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Ciaran: ...(Awkward silence)


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Something bright shined on my eyelids, creating an orange tone for me to look at through my closed eyes.

Morning... Squinting, I slowly got up, only to be ruefully greeted by raw soreness.

"" I groaned and rubbed the back of my neck.

It wasn't fair play- last night. But I couldn't just sit back and watch- what he did was uncivilized beyond my likings. Although I guess I'm not the most civilized person out there...which makes the situation worse! If I'd known people were this much of scumbag, then I'd ditch this world easily for hell. It's pretty much the same thing, after all. Though not all people are completely scum, I have to say that. Just most of them. Ha- gotta give them credit for something, including myself.

I groaned and slugged out of bed, "I'll take an ice bath later." I noted to myself, trudging into my sad excuse of a kitchen.

The walls were a soft, chipped off purple- surrounded by light wooden cabinets, and a circular marble table that had 4 coal black stools that swirled around a metal pole around it. Next door, was the living room- or uh, sleeping room? Whatever. Translucent drapes clung down from 2 windows about 10 feet apart, hovering above the matching dull purple carpet that spread out like ocean waves through out the apartment, stopping sharply as a border line to the kitchen.

Not too shabby, eh? Yeah, I almost convinced myself too. But since I do, in fact, live in an apartment, it's comforting to know that I can still afford an average room. Thanks to my dear friend- whose fortunately the soon to be owner of the apartment... Sabrina~! We go way back since our toddler least my toddler years. So I'm lucky to even have a block of the apartment, since its always jammed with families.

Jerking the refrigerator open, I was greeted by cold empty shelves and a 1/4 full gallon of milk. I frowned at the sad sight, picking at some weird fruit that I didn't even know I had.

"Guess it's time to go to the Market..." I grunted, closing the fridge door.

(Later on)

"What in the world did you do this time?" the familiar voice stabbed the back of my head, and I froze at the doorway.


Slowly, I creaked around to face the one and only...

"Sabrina, I was just-"

"Don't even start, Ciaran." she said. Her bronze eyebrows were pulled together, elegant waves poured over her shoulders, giving only the slightest glimpse of her baby pink tank top that ruffled from top to bottom.

I pursed my lips, preparing for a life long lecture.

"We've already talked about this. You cant just waltz in here every night, bruised and bloody!" she scolded and started doing a full body exam, her unapproving frown never wavering.

I bit down on my lip to mask the smile that threatened to earn me a glare.

"At least clean up before you go out." Sabrina sighed, her tone returning to its everyday sing.

I raised my eyebrows when she went back to the managing desk.

That's it? I thought in amazement. Usually she would give me a speech on how you should never start fights with strangers blah, blah, blah, and usually I would put on my best 'I'm sorry' face- which she saw through.

Sabrina rummaged through some drawers behind the counter, never looking away from what she was doing.

In the background, right behind her, was a stack of colorful magazines.


So that's why she's in a merciful mood...the week's hottest fashion was here.

I winced when a wet cloth pressed against my cheek, the stench of alcohol reaching my nose immediately, giving me a slight headache. Sabrina was silent, her brown eyes fixed onto the side of my face as she cleaned up the wounds.

Ah, Sabrina~ She's like my big sister. 50x more responsible, mature, and smart- though our age differs by 5 years. Only advantage I had was my height, which was on par with a grown man.

"What's this?" Sabrina asked, opening my shoulder bag to reveal the 2 things (that I carry almost all the time) she hates most. Guns and Cigarettes. Well, scratch that. Not guns. Just a simple handgun. No biggie.

"I thought you said you got rid of your gun?" she asked, obviously not too pleased.

I scratched my jawline. Busted.

"Well, I knew you'd get upset..." I explained sheepishly, "...And plus I need it. You would carry one around too if you acknowledged the part of downtown we're in."

Sabrina frowned down at my bag in disapproval, "You don't need this." she said, snatching my cigarette pack out of it's shelter.

"SABRINAAAA!" I whined like a kid, flailing my arms by my side, "I'll quit soon, I promise." I lied, reaching out for the pack.

She raised it an arms length above her head, which I could easily reach, but dared not to from past experiences.

"No. You're quitting today starting now. Chew some gum instead." She said, tossing me a pack of gum before shooing me out the door.

The only thing that came out of my mouth was something along the lines of 'I love you' and 'please give them back' before the door was closed behind me.

