Once Jeff and Nick found each other, they never parted. Jeff had finally found someone who accepted him and loved him, and Nick had finally found his missing other half. Every little moment spent together was a moment they cherished.

Once high school was over, they were forced to go their separate ways to continue their education in college. That wasn't to say that they didn't keep in touch, in fact they wrote to one another everyday. Jeff still used his old pen and Nick still used the awful gritty printing paper. It was just like their first year of meeting, except this time, they knew exactly where to find each other. Jeff would call his boyfriend if his depression ever tipped over. They'd stay on the phone for hours as Nick repeatedly told Jeff how perfect he was, just being himself. How he shouldn't change because of a few kids at college. They were nobodies, just like the nuns. Jeff just had to keep his head up and remember that Nick loved him just the way he was.

Nick saved Jeff's life eleven times during his four years at college.

Once college was finally over, they spent as much time as they could with each other. No separation. No letters. Just waking up with a hug and kiss every morning and only having a few inches between them, instead of hundreds of miles. This was how they lived their lives for another six months while they both kept mediocre low paying jobs just to keep the apartment afloat. Jeff worked at a coffee shop, the Lima Bean, everyday as well as the local Italian restaurant, BreadStix, Tuesdays through Fridays. Nick, on the other hand, went around to different coffee houses and bars to perform. His popularity slowly began to rise and Jeff was able to quit his job at BreadStix. Before long they were thinking about moving out of their apartment and into a house, but there was one more piece to the puzzle.

Jeff received a sealed envelope in the mail no more than a week later. He sat at the counter with Nick during breakfast and broke the wax seal. What fell out changed his life for the better. It was not only a folded piece of paper, but a silver ring fell out with it.

Jeff and Nick were married three months later, their vows written down on Nick's gritty printing paper in Jeff's blue pen from Dalton.

Soon after they were wed, they bought the house of their dreams: A yellow cottage next to a meadow where there were no neighbors for miles. And soon, the two had the perfect family with the three beautiful boys which they adopted from Dalton Academy.

Jeff later became a kindergarten teacher in the Lima school district, and his depression got better everyday. Spending six hours a day covered in finger paint with five year olds, then getting to go home to his husband who always cooked dinner for him and watched the Titanic with him when it stormed, made everything seem so much brighter. Everyday was one he looked forward to.

Nick continued his career as a performing artist, climbing the charts as pop's newest heartthrob. During the duration of his career he put out a total of sixteen number one albums. Nick loved all of his successful songs, but his favorite was his first hit single, Pretending, written for his other half, his pen pal, his lover, his husband, Jeff Sterling.