Title: Links

Summary: Sharing a body between two souls will always have conflict, worse when neither is fighting for it. Drabbles about Lambda and Asbel's relationship during and after the game.

Beta'd by WhiteAngel128 and Ankou13

Chapter 20

Lambda narrowed his eyes slightly, immediately going for the sword that was against his hips. He growled, was it another assassin, a thief thinking they had gotten a good target, or perhaps just a simple monster? Regardless of the menace, the redhead kept his defenses up just in case as kept moving, heading towards a more open area. He hadn't thought that a simple stroll outside of Lhant would get him into trouble so soon. It was unusual for anything to happen this close by anyway. The guards were pretty decent at doing their jobs and keeping trouble away. At least, they knew when to call for help when things began to get too rough. Perhaps they'd been lacking these past few days? It was always possible, Lhant had been quite peaceful recently. Anyone would start slacking after a while.

As he moved towards a more open field, still aware that he was being followed, he mentally prepared himself for the resulting battle that could occur at any moment. His fingers gripped the handle of his sword tightly, keeping himself calm. He was tempted to fire off a few of his spells at the intruders but instead decided it would be wiser if he didn't.

'Lambda?' Asbel spoke from within, feeling a little concerned about the situation. He was tense despite not being the one on the field, this stemmed from his loathing of the feeling of being watched and examined.

'I know. I sense a couple of them. Too many to count, but they haven't struck yet, oddly enough. Now would be the perfect moment.' Lambda narrowed his purple eyes, lowering his head to cover them slightly and peered back into the bushes when they rustled. The enemy group wasn't surrounding him but they seemed to be crowding around in one area. That told him that it was either an amateur group of thieves or a pack of monsters. Assassins were immediately crossed out; they worked separately and on their own. Also, they would be trying to surround him from all sides to trap him in, an attack formation at the ready. This was too simple to be classified as that. It gave him some relief, knowing that the battle wouldn't be too bad. Assassins were always harder to fight off. Still, the tension in the air grew, never once fading. 'I guess I should attack first before something happens. To get the upper hand…'

And that was exactly what he did. Lambda spun around and instead of sending his sword out, he called out his powers from deep within his form and felt them surging up at his request. Immediately, he sent a dark sphere toward the hiding group, watching in satisfaction when the area surrounding it exploded. He doubted it was enough to kill. It would only cause some serious damage to prevent them from moving, thus offering him the advantage.

However, he didn't want to take any chances and jumped back a few times to draw his sword. And just in time, too.

A double blade came down at him, clashing with his own, and Lambda was forced to use his physical strength to his advantage in an attempt to shove the other back. He momentarily got a good look at the figure but was disappointed at the sight. Lambda was unable to see anything through those brown robes the enemy had decided to don, leaving the person unrecognizable. The hair was barely in view, fluttering in and out at the person's movement. Although, he couldn't help but note that the weapons looked somewhat familiar.

He didn't get much time to think on it though when the man went for another strike. Lambda smirked this time, reaching into one of his companion's artes and drew out their shared abilities. "Swallow Seal!" He ducked underneath the attack, spinning around, and struck deep enough to leave a light gash across the side. The enemy had dodged at the very last moment.

However, his moment of victory was short lived when he felt the surge of cryas flowing around him. A spell, he recognized. The hairs on his skin rose up, feeling the electricity around his body, and he jumped right out of the way before the spell was set off. He recognized it as Indignation and soon a cold breeze surrounded him, forcing him to jump up and away as Frigid Coffin enclosed on his previous area followed by Maelstrom.

'Okay, not amateurs. Guess I don't need to hold back.' Lambda thought to himself and went for the attack, aiming for the two spell casters in the back. There were six members of the group in total, four of them constantly casting spells from different locations to keep him occupied. The other two were at the front in hopes of keeping him distracted, one wielding a long sword and the other using some metal gauntlets.

'This seems somewhat… familiar.' Asbel thought within their mindscape, watching over the battle carefully.

