, it's going to be greatly changed. It's a complete rewrite. All of the main plot points will be the same, and Karmyn will be the same, only more well-developed. Everything is going to be more well-developed.

I started In Truth, None of it Was Fiction at the end of middle school. Eighth grade. I am now halfway through high school, going into eleventh grade. My writing has matured, and when I look back at Truth and Fiction, I cringe at the writing style. This is something I need to do. You've known this, I've warned of a rewrite before, and now it's happening.

So you'll have to be patient. I'm sorry. But it is happening, and when it's back it will be better than ever. I find old reviews, and those just fuel my desire to get this thing written, because I love all of you. I love all of you, and Karmyn, and this whole premise. It will be awhile until we get back to where I've gotten with Unseen World, but it will happen. I promise.


I would really appreciate anything from any of you. Fanart, little ficlets, things you'd like to see in the rewrite, things that you don't want me to change, SONGS THAT YOU THINK WOULD MAKE A GREAT SOUNDTRACK (seriously I need writing music), ANYTHING. Believe me, it will help me write that much faster.

Seriously. This will be great, and I thank you all for all the support you've shown me. Anyone who's read, favorited, followed, and especially reviewed. You haven't let me forget about this, and so I'll keep writing.

Love from, KarmaHope ^.^