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The house stood on a hill. It was large manor house with large windows and ivy spreading over the walls. It was, without a doubt, one of the grandest homes in all of England. Behind the house were many large magnificent gardens. Flowers grew in abundance and fountains were placed here and there. One fountain carved out of pure gold was shaped like snakes, and another fountain looked to be a dragon. Beyond the gardens was a beautiful pond full of frogspawn with lily pads floating peacefully on the top.

If you were to go beyond the gardens, you would come across a forest. This forest was full of many different creatures. One would have to be careful, just because you ventured forth into this forest doesn't mean you would ever leave it. For some of the beings that lived in this forest were, without question, some of the most dangerous creatures, or in some people's opinions monsters, to ever exist.

It was in this home, that with a slight pop, the man, Tom, appeared. The man walked through the front door and a moment later, another pop was heard.

"Does master be needing anything?" A small house elf with large eyes like tennis balls squeaked out. She was wearing a black uniform with the Slytherin crest on the chest. Her ears bounced with every step she took.

"Is Harrison's room ready?" Tom asked, walking briskly towards the grand staircase.

"Yes, Master Voldemort. Master Harrison's room be ready."

"Good, now leave me."

The small elf bowed low before disappearing with a pop.

Tom walked up the staircase; it was a beautiful black and white marble. Flecks of gold strategically placed in the floor caused the stairs to shine like the night sky when the light hit them just right. He came upon the second floor, but he didn't stay. He walked to another staircase, a spiral one with a beautiful dark wood carved railing, which led up to the third floor. The third floor of the manor was Tom's private quarters. No one, not even his Inner Circle of Death Eaters, was permitted access.

He passed door after door until, finally, he stopped at the last one on the right. He opened the door and inside was a large room, larger than most Master Suites. The walls were painted Slytherin green with silver stripes. Three chandeliers hung from the ceiling. A black crib with green and silver silk sheets was in the middle of the room. Toys were lining the shelves. Two doors were on the left side of the room. The first led to a walk in closet, while the second led to a large private bathroom. This bathroom had a vast bathtub, with dozens of taps (each doing something different), a large glass shower, and more than enough counter space for a dozen people.

Tom walked swiftly towards the closet. Upon entering, he chose a pair of dark blue pajamas. Once Harrison was changed, he walked to the crib and placed his new son comfortably under the soft sheets.

"Goodnight, my son." Tom said quietly, brushing his son's dark locks away from his forehead.

He walked to the door but, before leaving, he pulled out his wand. After setting up some wards to alert him when Harrison awoke, he left the room.

While walking down the hall a great snake joined him. She was twelve feet long and was a poisonous green color with little flecks of black. Her red eyes gleamed in the dark hallway of Riddle Manor.

Did everything go as planned Master? Nagini hissed.

Yes, my dear Nagini, it worked out as well as I expected. The parents were no match for me. His lips twisted into a smile that was both amused and cruel. They didn't even have their wands. He let out a cruel laugh.

When can I meet the boy? Nagini asked as they made their way down the stairs to the second floor.

Soon, Nagini. When he awakes tomorrow, you can meet Harrison.

Harrison? Nagini asked. It is a lovely name.

Yessss. Voldemort hissed happily. Yes, it is. A strange glint entered his eyes. And a much more suitable name than something as common as Harry.

They walked down the hall of the second floor and entered a room. The room was large and dark. Upon entering, Tom flicked his wand and a fire appeared in the grate causing the room to brighten up considerably. A large desk covered in neatly stacked papers stood in the far corner. Two black leather chairs sat before the crackling fireplace. Bookshelves lined the walls from floor to ceiling on two sides while portraits lined the other two. He took a seat on the large black chair that sat behind his desk.

Will you be performing the adoption ritual tomorrow Master?

Yes, my dear Nagini, I will be. Tom rubbed Nagini's head absentmindedly. With any luck, the ritual will allow him to speak Parseltongue.

It would be nice to have another speaker.

Yessss, it would.

The following morning, as soon as the sun rose into the sky, Tom entered his main dining room, his familiar not far behind. The room was large, about half the size of the Great Hall at Hogwarts. A large fireplace, about twelve feet high, was on one wall with a portrait he found in the Chamber of Secrets during his youth of Salazar Slytherin hanging above it. Salazar, as he usually was at this time, was asleep in his high-backed chair. The dining room table was large, seating thirty-two.