'You're not the only one who thinks that.' The redhead ground his teeth as he allowed more of his powers to flow through his body and immediately went on the offense. Jumping around the other physical fighters, he went to the back, kicking a spell caster, female in appearance, in the stomach and sent her flying back into a tree. He spun around and sent a blast of darkness towards the other two, knocking them off their feet and successfully interrupting their spells. Soon after, he ducked under a swing of the sword and brought his own up only to have them clash. The two blades ground against each other as sparks flew and Lambda's purple eyes stared over the faltering figure. "Who are you?"

His voice rang out but no one answered, instead the enemy swordsman jumped back to gain distance. Lambda paused. He could feel it, multiple spells from all around. He sneered angrily as he examined the field and stared at the five remaining assailants who were just beginning to finish their chanting. Cursing wildly underneath his breath, he placed his arms outwards to summon his familiar purple shield just as the spells went off, an explosion occured in the surrounding area. Dust covered the area, preventing anyone from seeing past it.

"Did we get him?"

"I think we kinda went overboard. Oops!"

"Idiot! We're not supposed to kill him!"

"Do you think he's alright?"

The group wandered back together as they spoke among each other but it was soon silenced when the air seemed to condense. It was shifting and the dust swirled, revealing Lambda completely unharmed and scowling. The group backed up at that, feeling the rage radiating off of the redhead.

"Are you assassins after the Lord of Lhant?" Lambda's voice rang out, full of command as his fingers gripped onto the handle of the sword tightly. His purple eyes were narrowed in rage and his powers began to materialize around him, pulsating at his emotions. When he got no answer he growled. "I see. So you are. Then I won't hesitate in killing you. I will not allow anyone to harm Asbel."

There seemed to be a pause among the group as if the words were settling in their minds. However, Lambda took advantage of the freeze and struck. He wouldn't allow them to act like before, he was fully intended to end this now. His movements and speed were on a different level from before. He dashed around the group before they could start anything and began to strike randomly to capture their attention. Many raised their weapons up to block but with Lambda's full power flowing through him and Asbel's skilled swordsmanship, he was able to bypass everything and went for the sides. Unluckily for the two, their enemies' dodging capabilities were topnotch and they jumped to the side but not without suffering some injuries.

"Expunding Sword!" Lambda called out as he jumped into the air to gather a powerful surge of energy around his blade and struck the ground. The area shattered under his power and he could hear the screams of his enemies in shock at what he had done. Pulling his sword back up, he jumped back a few times to gain some distance.

He could hear the yelling and calls for help among the ground, dust dashing around the area, then it went quiet. His weapon was still at his side as he muttered a few words to Asbel within. It was during his small conversation with the other that he saw a shift in the air and then a fist coming straight at him through the dust. Lambda couldn't hide the widening of his eyes, watching as a gauntlet slammed into his sword, a familiar burning sensation running down his entire body. A bright light came soon after and, oddly, his body reacted, screaming out in pain.


The person who had caused the damage stood there in confusion by the looks of it and then nodded to herself. She got back into a fighting position and went to strike again. Lambda went to block, only to yell in pain as the sensation coursed through his body once more, leaving him still. He jumped further back, grinding his teeth together in frustration, and felt Asbel quickly taking control.

The stance shifted and the dark powers Lambda controlled disappeared, the eyes now multi-colored, one purple and the other blue. He flipped his sword around, adjusting his grasp on it. This time, he went on the offense and went after the small sized female, when they connected, there was no light, no painful feeling coursing through him. He could hear the gasp from the other, not expecting whatever she had done not to work anymore.

"Alright, it's my turn," Asbel smirked, spinning around and slammed the hilt of his blade into the girl's stomach before going for a kick to send her away. "I don't know who you guys are but you picked the wrong person to attack. You should have done your research before attacking us." He then went towards the dual-blader, seeing the person trying to heal himself and the others. "Shockwave!" A burst of fire flew in front of him, startling the other for a moment and caught the brown garb aflame at the same time. Immediately, the person tore off the cloth, revealing his identity underneath.

