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(flash back)

The screams of the people filled the air, the air smelt of blood and death. The smoke of the fire burned the lungs of a raven haired little girl .The pine needle poked her skin as the dark beast growled in her face she screamed and cried at the beast but no one came her village was being destroyed by werewolf, vampires and fairies. Her parnets were kilt in the fire and her friends were beening murdered in her front of her own eyes smoke her lungs clogged by smoke and blazing black beast growled in her face "You smell delightful little one " the wolf growled and came for the kill waiting for the end she closed her eyes tight for the end. But nothing happened she turned to see bright orange hair with a smile in her face causing her to scream and try to get away the little boy just kept following her and she tried "Don't run"he said and she stopped. "I'm Ichigo Kousaki" he said. She turned away to see a brown wolf fighting the another wolf that was ready to eat her she hugged him tightly and cried, "It's going to be alright...what's your name?" he spoke "R-Rukia " she said he nodded and kept her close well his father's kingdom and Kuckiki kingdom ripped the enemies apart.

(end of flash back)

Orhime and Uryu walked the dark wood together listening for the enemies with the high dark trees and the owls song in the air "Why do we always get put in this side of the property Ichigo knows there's nothing here" Orhime complains to Uryu " He always wants the action, one day he'll regrette it putting us all the way over here" Uryu said. The foggy floor was filled with branches the trees were tall and creepy the woods were quiet a little too quiet for their liking , but they kept walking down the path filled with bushes when a claw came a swipped Orhime to the floor the fairy zoomed to it pray well his friend went to the male the ugly winkled, moisted face stared at her bleeding wond with it's pointed teeth sharped as knife everyone of them, finger nails as long as the old rooted tree's bodies slim and creepy like old prunes and breath that stunk of dead souls. The lime green coloured eyes stared at her gray pair she was awaiting the blow. When a black mist threw the monster away to a large tree and it screamed in pain the wind sang as the person ran which ment they were extremely fast, Orhime looked at the tree to see the back of a leather jacket, black skinny jeans and high heeled boot with long raven hair the hiss of fangs being drawn filled the horror. She sunk her long fang into the neck of her kill and drank the blood of the fairy till it fall dead, she ripped it apart and ran to the other speed so the wind sang with the movement she made. She threw the other fairy to the tree and the body burst from the impact with a hiss of anger she vanished with no word. Zooming threw the woods hearing the hissing vampires and growling werewolfes. To see the orange haired boy that saved her once but now is a gorgouse man, he was on the ground fighting off a werewolf that was hungry which made anger grew inside her which caused her to transform.

He fought the jaws of the large werewolf that was hungry for his flesh he could feel the hot breath on his skin the bloody thing snuck up behind him will looking at the area, he stared into the red eyed wolf when a white elegant wolf tackled it right in the rib cage knocking it free of Ichigo's space he stood and saw the white beauty of fur on it's two back legs with the black wolf fighting with snarls and snaps. When out of the blue the white wolf locked onto the neck and ripped the wolf's head clean off the head, the lone head flew to Ichigo's feet and the body dropped the white wolf walked close to him. And he starred into the eye of his savour "Violet eyes " he spoke then he noticed the symbol on the fur a smirk appeared on his lips "A Kuckiki what are the odd's ..." he trailed off at the memory of the girl he grew to love, but was adopted by the Kuckik's royal's "Tell Rukia I miss her would you" he spoke "Will do Ichigo " the wolf growled . They stared into each others eyes for a long momment till a howl was heard from a far she howled back then disappeared into the woods. "Mi Lord Orhime got injured" Sado said and they flashed stepped to the castle. The several windows and the bricks on the strong and brave house that stood in the walked into the house to see the large group of people in the living room, he rushed to the healiers room were Orhime was lying with Uryu holding her hand as the wond was cleaned. Uryu looked up and nodded "Koursaki" he spoke seeing the daze of anger in his eyes "What happened" Ichigo asked Uryu sighed " A fairy clawed her in the face she'll be fine, it could have been worse if it weren't for..." Uryu trailed off.

"Weren't for what Uryu?" Ichigo asked

"This woman in skinny jeans, with a leather jacket and long rave locks appeared and kilt the fairies-"

"Fairies there where more did you see her face?"

