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Howling Moon: The rise of dawn

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this chapter is short do to reason and a period of time...

2 years after the war...

All was peaceful around the land. In the lone distance of a grassy field there was a small regular house, with a garden and white fence. The windows wide and bright as the light from the sun shined thought, onto the tanned skin of the sleeping man. A groan lingered his lips as he felt the light on his eyelids, turning he wrapped his arms around the sleeping beauty next to him. Her warm skin tingled with joy as he snuggled into her. " I'm am guessing you don't want to get up" she whispered as she flipped over and kissed his lips.

" It's our Honey Moon, Karin. We have rights" Toshiro groaned as he snuggled into the body. When Karin went to leave she was pulled close to his chest again. With a glare she looked over at her husband " You are not leaving this bed" he growled and kissed her neck.

Karin pushed him away slightly and sighed " I thought we did enough of that last night, after the wedding" she spoke. Yesterday she became Karin Koursaki Histagayu. The wedding was huge and warm, with Rukia as her maid of honor since she couldn't fit into the bridemaids dresses. Karin chuckled to herself at the memory of the petite women and her cries for help when she tried to put on the brides maids dress. Not so helpful for her brother.

Toshiro inhaled deeply and took her hand in his " Wife" he whispered. Karin looked down at him, puzzled as he entwined his fingers with hers and smiled. " Wife" he repeated. He was still getting used to the word ' wife'. He honestly didn't think he and Karin, would have had the chance to marry. Since he nearly lost her twice. First from Momo and then the war.

" Yuki might be up" Karin spoke as she played with Toshiro's hair slightly. When a groan left his lips she rolled her eyes and looked at the door to see, the shadow of tiny feet at the door. " Please tell me you're dressed" she looked down at him slightly as he grinned and looked over at her. " Are you dressed?" he asked, so far he didn't feel clothing on her body.

Karin sighed " No then. After you discarded my dress, I was too tired to dress" she spoke and kept her eyes on the door.

" Mommy! Daddy!" Yuki screamed as she ran into the room. Her some-what long raven lock blowing as she ran, her bright smile and aqua eye lite at the sight of her two parents in bed. She leaped onto the bed and jumped up and down " Get up! Get up!" she chanted as the two grunted and held each other close. " Yuki, we're sleeping" Toshiro groaned.

Yuki pouted and leaped off the bed with her pink night gown on. She frown as her raven hair covered her face then a smile covered her lips " Okay! I'll make pancakes for breakfast!" she cheered and ran out of the room.

Karin shot up and looked at the door Yuki ran out of " N-No! Not again!" Karin yelled as she wrestled with one of Toshiro's shirts. She quickly ran after Yuki and her small promise. She remembered the endless scrubbing of the kitchen when Yuki first made pancake's, when she was one. Karin was still angry with Keni and Jinta from the accident.

Yuki squealed brightly as her mother picked her up and tossed her into the air. " No pancakes" Karin groaned as the tiny girl landed in her arms. Yuki smiled at her mother as she nodded " Okay mommy" Yuki spoke. When two arms wrapped around the two and a chest crushed them, both girls squealed at Toshiro " Daddy" Yuki giggled.

Toshiro rolled his eyes at his daughter " When is your Uncle Tomo, coming to get you?" he asked. Tomo was supposed to take Yuki for their honey moon. The man was more loyal then he thought. " Don't get your boxer's in a bunch. I'm here" Tomo spoke from the table.

" ICHIGO!" echoed throw the house as Rukia placed breakfast on the table for the two children. Ichirai laughed as his mother struggled to get up the stair case to were his sleeping father was. " Papa's in trouble?" Usagi questioned as she looked at her chubby cheeked brother. Amazingly he looked more like Ichigo when he was little. The orange messy hair and the innocent face, big amber eyes that melted heart. " When isn't Papa in trouble?" Ichirai asked as he shoved his grilled cheese into his cheeks.

" True" Usagi shrugged as she joined him in the act.

Rukia moaned as she reached the top on the stair case. Her stomach was to much for her. She wanted the baby out and crying; she was 8 months and hating it at the moment. After the war, Ichigo went on a constant spree of love making. She was waiting for the day she missed her period and had morning sickness again. Thankfully, she didn't have it for that one year. " Ichigo" she spoke as she walked down the hallway. Passed her parents room and the children's room. The only reason why her parent's lived there at the time, was because of the wedding and the fact she was pregnant.

She pushed the door open to see the orange in the dark. With a sigh she walked in and flopped onto the bed next to him "Oh, Ichi" she whispered in his ear. When he groaned she chuckled and rubbed her somewhat large stomach, for some reason she hard the hardest time going up the stairs.

" Good morning Rukia and my little child" Ichigo quickly pulled her into an embrace and kissed her softly as he touched her stomach " How are you feeling?" he asked as he kissed her stomach. " Fine" she giggled as he smiled up at him. The war seemed to bring so much joy to the family, first the kingdom's were fixed and the house was changed. Then Rukia finished therapy for the trauma she had with the war and Aizen. Everything was perfect.

P.O.V. ( secret for Howling Moon: Rise of Dawn)

I looked out at the house, were the two lived. Rukia Koursaki and her lover Ichigo Koursaki. Both were sickening to me. I never had so much hatred for two people in all my life. Looking to my side, I saw my bother " Zen, when can we-" he glowed at me loudly as he glared. His brown eyes frightened me slightly, his pale skin and black hair that was like the night. He looked just like our father.

"Ren, not yet" he growled and slapped the back of my head. " Dad would want us to wait... get stronger and then plan things just right" he hissed as he walked from the bushes to the warriors on the lawn. " Besides, like he said : Keep your friends close and your enemies closer" the smile on his face was reassuring as we joined the group.

I, Ren and my brother Zen have nothing more then revenge planned. Planned for the death of our father Aizen.

there a quick clip to the 2 year skip and then the cliff for the Rise of Dawn! I hate to say this but...