Asbel gasped in shock, recognizing the blue hair and glasses. There was only one person who could fit that description, only one that he knew. "H-Hubert!?" His stance dropped instantly, his shock obvious to everyone in the area, and for a moment, they froze in response. Asbel almost dropped his blade when Lambda scolded him from within, tightening his hold around his weapon. "Why are you attacking us?"

There was momentary confusion in the blue-haired male's expression. "Us?" He wasn't the only one, the others beside were doing the same and peered at each other curiously.

"Yes, Lambda and I. Us." Asbel sheathed his blade and stepped closer, examining the rest of the individuals. Now that things had calmed down and Hubert's identity had been revealed, he was able to make out the rest from their form and abilities. It was everyone he had traveled with except for Richard. "Did all of you decide to jump us today or something? I swear we haven't done anything… I think," He turned slightly away from the group, speaking towards his old friend within. "Hey, you didn't do anything, did you, Lambda?"

'No, I didn't. I haven't seen any of them for a while. At least a month if you exclude Sophie who lives with us.'

"I thought so," The redhead turned back to the group with an eyebrow raised. "So, what are you all doing here anyway? You know, there're better ways to say hello than outright attacking us." Scratching the back of his head, he took a step back and then peered at the person he had attacked. She was still on the ground, her face covered by the garb. "Sophie, are you alright? I didn't hurt you too much, did I? If I did, sorry about that. Lambda said sorry, too."

'No, I didn't.'

"I'm saying it for you." Asbel huffed as he spoke one-sided again and kneeled down to pull the brown garb back, watching as it fell. However, the moment he did his eyes widened once more.

'Asbel, that's not…'

The redhead jumped back, peering over the supposed Sophie in shock. It wasn't possible, her hair, her body, it was like he was looking at a younger version… It was the version before they had fought Little Queen with her hair all up in pigtails. It couldn't be her. "You're not Sophie…"

This made the girl widen her eyes and step back in fear as if his words had painfully struck her, unsure on how to respond. The so-called Sophie took a few jumps back to gain some distance before running back towards Cheria, hiding behind the pink-haired female. Asbel took that moment to examine the group once more, looking over each and every person carefully. It was only then that he noticed it. They all looked younger - smaller. They weren't the adults he was used to and he blinked as if thinking his eyes were playing on tricks on him. Then, his eyes turned towards a single individual in the back, still covered, but holding a familiar sword – a sword he once owned.

"Wait a second…"

'Please don't tell me…'

The said individual pulled back the cover, revealing a younger version of Asbel. It was when he was still a teenager, holding a blade he had used against both Richard and Lambda so long ago. The older Asbel just stared, unsure on how to comprehend this sight. How was he supposed to react? He was seeing a younger version of himself, it was startling.

Well, apparently, Lambda reacted for him. The immortal immediately sought control of their shared body and sneered angrily. "You have got to be kidding. One Asbel is enough, now there are two of you to deal with?!" The obvious shift between the two personalities startled most of the group, not expecting the change. The eye color, facial expression, and the voice that slipped through those lips were so different between the two. "Go back to whatever time you came from!"


"No, seriously, Asbel. These idiots are obviously from the past judging by how young they look. They can't be from our time. Sophie here is a clear indication of that. You'd have to be a fool to not realize that something isn't right."

Asbel shrunk down at that within the mindscape, examining the group through their shared eyes. It was true, they were different and it was clear that they were too young. Lambda was right, he was always right. It was something Asbel was glad about. 'Then how did they get here?'

"How should I know? I don't deal with that type of stuff."

The group continued to watch the one-sided argument between the older Asbel and Lambda, only able to hear one part. The young group of heroes was unsure on how to react towards this setting, unable to speak up.

