Title: Links

By: Metamorcy

Pairing: none

Summary: Sharing a body between two souls will always have conflict, worse when neither is fighting for it. Drabbles about Lambda and Asbel's relationship during and after the game.

Disclaimer: I own nothing

A/N: Not sure how long this will last but I guess I can try. And apparently originally Lambda was supposed to leave at the end of the game but we'll just ignore that and said they came back home with Asbel.

Beta'd by Gracefulsunshine

Asbel didn't know that having Lambda living inside him would be so interesting. There were, of course, times it was a headache and others when it was a blessing, but regardless of any troubles that came his way, he would always know that he would never be alone and that there would always be someone there beside him. It was a wonderful feeling to have. Still, there were times when he had to put up with Lambda's curious nature towards everything. He couldn't blame him. There was so much he didn't know about, and things were different than how they were one thousand years ago.


Asbel smiled softly to himself at the questioning tone in Lambda's voice as they overheard a conversation between two girls when they passed by. Apparently, the close town was having a festival and fireworks was a must for that place. The red head chuckled and kept walking, talking to his dear friend. "How do I explain fireworks? They are like colorful explosions in the sky but they make a lot of loud noises."

"That doesn't sound very safe." Lambda huffed from within their mindscape, but continued to look through Asbel's eyes.

"Well, I guess it depends on who's handling it. It can be dangerous if it isn't done correctly but it…it can really be pretty." Asbel peered towards the townspeople, waving at them, before heading towards his own business. He quickly checked the stock of the stores, making sure that everything was up to date, and if there were any complaints about something. From there, he would decide whether or not he would be able to fix it or get someone else to do it. All in all, it was just a normal day for him and the rest of the town. Sophie was hanging out with Pascal, and only they knew what was happening – they were probably tinkering around with that odd machine that somewhat looked like him. Cheria was out working in the relief organization, helping a town that had just recently suffered from a monster attack, which left him all alone in the manor with his nagging mother, who was still demanding him to get a wife. Speaking of which, "Hey, let's go see the fireworks."

There was a pause on Lambda's side. "You're simply saying that to escape going home."

Asbel simply laughed in response, grinning slightly as he went towards the manor to alert someone of where he was heading to. Luckily for him, he had finished the paperwork for the day. "That's true, but come on, I'm thinking of this as a break and you're thinking of this as a chance to sate your curiosity."

"How rude. Don't put me at your level."

"Yeah, yeah." The red head went towards the manor, spotting Frederic outside the doors as the older man was about to tend to some business. He alerted the butler of his plans of the day and was expecting some resistance but received none. Instead the older man kept edging him to go ahead, pushing him down the road with a content smile on his wrinkled face and mumbling words of 'good luck' and 'Be safe'. Asbel raised an eyebrow at the unusual behavior but didn't question it as this meant some freedom he had wanted to taste for a while. He rushed out of Lhant, carrying only what he needed, seeing as the trip was only an hour away, and passed the gates. He waved to the guards before turning his back towards them and walked on the road.

"Asbel." The swordsman blinked as he heard his friend talking to him, and almost stopped. "You stated that these fireworks are colorful. How so?"

"I think that's something you should see for yourself. I can try and explain it to you all I can, but to see is to believe. Nothing takes your breath away more than something beautiful. And I heard that tonight will be clear of any precipitation." He continued on, sometimes being stopped by a monster or two, but those were easy to defeat. They were nowhere near as powerful as those when Little Queen or Lambda were causing trouble; these things were simple KOs . "Hey, Lambda?" When he felt that he had the other's attention, he continued. "Is there anything else you're interested in? We can either go explore or something. I don't mind."

"Not that I can currently think of."

"Well, whenever you want to do something, let me know. You're even allowed to take over my body if you like. Just make sure that you don't get me in trouble." Asbel felt his friend shift uncomfortably but regardless, he knew that the other was happy at that announcement. He knew there were times when Lambda wanted to go out and explore with his own body movements and touch something directly and not through someone else. And after living with the other so long, Asbel had complete faith that his dear friend would always remain by his side. For a moment, he paused in the center of the road and closed his eyes, searching down deep within his mind, and found the familiar presence he was looking for. Taking his friend, he shoved him into control.

As the eyes opened back up, they were no longer a heterochromatic blue and purple, but just purple. Lambda blinked for a moment, startled that he was suddenly shoved into control and peered around his surroundings with uttermost curiosity. He listened to a small laughter from within and smiled in content, allowing his friend to do whatever he wanted. Testing out his body, he flexed his fingers before peering up at the road, continuing down it with little trouble. Fighting with Asbel's sword and sheath arts was no problem, for he was familiar enough with weapons and style to know how to use it in combination with his own. He wasn't as flashy in his moves and was more precise with his strikes, something that was greatly different from his counterpart. His powers flowed freely into the sword, using it into his strikes, and found himself enjoying the feeling of rush and adrenaline that coursed through his entire body.

"You're enjoying this." Asbel could be heard laughing wholeheartedly, his smile spreading from one ear to another ear. Lambda didn't dare respond back to that, scratching the side of his cheek, and continued ahead, knowing that argument with that wouldn't benefit him at all.

The town was in the distance and the bright colors made it obvious to any far seer. Flags, balloons, and many more were flying in the air and flashing lights gathered people's attention. Smiling faces and laughter filled Lambda's ears and he observed his surroundings as families and couples walked by. Friends were gathered together in groups, some eating the goodies that were being sold, others were enjoying the dancing and singing. With Asbel's guide, he was able to buy some sort of fluffy candy substance and it seemed to melt on his tongue. It was overly sweet but it wasn't bad. Asbel told him it was called 'Cotton Candy' and plucked pieces of it off as he went around. He watched as people danced in the streets, their movements routine and fast. They swung around in circles, went under arms, and around. And there was a group singing in the background, playing instruments that rattled over the area.

Before long, Lambda settled at a table, finishing off his candy, and resumed watching everyone else. Time seemed to pass by quickly, the sun setting in the distance and the sky darkening. The lights of the town got brighter in the darkness and the cheerfulness that seemed to overlap the entire town continued to grow.

Lambda went for more food, munching on things he found interesting, before sitting back down at a table to watch. He conversed with Asbel, questioning on some of the things he saw before something loud broke his thoughts. He blinked his purple eyes curiously and snapped his head up towards the dark sky. A bright light flashed across it, and then blew up into multiple dots, spreading out into different directions. Then another light went shooting upward before exploding into bright colors multiple times. More followed, and before long the entire sky was covered with flashes. He could hardly see the stars behind and his eyes could only stare at the sparkles in wonder, amazed by its beauty. "Amazing..."

"Yeah, it is." Asbel smiled from within and peered through his own eyes to watch, and memorized just as much as Lambda. They didn't know how much time passed as they stared, while the town finally quieted down. The only thing that could be heard was the popping sound and the wind. The smell of smoke was strong but no one cared, for they were all caught up in the flashes.

"Asbel." Lambda's deep voice resonated vividly in the thick air. "Thank you for bringing me here."