When Eric awoke he started at the sight of seven rough looking dwarves standing hovering over his bed.

"What the h—" He raised his hand to his head to stop the dizziness. And a sharp pain pressed at the back of his skull.

"Take it easy Huntsman." Muir said. "You took a good blow to the head."

"I will be fine. Where is Snow White?" He sat upright and swung his legs over the side of the bed.

"This makes twice that I have saved you Huntsman while you were out cold." Everyone turned to the soft voice that entered the room. She looked as beautiful and as queenly as ever. She wore a beautiful yet simple blue gown and her black hair flowed down her back.

"Saved me? I believe I was saving you my Queen." Eric said defensively.

"If you call crushing me under your weight 'saving' me, well you did a good job of that." She smiled, close to laughter, and took a seat on the bed next to Eric. They sat shoulder to shoulder. Eric didn't take his eyes off of Snow. She looked at him; there was sadness in her eyes.

"Snow… I cannot begin to say how sorry I am. I have never wanted to hurt you, or see you harmed. And I seemed to have manage both this time."

She nodded. "Why did you leave?"

"I cared—" He looked down for a second and then looked back at her. "I fell in love in with you. But I wasn't worthy enough of you. I did not believe anything would come of it because I'm not a duke or prince or duke's son."

"Oh Eric." She said softly. His heart melted when she said name. She lifted her hand to his face to hold. She ran her hand over his beard.

"No prince or any duke's son would have been enough for me. Maybe they would have been… if I had not met you."

"What of William?"

"William is probably on his way to be married and a prince by now." She laughed.

"What? to whom?

"Princess Rose of Duneston. She was locked up with the rest of us. She is very sweet and they are both equally happy with each other."

"Well, I suppose I have missed a lot."

Snow nodded.

"The plants! That old man! What has happened with the people?" Eric asked, alarmed once again.

"The plants are all destroyed and men have already began building a wall around the Dark Forest. The gardener you must be thinking of, Henry, he's locked away until some further punishment."

"And the Prince?"

"Dead." The tone in her voice gave him chills.

"I should have never left." Looked straight ahead at a wall.

"And what brought you back?"

"Your letter."

"If I had known that just a letter would have brought you back I would have sent one sooner." She smiled brightly. She held Eric's hands. It had been so long since he felt the warmth of a woman's hands. He smiled and squeezed them.

"So does this mean the Huntsman is going to be our king?" Beith asked loudly and gruffly.

Eric and Snow had almost forgotten they weren't alone. Snow looked at Eric who looked sort of frightened.

"If he would have me as his queen." Snow looked into Eric's eyes.

"Snow, I will follow you anywhere, and protect you with my life… but I am no king. And these are your people, what would they think? They have only known me as the huntsman, drunk, and widower. None of those are the making of a king."

"Perhaps not, but a man who knows loss can sympathize with many. A man who does not fear dangers can inspire others. And your heart was broken, that can be forgiven, you are not the only one. And you pay heed to your heart. Eric, I know that you can do this. You make me stronger and I know that together we will be great and this kingdom will prosper." She searched his eyes for any signs of encouragement.

He was silent for a moment.

"You know what Snow, I can almost believe you."

She sighed and shook her head.

"Come with me." She said. She started towards the door.

"Where?" Eric asked.

"Let's go for a walk." She said simply. Eric slowly got up and then followed her.

They walked out of the castle and it was a bright day outside. It was very crowded outside with villagers. Snow looped her arm through Eric's. He looked down at her and she just started to pull him along beside her.

"Snow what are you doing? People are going to think—" Eric stopped when he recognized the boy who he met that was having the hallucinations about dragons. The boy looked their way and recognized him too.

"Hey! Mama that's the huntsman!" The boy dragged the woman over to the Snow White and Eric.

"You're okay!" The boy exclaimed. Snow looked with amusement at Eric.

"I am. And you also look well young one." He said with a smile.

"I'm afraid anymore, of the—" the boy looked at his mother and then back to Eric, "you know, the dragons."

"That is good news."

"Thank you for helping my boy huntsman." The mother shook his hand.

"He saved the whole kingdom Mama!" The boy threw his hands in the air.

They all laughed.

The mother looked between the two of them. "Bless you." She pulled the boy away who kept looking back and smiling at the Huntsman.

Snow looked at Eric with an I-told-you-so look. Eric shook his head. They continued walking, and were continuously stopped by people blessing them and those who were eager to meet the Huntsman.

They had stopped around the marketplace and Snow White turned to the Eric.

"So what do you think the people think of you now? Still a drunk widower and a brute?"

"I suppose they think a lot more of me than that." Eric said reluctantly.

"You suppose. Eric you saved them. If it weren't for you… I don't even want to think it."

"But Snow—"

She stopped his sentence with a kiss. Eric was surprised at first. But he wrapped his arms around her small waist and held her steady as she tipped toed to reach his lips. She wrapped her arms around his neck.

All around them there was silence and then some snickering. But then there was clapping. Eric and Snow pulled back and looked around. All of the villagers surrounding them were cheering and hollering. Snow laughed. She looked at Eric who was watching her seriously.

"Eric? What is it?" She asked.

"I will Snow." He said.

"You will… what?"

"I want to be by your side forever. I promise I won't ever leave you again. I will protect you till my last breathe." Her eyes were wide. "I will marry—"

Snow caught his mouth with a kiss again. Eric smiled and held her close.

The news of the soon to be marriage spend through out the kingdom. The villagers worked hard on making the kingdom look proper and beautiful with flowers and clean roads.

Everyone tried to get into the ceremony to see the couple. Snow White's black hair was a great contrast from her white dress. Her blue eyes were bright and filled with life and joy. The dwarves were dressed handsomely and made sure everyone new that they were the closest friends to the couple. And of course the groom was clean and handsome and it was said that they didn't take their eyes off each other all night.

All over the land Tabor was not only known for having the most beautiful Queen but for the bravest King. Tabor was the most prosperous and fruitful land. No kingdom could compare.

Eric and Snow White could not have been happier. After all they had been through they could finally live their lives without danger. Eric ax hung at the far side of the their room, next to Snow's sword. But Eric and Snow paid no mind to them.

Eric and Snow had fought for the freedom, for their kingdom, or their love, but they only fought over which side of the bed they would sleep on, or… if they would spend the night sleeping at all… )

And together they lived happily ever after.

Sorry for taking so long to finish..Thank you all so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed the story. Your reviews and comments were so helpful and encouraging. I'm hoping to start a new story soon... not sure for what though... I just got into Game of Thrones...hmm lol still thinking. Anyway thank you all! :)