Lambda suddenly snapped his attention towards the group and stomped forward, watching in satisfaction as they flinched. "Hey, what the hell were you doing before you got here?"

A few stuttered at the sudden attention, not expecting it. Some even backed down, not used to the usual Asbel's new behavior. Only Malik was able to stand up, looking strong despite not seeing his usual younger student or those familiar expressions. It was difficult. "We were heading through Ghardia Shaft and we entered one of those dream-like portals. After seeing a vision, we found ourselves here with these brown cloaks on. It was a few moments later that you came walking by. We honestly thought you were nothing more than just an illusion and struck to fight our way out."

"Well obviously we're not," Lambda shifted his feet, folding his arms across his chest, before humming gently to himself. His multi-colored gaze unnerved a few people but he didn't care, only thinking deeply on the subject. "I wouldn't be surprised if the cryas reacted somehow. You were close to the center, anything can happen."

"That's what I thought, too!" Pascal jumped in, wildly swinging her arms around with a massive grin. "The cryas in those areas are extremely condensed, any small offsetting and kaboom! Explosion!" Her arms were wide and she kept a smile on her face despite what she was talking about. Her companions just stared, trying to figure out what the woman meant.

Lambda rubbed the center of his nose, figuring he was probably the only one who could actually explain it. He heard Asbel laughing in the background, but ignored it. "Basically, anything can happen," Eyes turned back to him, unnerving him slightly. "Her type of explosion isn't what you think it is. When cryas mix like that an explosion that can open a portal or tear the fabric of space may occur. In your case, it was time."

"And the world just knows how to fix itself of these mistakes, too!" Pascal cut in, jumping up and down in joy. Her long scarf fluttered rapidly behind her and when she hopped one last time, she spun around before pointing a finger outwards randomly. "Eventually a few tears will open to make us go back so that everything is balanced once more. What happens afterwards is unknown."

Hubert raised an eyebrow from underneath his glasses before snapping at the white and pink-haired woman, "What do you mean it's unknown?"

"Like if we can all come out as one single body!" The glee in her voice didn't resemble how the others' reactions to that. Many weren't too keen on sharing a body with each other much less with the hyperactive member of the group. The younger Asbel made a face, staring down at the ground, unaware that Lambda was looking at him curiously. "We could be missing body parts or… or we could be forever lost in spa-"

"Memories," Lambda found it right to interrupt, snapping everyone's attention towards him. "It was memories that you lose. More specifically, of now – of this time. Asbel doesn't remember a single thing that had happened and seeing as he's all in one piece, I expect that's what happened. It's simply a deduction."

"Aw, don't be such a spoil sport! It'd be interesting if something happened!"

"Be quiet, you were making things worse than they seem." Lambda perked up slowly when he felt a shift in the area, his powers sensing something coming. He glanced at the group before him, knowing every well what they'll be facing soon once they get back to their correct time. He smirked and folded his arms, revealing an expression of fondness. "Before you go, I should let you know," He caught everyone's attention and chuckled. "Things will work out for a reason. So don't be afraid."

Before anyone could respond a tear opened up behind everyone and those within the area besides Lambda were immediately dragged in. It was like they were being forcefully pulled and there was one split second where Lambda peered at the younger Asbel, giving a nod towards the redhead. And then it was over, the tear closing up and leaving no presence behind. The air was silent as everything settled back into a normal state, leaving the redhead in the center of the field all on his own. He closed his eyes, his consciousness traveling to Asbel's side as he pushed the other forward. He knew his partner would say something, anything at any moment about the way he had acted but nothing came. The immortal just observed curiously before smirking in amusement, knowing exactly what he wanted to say. Asbel knew it as well - it didn't take much to tell.

The lord of Lhant took control of their shared body and began to make their way back home, knowing that it had been a long day. Neither of the two spoke to each other, it wasn't necessary after all. They already knew.

'Thanks for saving me and showing me the world, Asbel.'

THE END! It's finished! Yes!

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