I wish it never existed. I wish no one ever found a way to keep track of it. I wish it was always left as something man never cared about.

I hate time; hate it, so much that I can't actually believe that I'm still locked in its prison.

I've tried everything to try to soothe myself, going as far as to destroy and rid of any clock in my house, shutting my curtains, and keeping the television turned off at all times.

I feel I could live forever, sitting upon my chair, laughing as I sip my tea.

Time does not exist in this house...at least, in my head.

Sure time determines how long it will take my water to boil, how long until my food spoils...

...like a human body. A specimen that time so joyfully yanks on a string, withering our bodies before trapping us in an hourglass, allowing the sand to suffocate us.

I wish that it would stop, stop at a time where we could all enjoy our lives, and never ends. We could live on forever, in our overwhelming joy.

I would also have everything that I loved back. I would never lose the things I loved, if time never existed.

But no, this is Earth we live on, where time gives and takes, and ruins your days.

That is the only thing I can accept as I clutch a faded picture of a young child - Alfred. How he's grown. How he's stood strong.

How he's falling like the rest of us.

Also, time measures how much of the whiskey I can consume before I'm trapped in a dizzying dream, unable to see properly or talk - about how my heart aches because of Francis. How charming he was. How he held me at night. How it was easier for him to move on, not caring about the mess he left in me.

I dread the next meeting, knowing that I'll have to leave my almost-time-free sanctuary to face other problems from around the world - which all traces back to time messing with humans.

I wish for time to end my status as a nation, right now, just so I won't have to sit through anything else. The love, heartache, friendships, loss, gain, war...

Time may give you what you desire, but it takes more away, selfishly.

I hate how it does that, especially with what I've been through.

I hate it.


So, have you ever heard Chronophobia by Kagamine Rin? It's a sad song; I highly recommend you go listen to it, because I listened to it the entire time I was typing this, at around eleven at night, trying to sleep. It was originally going to be a Mario story, but I had another song that I listened to that gave me another idea for that fandom completely.

So, reviews of improvement or how much you liked it will be greatly appreciated.

Remember, call me sick, call me idiotic, just don't call me sane, because I'm Crazee Canadia.