(At the Market)

"Whaat! Whad'ya mean you're all out of Kimbap?" I blurted loudly at the graying woman.

Her hands were raised as she tried to calm down my craving frenzy for Korean food.

"I'm really sorry, but we ran out earlier on today." she said, sweat dropping.

No...NO. Apparently, she doesn't understand my love for food that burns dangerously with a passion hotter than the sun.

I was about to flip my shit on this lady, until someone nobely decided to swoop down and save her.

"You-" a voice said, distracting me with a tap on my shoulder, "Remember me?"

I turned around to meet 3 rowdy looking men that were infamous in my book from last weeks 'incident.'

"No..." I lied, putting on a confused look.

The guy in the middle raised a bruised eyebrow, "No?" he gestured towards his right, "What about him?" he asked.

Yep. 3 days ago, early in the morning, harassing 2 (teenager girls) kids, and worst of all, waking me up. So he didn't get shit from me when I went down and shut his ass up.

I had to bite my tongue to keep from laughing-

The guy had a busted lip, and a swollen cheek that forced one of his eyes closed. I couldn't risk to say no- otherwise I'd burst out laughing. So instead, I shrugged sarcastically, which seemed to make the 3 blokes snap.

Dodging the first punch, I started into a quick sprint around the market crowd.

"Idiots! get her!" I heard the 'leader' of the group shout at the 2 guys.

Great. I was hoping not to get chased down by the 3 stooges today...

Maybe I can lose them in the woods. I thought, glancing back.

Three little heads bobbed a decent distance away, yelling at customers and businessmen to get out of their way. Good thing I have long legs to maintain the distance.

But alas- my breathe was already shortening, no thanks to the summer heat.

(Shortly After)

Once I couldn't run any longer, I stopped at a shrub, on the verge of having a heart attack and hyperventilating.

"" I panted, and held my stomach, trying to catch my breathe, "Wait...when did...I get in the woods?" I asked to no one in particular, maybe the shrub? Like it was going to answer me...Be creepy if it did though, huh?

5 seconds in after regaining my blood pressure, I noticed about the woods. Besides the oddly dead and withered away trees and such- but that's a different story.

50 feet away, a crevasse covered the Earth's surface widely.

"What the hell..." I mumbled, narrowing my eyes.

Nope, it wasn't my imagination. That deep, dark, abyss, was seriously begging me to go over and explore it.

Shuffling along, I made quick progress of almost tripping, prancing, and falling. How that second one got there, I have no idea. So don't ask.

"Ugh...gross." I wrinkled my nose and picked off dry saw dust of dirt from my tongue. I officially hate summer. I thought, getting off the desert like ground, which amazingly had small nubs of grass sticking out like hair.

"Hm." I grunted, and started kicking small rocks into the enormous hole.

Experimentally, I leaned in to confirm the deepness, and waited...and waited...and waited...AND WAITED. There was nothing! Absolutely no sound OR random breeze, what so ever! Which was kind of disappointing, because I was hoping the rocks would come flying back out like one of the Hunger Games books. Otherwise if they did, I would gladly jump in- canon ball style.

Poor rocks...that was like...rock suicide.

The corner of my lip twitched. It's just a plain old (over-sized) hole...bleh. How boring.

I continued to evilly kick rocks and leaves to their deaths, which, if I may add- made me feel like the grim reaper for some reason...(ANYWAYS) I whistled loudly to hear if anything echoed back from the chasm. Annnnndddd I still got nothing. GOSH. I just want one thing to happen! ONE. Is that too much to ask of? Freakin' shit ho-

Something knocked the air out of my lungs, and I was flung to the ground like a rag doll.

"The fu-"

"Did you really think you could run away this time?" the guy spat, his fellow stooges gathering beside him.

Damn, I was hoping they would've forgotten about I forgot about them in the last 2 minutes. BUT, since I'm already screwed, what do I have to lose?

"Nah, I was waiting for you half-assed princesses to catch up." I tittered, earning several impressive kicks to the side, back, and yes, even face.

Well, they must be pretty ticked off?

"You have some balls to say that when you're about to die." a different guy hissed, the one with the busted lip.

Balls? Shit, they're just asking for me to be rude.

"More than all three of you combined, I bet." I painfully laughed at my own lame joke.

They must've been pretty pissed off that I offended their manlihood, because the last thing I remember was being kicked in the head, and pushed/rolled down the monster hole. Then everything went black.

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