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It started out as a normal day, well after waking up to the dog barking. I rolled over to go back to sleep but was awaken by the voice of my twin.

"Anna, time to get up." Called my twin I swear I could hear her laughing at me.

"What time is it?" I asked opening one eye.

"Nine, and how long did you stay awake last night?"

"Till 11." I answered getting up.

"Watching One Piece again, probably the ones with Marco?" she smiled as she asked.

I grabbed the pillow from my bed and throw it at her, and of course she dodged and laughed. She ran down stairs as I headed to the bathroom. I smiled as I heard a cry from the bed room down the hall; Sara had woken up our little sister Maia. I could tell by the shouting that Maia had stayed up later than I did last night. I giggled as I entered the bath room.

I look into the mirror, my hair is a dark red and my eyes are dark green. My skin is a little tan, which is covered in pale blue pjs, and on my wrist is a bracelet given to me by our late mother. It is sliver with a blue gem in the middle. It sometimes glows and it reminds me of the ocean.

The ocean I start to rember the last time I was there, it was when Sara and I were ten and Maia was nine. We were waiting on the dock for our parents; they had gone fishing and were late. We just were about to give up hope when we saw the ship, it was called the Rose.

It was in bad shape and it seemed to tilt I didn't know what to do, but the others did. Sara the splitting image of our mother went first. Her voice could be heard all over.

"Mama, Papa, where are you."

I was the one that found them, and almost fainted. Mom's blond hair was wet and smelled of the sea, her skin paler than before. My dad was at wheel his blood trickled on to it. His green eyes stair at nothing I knew I would never hear his laugh again.

I snap out of the memory and headed back to the Maia's bed room, I never made it there because I was incased in light.

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chapter 2

I rember the flash of light surronding me and then nothing. I stood in a white light until i heard a voice.

"Yoi, wake up." It was soft but firm. I felt a hand softly shaking me.

I turned way i didnt want to wake up, but the shaking and voice kept bothering me so i opened my eyes. i was met by a suprise.

His hair was blond and sprouted out of his sclap which made his head look like a pineapple. His eyes seemed to be lazy, but what tip me off was the tatto on his chest, i knew who this man was i said his name out lould.

"Your Marco..." i felt my face getting hotter, i felt that i had died and gone to heaven the emtions were to high, and i fainted.

Marco's Pov

The girl i was chained to had fainted, i sighed and waited for her to wake up agian. I rembered fighting agaisnt marines, i was winning until this light light came out of nowhere and with it came a girl, she mangaged to knock me out.

once i came to, i saw that i was chainged to the girl, so i shook her awake, only to have her say my name and faint. i took a closer look at her. Her hair was a dark red and curly his skin was tan, and her eyes were green, and lovely. Then i saw the bracele, it was light sliver and a blue gem i couldnt help it but it looked like the color in my other form.

I was taken away from those thoughts when the girl awoke again. i camly said to her.

"Yoi your not going to faint again are you?"

"No, sorry i just got so exited." she replied a little blush on her cheeks.

"So what's your name?"

"Anna Rosemarie Light." she answered.

"So what should i call you?"

"Anna, please wait why are we chained togather?"

" Well i was fighting marines and who would of know it but i was hit in the head by a girl falling out of the sky."

"I'm sorry Marco...I didnt mean too..." she stated her face gitting redder.

i couldn't help but smile this kid was just a laughter to be with but then somthing deep inside me wanted somthing else in mind. i kept it to myself and said to her.

"It's alright, its not every day that i get chained to a lovely lady."

she smiled and blushed, i laughed.

Sara's Pov

I love his laugh it's like a smiple rumble, i couldnt help it but i leaned closer. He was still laughing, but i put my arms around his neck and kissed his lips. I kissed first is bottom lip then to his top then both of them. I felt his body relax and then felt his arms go around my waist i blushed again and he started kissing back.

i was in bliss until we both heard a gruff voice.

"Well, Well isn't this nice Marco gets a little before he's dead." i turn around and saw a navy officer his eyes were red and so was his hair. he wore a unform that had hints of red and black.

I felt Marco tensed and pulled me behind me. i thought i heard a growl from him, and touched his hand he held it tight.

"Hun, what do you know it seems that you found some one marco." he said.

"Martin, i know you hate me, but leave the girl alone." Marco said.

"Well brother, i think you dont understand that girl that's behind you has a power that we cant have running around so i thought i would kill two birds with one stone so to speak." he raised his gun.

I squezed marco's hand and thought to myself i found the love of my life and i'm going to die, what's wrong with my luck.

The shot never came, i dont know why but i felt it had somthing to do with me. I felt it deep down inside like a clamness that wanted to show. I didnt know how i did it but i said it anyway.

"Aqua Dragon, deep sea blast." i said, then blacked out.

Marco's Pov

I heard Sara say "Aqua Dragon, Deep sea Blast." next thing i know Martin was pushed back by a dragon made of water. Salt water to be acurrate. I felt weakened by the sea stone cuffs that helds us togather but this attack didnt even phase me. Then I saw from the out side a bright Flame I smiled and whispered to Sara.

"Seems that were getting out of here." but the only answer to me was her rubbing her face on my chest. i smiled as i heard foot steps.

"Yoi, Thatch, Ace over here." I yelled.

" Well Marco look what you got there?"

"just get us out of here." i replied.

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