"No Koursaki she was fast so fast the wind sounded as she moved she feasted on the first one then kilt the other with impact and left"

With that Ichigo left the room he went down stairs to his clan "Man we have been defeated! I must take things into my own hands, three of our man where attacked today one injured, one almost and then myself... Sado, Mizrou,Tatsuki, brother get ready we're heading to the Kuckiki kingdom" Ichigo said leaving the room 'Why are we all being saved we're supposed to be the strongest clan but why !Dammit! Why!' he though.

Rukia entered the kingdom getting the same word she got everytime she walked around "Mutt" they spoke with discussed faces she found it funny how they said this when she is the best warrior in the army. Renji walked up beside her "Rukia your brother wishes to see you" he said "No shit " she said as her heels clicked the floor "What's wrong?" he asked stopping her she looked him in the eyes "Renji I saw him tonight, he said he missed me right in my face I get it brother wants me hidden cause I'm the best and wants me to mate with a full breed ass wipe, but I -" "RUKIA!" her brother called from his room she let out a anger growl "I'M COMING! DON'T GET YOUR BOXER'S IN A BUNCH!" she yelled then stormed off to the office were her brother was in his leather chair looking out the balcony's doors at the view of the kingdom she looked at the bookselves and pictures of his wife and parnets on the desk filled with paper's she sat down on the guest seats waiting.

"Where did you go ?" he asked


"But where Rukia ?"

"In the forest"


"The Koursaki ground's they needed help "

"You did what!" he yelled standing

"I went to Ichigo's Kingdom and killed some Faires and a werewolf"

"You know you are forbidden to go over there without orders"

Rukia sighed"First you forbid me to see Ichigo, then you forbid me to leave the house, then forbid me to find my own mate, and now this crap why don't you chain me to a fuckin wall well your at it or would you forbid it from me too brother?"

"Why are you so much trouble?"

"Because I'm 21 and I can't do shit I have to sit around here waiting, I can't mate with the male I wish and I can't leave the house so you know what fuck you! I'm out of here " she said raising from her seat and heading to the door she was pissed off to the extreme."Rukia wait listen would you" Bayakua said she turned and looked at him "What ?" she said "I know you hate the rules but it's for the clan and the kingdom okay s-" "It's always the clan and the kingdom! Your locked away because the clan doesn't need you getting injured! You don't mate with any male that isn't assigned so the clan can have another great warrior like you! You can't leave the house cause the kingdom isn't in danger...Well guess what brother I'm a Kuckiki like you are and half the household and I'm being treated like a damn servant give me some space let me run my own life for once " she said then left.

Rukia headed to her training chamber's where there were fighting dummies and ropes, life was in this room all her years all those rules where put on when brother was put to royal till he though she was ready to rule the whole kingdom that was left for herin the Kuckiki will. But she was 13 at the time she was learning her feelings, school, body, boys she even found one she grew to love even now, but then brother walked into the place and made everything go down hill for her she still remembers the years, she cried for her love "Ichigo" she whisphered the name as she walked.

Renji walked in to see his best friend sad, he felt bad for her she never getting her freedom, "Rukia tell me what you would do if you could leave with out them knowing ?" he asked she turned with a raised eyebrow "I'd run and be free then come back to this hell hole " she said "I can help you Rukia set you free for a hour" he said she flashed to him and gave him a hug that was bone crushing "Thank you...thank you..thank you Renji" she squealed the cracking of bones filled the room"O-Okay Rukia ...your ...crushing me now" he gasped "O-Oh my bad " she said released him, he walked to a secret door and let her slip out. Once out of the house she ran to the forest not to look back at the dungon she lived in "RUKIA!" she heard her brother yelled which she ignored and kept running.

She ran to the forest and jumped to the tree tops, she skipped from branch to branch till she came to the Koursaki kingdom line were she sat starring at the house he lived in and sighed "I want to be in there " she whisphered. She noticed a group in the far distance on horses galloping towards her kingdom she smiled at the sight 'Brother will be pissed' she thought then see saw the orange hair "Ichigo" she spoke the horses got closer to her then she seen him looking at her with his amber eyes and handsome face she could feel, between her legs get wet "Shit" she said then disappeared towards the Kuckiki kingdom.