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Lmao! I completely used up the 10 spots given to upload stuff ;p That's ten days of fics for you and 10 days of writing for me! =D Too bad I never finished my outline ^^; That's the focus right now and I've gotten nowhere. Oh well, I'm sure it'll eventually work itself out. Anyway! This is the fic chosen by Narutopokefan. It's a request from Doomy-chan, so I hope you all enjoy it! XD

As before, I'm letting you guys choose the next post... It saves me from having to choose myself ;p Best... idea... I've ever had! Your choices are: 'A Tiger's Stripes', 'Demon of My Nightmares', or 'Hacking My Heart'!

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Chapter 1

It was a horrible accident that led the group to where they are today, living in a jungle on an island with no name. It seems years, but was only months ago that their ship was battered by a tropical storm and they were cast into the sea. There are fifteen of them in total, three women and two children amongst the men. Their first settlement was erected upon the beach, hoping that a stray ship would catch their fires and rescue them. After weeks of this, the tides started moving closer and they were eventually forced to move to higher ground. The trek there is dangerous, the path through the jungle worn by nothing more than predators and the occasional prey, yet it's necessary.

"Yamamoto," a young woman calls. "The tides have begun to rise once more… shall I alert the others to our trek?"

"That will be fine, Cirruci, thank you," the old man comments.

He's the oldest of the group, but still one of the strongest. He's a war veteran with years of combat experience in these very conditions, so he was made the leader of their little tribe. Cirruci is young yet, barely in her mid-twenties, however her knowledge of poisons and their antidotes have been invaluable. Before getting stranded here, she lived as the daughter of a nature expert. Her childhood included quizzes and being dragged around to observe animals in their natural habitat.

"How are Masaki and her infant?" he asks as an afterthought.

Masaki was pregnant when they first arrived on this island, pushing nine months and on her way to a new home. Just a couple weeks ago, she gave birth to her son and seemed weakened after the ordeal. Had Unohana not been a fantastic medic, she would've likely died.

"Masaki is strong enough to make the journey," Cirruci ensures. "But her child has been drifting in and out of consciousness… we fear he won't survive."

"I'm sure he'll be fine, he's a strong one. Gather the others, it's time to move."

She nods and hurries off, leaving the old man to pack what little possessions he managed to gather. With a deep sigh, he wonders if he's right. Masaki's son is a fighter, he can tell, but this is a dangerous place for infants. Pushing the thoughts aside, he heads out to speak with those he leads.

"As always, we shall wait for the moon to come out before leaving," he states. "Predators hunt at night, so they'll stay around the watering holes and areas packed with game. Those places are far from our path and provide us with ample opportunity. We must stay quiet, we don't want to alert nearby animals to our presence."

"What about the baby?" Unohana wonders. "Infants aren't likely to know when to keep quiet."

"… We'll have to try our best to keep him sleeping."

"It shouldn't be hard," Masaki remarks sadly. "He's been awake for only a couple hours today, if that. I doubt he'll survive the trip."

"I'm sure he'll be fine. Though I must confess, there's a feeling of dread within me… someone won't make it this time," he admits. "Perhaps none of us will."

"Then we should stay here!"

"We either drown or risk the predators finding us, neither are options I'd like. Come on… there's safety in numbers."

The others chatter amongst themselves as they make sure to pack only the necessities, everyone sending baleful looks toward the new mother and her child. Masaki hangs her head, holding her tiny baby closer to herself as she attempts to shield him from the suspicion and hate. Though she's always been rather popular with the others, that's gone downhill since she gave birth… Cirruci can be thanked for that. Looking after a child is difficult for a first time mother, so splitting her attention between work and the boy only seems to slow her down. Cirruci never did much to begin with, so having to pitch in only made her sour toward the strawberry blonde.

"Don't worry, my precious boy… I'll protect you with my life."

It's quiet, the moon finally reaching its highest point within the sky. The jungle has never been so still, so soundless, and as the humans creep further within the brush… they fear what they may run into. Yamamoto's warning was eerie and left a horrid unease within the group, everyone too busy wondering who won't survive to worry about watching for danger. As they reach a resting point, they hear the wail of a hungry baby.

"Quiet that child, Masaki!" one of the men hisses. "The predators will hear it!"

"He's just hungry," Unohana frowns. "Masaki, just feed him like I taught you and he'll quiet."

She does as told, the baby silenced although the tribe is anything but happy. Cirruci is more for herself than the safety of others, the baby threatening that sense of survival. She glares at the tiny defenseless bundle in Masaki's arms, waiting for everyone else to move on before stepping over to the woman.

"You need to leave that child behind, Masaki," she frowns. "He won't survive anyway, just leave him."

"I won't! That's cruel and there's still a chance he'll make it!"

"Not tonight," she hisses. "I won't be killed because of that little siren."

"He'll be quiet now, he's been fed."

"You don't get it! We found that old settlement when we arrived, we found that picture! Those people had a little tagalong, too, and they ended up dead in their own camp!" she shouts in fury. "Either drop the brat or walk in the other direction, we don't need you here!"

Masaki glowers hatefully, holding the boy closer to her as he sleeps. Cirruci knows defiance when she sees it, has always known this woman to be capable of it, and lunges to rip the baby from her arms. Masaki gasps and turns, feeling a makeshift blade tear into her back and through her stomach at an angle. Cirruci slits her throat afterward for good measure, watching in sick satisfaction as Masaki falls with the baby still sleeping in her arms. She leaves them like that, hurrying to catch up with the others and hoping the predators make a quick snack of the baby before finishing off the woman.

Once she's back with the others, they don't say much about Masaki's disappearance… head count isn't taken until they're all safe within the walls of their home. She has a slight bounce in her step now, satisfaction high within her as they come closer to their sanctuary. It's too late though, the howls of wolves rising over the trees and sending fear throughout the clearing. The men grab their makeshift weapons and circle the few women they have to protect, waiting for the attack they've been warned of. Carefully, they start toward the protection of their second settlement. The gates so close and yet… not close enough. The jungle is filled with shrieks of pain and terror as the wolves rush in, claws and teeth tearing flesh as they take down the humans one by one. No one survives; all of them left half eaten and staring with glassy eyes toward the canopy.

Back within the clearing where Masaki lies, the baby stirs and tumbles from her arms. It's a short fall to the forest floor, but enough to make him cry. He's too young to understand the fact his mother is dead, her blood painting his body crimson as her figure grows cold. He doesn't know why she's not responding to him, why she's not coddling him and holding him in her warm embrace. A rustling from the brush draws his attention, vivid amber eyes staring curiously as three large tigers step from the trees.

"What have we here?" a female one wonders in delight. "Awe, it's a baby!"

"Stay away from it, Yorouchi!" an almost sandy colored tiger growls. "It could be dangerous!"

"You dumbass, it's just a baby!" she snaps as her paw slaps him. "What the hell could it possibly do? Gum me to death?"

"Can we eat it?"

"No! You most certainly can't eat it! I'm going to raise it," she purrs happily. "Someone has to, you know. I think that corpse over there is its mom."

"… Kisuke isn't going to like this," the male whines.

Yorouchi doesn't listen, waltzing over and lifting the baby carefully in her mouth by the nape of its neck. This will never be the same as the one she lost a few days ago, but it'll help to ease the pain… they need each other and she'll die to protect this baby just as its mother did before her.

There you have it! The first chapter! =D I only have two written, but I'll write more after I'm finished with Demon! In case you haven't figured it out, Doomy-chan enjoys my more animalistic GrimmIchi and requested a Tarzan theme ;p

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