Anna's Pov

I was scared, my body was shaking all over, well you would have felt the same way too if you're going to see a man who has the power to destroy the world. I was going to meet Pops AKA Edward Newgate AKA White Beard.

I felt a hand on my shoulder and looked back I smiled at Marco, and he smiled back and said.

"Yoi, don't worry Pops just wants to talk." I nodded in response.

"Yea, he's a good guy, just with a lot of power." Added Ace.

I swear I'm going to kill that fire fist; he just made Sara shake more than ever. I know he was trying to cheer her up but she doesn't need to know how strong White Beard is.

"Ace, I think you mean no harm but you're scaring the girls half to death."

Oh right I forgot that Thatch was with us, he seemed that he wanted to clam us like Marco and Ace. I wonder if he felt left out. With both Marco and Ace having girls and he didn't, I pity him. Then to interrupt my thoughts was a flash of light.

"Not again." I said with Marco, Ace and Sara.

"What do you mean…" started Thatch but he was cut off by a bottom landing on his pompadour head.

Marco's Pov

Thatch landed on by a girl poor guy, I almost pity him. I looked to Anna and both her and Sara run to the girl. I looked to Ace and whispered to him.

"Another sister?"

"Seems so, Sara told me they had a younger sister."

"Do you think there is any more of them?"

"Na, Sara told me it's just the three of them."

I nodded and got another look at the girl, she had blond hair which was up in a pony tail. Her skin was pale and her eyes were light blue. She wore a brown shirt and blue jeans, and to my surprise she was cursing Thatch.

"WHY YOU GOOD FOR NOTHING SON OF A GUN GET AWAY FROM ME." I just stared how can this bad mouth girl be the sister to Anna, but then Sara was a little like it too. I felt that my life was even more in danger now. If that little girl found out that I was dating her sister what she would do. I felt a sweat drop coming on.

Sara's Pov

I can't believe it Maria is here and she still has her potty mouth, I looked to Anna who is shaking her head and covering her mouth. I wonder if it's out of anger for what Maria is saying or out of laughter seeing Thatch blushing at the words.

Then I look back at all times that Maria used her mouth and depending on the situation she would either laugh or hit Maria in the back of the head. This was one of the latter times, as I watch Anna get behind Maria and smacked her on the backside of her head.

"Maria Jane Light you apologize to Thatch right now."

"Why do I…."


With that Maria nodded, and then I saw in the corner of my eye that all three men were shivering with sweat. They probably didn't think that Anna had that kind of power. I thought to laugh, and said to myself just wait if you think I'm protective of my sisters, you haven't seen Anna in action.

"Well with that settled I think we should go see White beard." Anna said that made me sweat dropped. Only a few minutes ago she was shaking like me now she's calm as a cucumber.

I shook my head as a followed her with Maria right beside me. Ace and Marco both were helping Thatch up. I smiled at this and headed toward the big chair.

Anna's pov

I felt calmer now, maybe because I had all my sisters now. I made it to the chair and got my look at White Beard. His mushstach was white and curly, and his skin was brown with scars all over his chest. He was bigger than me by a few feet, hey being close to six feet myself I have to say he was bigger.

I saw that he had tubes and machines attached to his chest. I knew they were for his old age, I suddenly brought out of my thoughts when White beard started to speak.

"So you're the one that was chained to Marco." I blushed at that why does everyone remember that one detail.

"HA,HA, HA." His laugh sounded a lot like my father's. I shook myself from the memory that was coming.

"Yes sir, I'm the one." I answered.

"Well, I can see what Marco can see in you."

"What…" my voice seemed to be getting higher.

He laughed again and said to me.

"You so easy to laugh at my dear, but I have to ask you how did you get here in the first place?"

I took a deep breath and started.

"Well you see it started when I was heading toward my sister's Maria's bedroom then all the sudden I was engulfed in light then the next thing I know I was chained to Marco, after I hit him in the head with my landing. Then Sara came and landed on Ace's head, then only a few minutes ago my little sister Maria landed on Thatch's head."

That led all the crew and White beard to laugh. I smiled at all of them, and I felt that this was a real family and then I started to cry I missed my parents so much but I had my sisters…

"Hey what's wrong my girl?" I looked up from the floor to see that White beard was looking at me.

"I just was remembering my family…"

"You mean your parents?"


"If we find a way back to your world…"

"Sir if you could find away to bring them back to life I would be happy they died a few years ago. It's just me and my sisters now."

I just heard hush around then I felt strong arms encircle me then my sisters who had come later. I snuggled into the hug that White beard gave us. When he let go all three of us he asked us a question.

"Would you three like to join my crew and become part of our family?"

"Yes." I said

"Yes." Sara with tears in her eyes.

"Okay." Was Maria's answer but she smiled.

"Good, now where do you want to go to…." Started White beard, but was cut off by the boys.

"Sara should go to division two."

"Maria should go to division four."

"Will the both of you be quite pops asked them not us." My Marco replied but I knew that he wanted me in his division.

"As I was saying where do your girls want to go?"

"I would like to navigate if you please sir." I smiled at Sara, she been navigating all her life, dad had said she got the gene from mom but I thought it was from him.

"I want to cook." I shook my head at this Maria wanted to cook because she wanted to be close to the food. The girl might me small but she eats a lot.

"And you my dear?"

I took a deep breath and said to my new father.

"Pops I would like to be in the medical corps if you please." I felt every one stare at me. My sisters knew that I knew a basic knowledge of medicine, they were smiling at me.

"Good, let's see Sara you'll have to be division's two navigator, you'll be under the care of the other division navigators, mostly One and three." Two men stood up and walked to my sister.

"Maria you will go to division four since four is the one that holds all the cooks." I sweat drop on that Maria and Thatch in the same division they could pull pranks on anybody I feel sorry for the forth division. I watch as Thatch came up and took Maria I made him look into my eyes so he would know that if anything happened to my sister he was dead where he stood.

"Anna, you'll be the under the tutelage of Rain the first division doctor." I nodded at Pops as I saw a elder man with white hair and tan skin come over to me. I smiled and nodded and headed toward him. My new life has begun.

End of chapter, next the girls are going to their first island