Tom sank gracefully into the chair at the head of the table. Nagini coiled herself by his chair. A moment later, a plate of food appeared before him. It was his usual, two slices of toast, sausage, bacon, scrambled eggs, and a hot cup of coffee. Halfway through his meal a large black owl swooped in, carrying with him this morning's edition of the Daily Prophet. He untied it from his bird's legs and glanced at the front page. A picture of James and Lily Potter adorned the front page. He smirked, unfolded the paper, and began to read.

Potter Family and Peter Pettigrew Dead, Sirius Black sent to Azkaban

By John Rivers

Last night James Potter, Lily Potter, and their son, Harry Potter, were brutally killed in their own home. Sources say that He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named personally went to the Potters. No one will say for certain why the Potters were targeted. All that is known at this time is that he came to their home last night and performed the killing curse on James Potter and his wife Lily. What makes this story even more tragic? Their infant son, Harry Potter, barely a year old, was also killed. Sources say the killing curse was used on him as well.

The Potters were said to have put their home in Godric's Hallow under the Fidelius Charm. (For details on how the Fidelius Charm works, see page 5) Sirius Black, long-time friend of the Potters was apparently their Secret-Keeper. Unfortunately, the Potters put their trust in the wrong person. Sirius Black betrayed the Potters, which led to their untimely deaths. Upon receiving the news, Peter Pettigrew, also a longtime friend of both the Potters and Black, was reported to have gone after Black himself. He went after Sirius Black and cornered him in the early hours this morning. Sirius Black then sent a curse resulting in the death of twelve muggles and Peter Pettigrew.

Aurors soon arrived on the scene. Sirius Black was arrested and taken in to custody. He was found guilty of thirteen counts of murder and of being a Death Eater. Sources say Peter Pettigrew is being nominated for an Order of Merlin First Class.

Albus Dumbledore, Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot, had this to say. "The deaths of the Potters are a tragedy. I knew them well, and I can honestly say;they will be missed."

Good friend of the Potters, Remus Lupin, was asked for a statement. He politely declined.

Tom finished reading the article with a cruel smirk plastered on his handsome face.

Black was sent to Azkaban. He stated with amusement. Bella will love that.

Nagini hissed happily.

A small beeping noise alerted Tom that Harrison was now awake.

Come Nagini. Harrison is awake.

Tom made his way to the third floor with Nagini following close behind.

As he entered the room, he saw Harrison lying there awake, but looking peaceful. After he picked him up Nagini spoke.

He's perfect! Nagini hissed, pushing herself up to see his face. Everyone will love him.

Yes, they will. Tom said smiling down at the boy in his arms. I must get him dressed so I can perform the ritual. The sooner I do it, the better.

Twenty minutes later, Harrison was bathed and dressed. Tom carried Harrison to his office and conjured a crib. He walked to his desk and pulled out two vials. Inside the vials was a potion he had made personally. This potion would genetically link Harry, now Harrison, and Tom together. Harrison will, after digesting the potion, slowly inherit some of Tom's traits and physical characteristics. After pricking his finger, he poured several drops of his blood into the vial. Then he pricked Harrison's finger and put his blood into the other one. After drinking the vial containing Harrison's blood, he poured the contents of the other vial into a baby bottle. He then put the bottle to Harrison's lips and had him drink. Once both vials were empty, Tom smiled. Not his usual cruel smile, but a genuine happy smile.

When will you introduce him to your Death Eaters? Nagini asked, while she sat observing the young infant.

I do not know. I will introduce him to the Inner Circle tomorrow. As for the others, they will learn of his existence in due time. For now, I believe it will be best for only my most trusted to know of his existence.

The next morning came too quickly for Tom. Today was the day he would introduce his Inner Circle to his son. None of them, of course, know that he was once a Potter. To them it does not matter, he is the son of their Lord, and they all know better to question their Lord. Soon after Tom finished his breakfast, the wards went off alerting Tom that Harrison was awake.

Upon entering Harrison's room and peering at him in his crib Tom instantly noticed a few differences in his son's appearance. They were subtle, but different. His eyes were still Avada Kedavra green. Tom was thankful for that, he liked his eyes, they were different. His skin, however, had lightened a bit. 'He isn't as white as Lucius' son, Draco.' Tom thought to himself 'but still lighter than he was before.' His hair also wasn't a complete mess like it was last night, for which Tom was eternally grateful.

After finishing his bottle, he was given a bath, and then it was time for his wardrobe. Tom spent several minutes picking out the perfect outfit for Harrison to wear. First impressions were everything after all. Finally, Tom decided on black pants, a black silk shirt, and emerald green robes. They would complement Tom's dark green robes nicely. He combed his hair, which, thanks to the adoption potion, was now controlled.

