The Birth of the Grand Planet

"Awww! How romantic!" a man said as Trunks turned to see a strange alien ghost.

"Who the hell are you!" Trunks yelled.

"I used to be the leader of this castle before that horrible witch came, Trunks Akina you both have proven to me that you are worthy of rebuilding this castle and planet in your own visions, down the hall there are two large doors that Ozeray could never get into, now that she gone the doors are open and you both may see what lies beyond it, please take care of this castle and make it better than before" the alien said as he disappeared.

"Come on let's see what he was talking about" Akina said as she and Trunk left the library and walked down the hall to the larges doors as Trunks pushed them open as their eyes widen.

Behind the doors was a massive computer that showed six parallel universes on the screen.

"Wow! What is this place?" Akina asked.

"I bet my mother could figure this computer out in a matter of minutes" Trunks said looking at the massive keyboard covered in buttons, switches, letters and numbers.

"Oh my god! Trunks look!" Akina said as one of the worlds showed a small shirtless Saiyan child with long hair running threw a forest with armored aliens after him as Akina looked away as they blasted him.

"Oh my god each of these kids never got a chance none of them deserves such horrible fates" Trunks said.

"Wait Trunks you can go back in time with your time machine and go to other universe with it so can't you go back and save those kids none of them should have to have their lives end so quickly" Akina said.

"What do you want to do Akina?" Trunks asked.

"Let's turn this place to a school Trunks, lets save children or people who fates end in horrible ways and give them a second chance here" Akina said.

"You know that is not such a bad idea and I think we can get this place cleaned up and ready in just a few days" Trunks said.

"A few days?" Akina said.

"Yeah it's amazing what my mother capable of" Trunks said.

"Then what are we waiting for? Let's bring her here and get this place cleaned up" Akina said.

Bulma was tinkering away at a robot when the time machine appeared in the center of the room as she saw Trunk lift the lid.

"Hey Trunks welcome back" Bulma said as she saw Trunks help Akina out, "oh! And who is this?"

"Mother I'd like you to meet Akina, Akina this is my mother Bulma Briefs" Trunks said.

"It's so nice to meet you" Akina said shaking Bulma had.

"Oh finally my son finally got himself a girlfriend!" Bulma said.

"Mother please we have far better things to discuss" Trunks said.

"Oh? What is it?" Bulma asked.

After explaining to Bulma their plans Trunks and Akina brought Bulma to the castle as she stood outside the door and threw a couple of capsules to the ground as three robots emerged from the smoke.

"Okay boys I want to whole castle scanned top to bottom and I want a fully detailed layout and what everyone room has" Bulma said as the robots flew into the castle.

"Wow you weren't kidding Trunks your mother can get this place done in a few days" Akina said.

"Yep" Trunks said throwing a few capsules as green robots emerged, "go and get all these weeds out of here and restore the green life to perfection" Trunks said as the robots began to remove any weeds and began spraying the dead grass and making it rise green again.

"That's amazing" Akina said.

"Yep my mom made these robot for my grandmother who loves to garden so if these guys can save her dead roses then they can make this whole area green again.

"Okay the robots got down and we now have our blueprints" Bulma said setting the paper down as they saw what every room held and could possibly hold.

"There's enough room for a hundred people here" Akina said.

"Hey Akina I just thought of something, this place was called the Shadow Lands before so we should rename it" Trunks said.

"That is a good idea Trunks" Bulma said.

"Hmmm how about the Grand Planet?" Akina said.

"That's perfect! The Grad Planet Academy!" Trunks said.


Soon the castle and the planet was restored and made better than it was before but all it was missing now was students.

Little Reyoto was running through the woods as fast as he could with his enemies following close behind as he tripped and guns were pointed at him as he looked away and closed his eyes as he heard the men scream and grunt as Reyoto opened his eyes to see Trunks knock over the last alien as he walked over to the small Saiyan child.

"It's okay you don't have to be afraid my name is Trunks, what's yours?" he asked smiling warmly at the child.

"Reyoto" the child said.

"Well Reyoto I want to make you an offer, I want you to come with me to a school where you will be safe and train with others just like you so you never have to be afraid again, do you want to come?" Trunks asked holding his hand out.

"Yes, yes I do" Reyoto said taking Trunks hand as they left Reyoto universe and reappeared at the front gates to the castle.

"This is my home Reyoto and now it is yours, this is the Grand Planet" Trunks said as Reyoto hid behind Trunks legs as Akina walked up to them.

"Aww the poor little guy terrified, it's okay sweetie my name is Akina Trunks and I are going to be your teachers here" Akina said.

"Who that?" Reyoto asked pointing to the small Saiyan girl sitting on a bench.

"Oh that is Naomi she one of the other students here" Trunks said.

"Well come with me Trunks and I will introduce you to everyone else" Akina said holding out her hand as Reyoto took it and Akina lead him away from Trunks.

Trunks stood silently as he pulled out a pocket book and wrote.

'This makes six Saiyan children all around five to seven, we need others besides Saiyans' Trunks thought as he headed inside to the main computer.

"You're going to have your hands full Trunks with all these kids" Bulma said.

"I plan to get more we need more than just Saiyans here" Trunks said stumbling upon three Namekian children and three Iceins universe.

"Hmmm I guess these six will do a perfect twelve" Trunks said.

"What do you plan to get out of this Trunks?" Bulma asked.

"The next breed of heroes, Goku can't save every universe mother so I plan to train each and every one of these kids to be the next heroes to stand up someday and save the day" Trunks said.

"Well I'm glad I'm a part of it too" Akina said walking into the room.

"Oh that reminds me Akina we need to head back to your home I need to ask your father something" Trunks said.

"Alright then" Akina said as they left the world.


"Man things sure are quite around here" Rotta said.

"Yeah it's nice not hearing Hiro and Akina arguing" Rachel said as Trunks and Akina appeared in the middle of the room.

"Well speak of the devil the two main people we were just talking about" Rotta said.

"Hey daddy! I missed you" Akina said hugging her father then her mother.

"What brings you two back?" Rotta asked.

"Well Trunks and I are opening a school for alien children who never got a full chance to live their childhoods back in their universes so were all staying on this large planet with a castle to train all the kids" Akina said.

"That sound like an excellent idea" Rotta said.

"And there is another reason why we're here Rotta, I wish I have your daughter hand and you said if I wanted to I had to fight you and beat you to win your approval" Trunks said.

"I did say that but are you sure you want to take me one Trunks? You may be able to turn Super Saiyan but I have many advantages" Rotta said.

"Then I'm ready I will fight and win to get your approval" Trunks said looking Rotta straight in the eye as Rotta laughed.

"Congratulations my boy you won my approval" Rotta said.

"What?" Akina said.

"Your father and I agreed years ago that no boy here could beat your father so we thought of a better way if one boy had the guts to stand up and challenge your father and show no fear he would give his blessing as I would" Rachel said.

"And Trunks you proved to me that your more than capable of taking care of Akina so you both have my blessings" Rotta said as Akina hugged her father.

"Well what the hell are you two waiting for? Get going you have a school to run remember" Rotta said.

"Thank you daddy, I love you" Akina said.

"I love you too Akina now go be happy and make sure those kids know everything they can from everything I've thought you" Rotta said.

"I will!" Akina said as she and Trunks left.

"Hmm well things are defiantly going to change around here" Rotta said.

"Yep but this is only the beginning" Rachel said as Rotta took her in his arms

"I know" Rotta said as they looked out to the setting sun.


Outisde the Grand Planet the shadow crystal cracked as a dark shadowy mass rose out of it.

"Soon I will rule all!" The Master said leaving that time.

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