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Piper McLean didn't deserve what she was given.
Stupid, stupid Hera.

All the memories of Jason.


From the time she met him, his eyes were shining bright blue and his hair was golden.

He looked like a god.

Later, she made friends with him and Leo.

Best friends for life.

It was an unspoken promise between the three.

Then finally, finally, that fateful night came where she got the idiot to kiss her.

That's when her world shattered.

She had held Jason's hand on the bus.

He had fallen asleep.

Okay, by Piper's standards.
Because now she could stare all she wanted.

And no one was going to tell her otherwise.

Until he woke up.

And he couldn't remember Piper. Or Leo. Or coach.

But mostly Piper.
She was just the creepy girl who was holding his hand when he woke up.

Then DYLAN came along.

He grabbed Piper's hand.

And made her do the paperwork.

Secretly, she was kinda glad.

Maybe now Jason would get jealous.

Or maybe it was because deep down inside of her, and though she would never admit it,

maybe it was because someone finally loved her the way she wanted.

No; needed.

Yeah, well, Dylan turned out to be a Storm Spirit.

Venti, whatever you want to call it.

Anyway, he tried to kill her.

Maybe she wasn't loved the way she needed to be.

Until Jason saved her.

Maybe he did feel something after all.
Suddenly, the chariot came crashing out of the sky.

A blond and a burly dude filled the space inside.

Great. Another pretty blond.

The girl who was named Annabeth talked about some shit, but she wasn't listening.
To busy wrapped up in thoughts.
About Jason.

And how he didn't love her anymore.

All Piper knew was that Annabeth probably wanted to kill the three of them.
Bitch, please.

She would not get a chance to touch Jason or Leo.

Annabeth finally got the three of them on the chariot.

(With the help of her dagger.)

And they set off.
Obviously, the chariot was too full.

Maybe if we throw Jason off, we'll survive.

He can float, right?

So down they crashed in to camp.
That's when Leo decided to get claimed!

The heavens opened and the angels are singing Hallelujah.

Later, as Piper argued with the camp slut Drew,

(seriously, there she be an award or something.)

about Jason and the quest,

she turned fucking beautiful.

Only one thing ran through her mind.

Okay, two or three.
One, she was pretty.

Two, Jason was here. Looking at her being pretty.

Three, she was now sisters with the slut.


They survive the quest, surprisingly.

Piper and Jason did have some romantic moments.


Now, Piper needed to face Drew.

And she needed to claim her property.

Sure, that sounds possessive,

but if you had fake fucking memories of your fake fucking boyfriend,

and you finally got him back,

you would be too.

Piper obviously made her point.

And hey, becoming Head Counselor of your cabin was always an extra bonus.

Everything was going to be fine, Piper told herself.

And that's when she found out about Reyna.

Gods, Piper McLean fucking hated the Mist.