Once Tom was sure Harrison and he looked perfectly presentable, he walked down to the first floor. He entered his sitting room; this was one of the rooms he used when he had guests over for non-Death Eater occasions. It was large and bright. People assume because he is a Dark Lord he likes everything gloomy and dark. Well, this is not the case. His manor is a mix of dark and light, all luxurious of course, for he would accept nothing less. However, he does enjoy the brightness caused by large windows and expansive fireplaces. Large comfortable couches and chairs in, earth tones and greens, are everywhere throughout the room. Portraits hung on the walls. Vases and expensive artifacts sat upon the mantelpiece and the coffee tables, which sat in front of every couch.

At exactly nine o' clock, sounds of apparition were heard. Tom turned to the entryway to see his Inner Circle walking in. In the front was a beautiful woman with long curly black hair and heavily lidded eyes. This woman's name is Bellatrix Lestrange. Behind her was Lucius Malfoy a tall, blonde, aristocratic looking man. To Lucius' right was his wife Narcissa, in her arms was their son, Draco. Narcissa is not a Death Eater; however, Tom wanted her to meet Harrison. For, if he needs someone to watch his son, the Malfoy's would be his first choice. Narcissa had long straight blonde hair, bright blue eyes and pale skin, the opposite of her sister Bellatrix. Their son was about the same age as Harrison, give or take a few months, Tom did not know for sure. He had white hair and grayish-blue eyes. Following them were Rodolphus and Rabastan Lestrange, Rodolphus is the husband of Bellatrix. Antonin Dolohov, a muscular man with dark hair, Thorfinn Rowle, a blonde man with piercing blue eyes, Walden Macnair, Samuel Nott, and Evan Rosier followed in next. Barty Crouch Jr was the next to enter. Barty is the youngest of the Inner Circle; he is a tall gangly young man with light brown hair. Finally, a tall pale man with a hooked nose and sallow skin entered with black robes billowing behind him. Severus Snape inclined his head in greeting.

Upon entering, all of the Death Eaters bowed and said, "My Lord."

"My loyal Death Eaters. I have called you here for a joyous occasion. Today you will all finally meet my son." Tom walked towards a crib that sat before the fireplace. He bent down and picked up his son. "My son, Harrison Riddle."

Tom may be a heartless Lord but when he is just with his Inner Circle, he is somewhat different. To his Death Eaters he is a cruel man who will Crucio you for any mistake. It is no different with his Inner Circle, however, when they are together for non-Death Eater related reasons, he is much less hostile. He wouldn't go so far as to call them his friends, but he allowed them to be less formal when they weren't discussing Death Eater business.

The Death Eaters stared at Harrison. All of them had different emotions and thoughts running through their heads. They knew what they were called for, but to actually see their Lord's heir was exciting. Would having an heir change their Lord? This could be a good thing, but it could also turn out to be a bad thing. Only time will tell. Narcissa was the first one to speak.

"He is precious my lord," Narcissa said smiling at the boy in his arms.

"Yes he you, Narcissa." Tom told her while staring at his Death Eaters. He was gauging their reactions. None seemed upset by him having an heir. 'This is good.' Tom thought. 'That means I don't have to kill anyone of value today.'

Tom placed Harrison back in the crib and turned to his Death Eaters. "Narcissa you are welcome to put young Draco in Harrison's crib. That way we can all enjoy some tea."

"Of course." Narcissa said, walking over to the crib to place Draco down.

The two infants stared at one another before Harrison made a gurgling sound and an adorable smile graced his face. The blonde boy eyed Harrison like he was a new toy before he smiled too, showing a small baby tooth.

Several hours later, all the Death Eaters were gone. Once he was fed, Tom laid Harrison down for a nap then went to his office with Nagini.

That turned out better than I thought. Tom hissed. None of them will be a problem.

Yes, it seemed to go well. What are your and young master's plans for tomorrow?

Our plans? I have no plans for the day. Harrison is still getting used to the house. Thankfully, he took to me instantly. However, I want him to get used to a routine before I get back to work. Then he will need to get used to Narcissa, she will be the one to watch him when I am busy. He will also have a young playmate in Draco.

That is good master; he will need a good friend.

Yes, he will. Soon though, Nagini, I will begin my plans to, once and for all, take over the Wizarding World.

AN: Harrison WILL stay dark.