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Chapter 15: Afterword

Almost an entire year has passed on their little island paradise. Ichigo has become great friends with Nelliel of the jaguars and all the humans that came with Isshin, however he's rarely ever seen without Grimmjow or Shiro. As it is, he's hanging out with Rukia and her mate Renji… who happens to be Byakuya's second in command. The fiery tiger has grown quickly on Ichigo; though Rukia doesn't allow him to pick on the other like he does those of their clan… she does enough of that for both of them.

"It stormed really badly the last few days," Rukia comments as they walk toward the beach.

"There might be some large fish on the beach," Renji states eagerly. "It'll be a nice change from the typical dinner. Hey, Ichigo, how did the humans pull through? Byakuya said you and Shiro went to check on them this morning while Grimmjow was hunting."

"Oh, yeah. They pulled through with little to no damage."

"That's great!"

The trio step onto the beach, gasping in shock at what they see. There, walking the sands dazed and confused, is a group of humans. They're sopping wet, calling out to others of their clan. Children are crying as they sit in the white sands, women are in hysterics looking for children, and the few men with them are trying their hardest to get some sort of control. Ichigo sighs and carefully heads down to greet them.

"Rukia, you're the fastest," he states. "Go tell Grimmjow and Shiro what happened. Renji, come with me but stay civil. I don't know how they'll react to a… uh… wild boy, as Uryu calls me."

"Got it."

Rukia darts off through the brush to locate Grimmjow, Renji sticking close to the orange headed tiger. The people on the beach gasp at the sight, backing away cautiously as the two males approach. Ichigo is standing upright now, trying to seem less intimidating in hopes of gaining trust.

"Hello," Ichigo says softly. "Are you all okay? Is everyone in your group present?"

"W-who are you?" a larger man asks as he shields the others.

"My name is Ichigo, I live here," he answers with a friendly smile. "I know where the scientists live if you'd like shelter. They built a lab here to study the wildlife, but also to house stranded humans who get shipwrecked. They'll phone in to the government and have you back home in no time!"

"Y-you're tiger…"

"Renji won't hurt you, I promise. He's just here to protect me while my mate is hunting," Ichigo states. "Now, is everyone here? I can get my clan to help you track down the others if you need."

"There are five lost at sea, I don't know if they were washed up or not. We would appreciate the help."

"Of course! Just give me a moment to call on my clan."

Ichigo and Renji move back toward the trees, a roar sounding a moment later that startles those on the shore. When Ichigo returns, it's with his mate and a large amount of fierce felines. Ichigo and Grimmjow have slowly been taking over the jaguar clan, who are determined to draw Ichigo into their family. Whenever the orange head calls, they immediately answer along with the tigers.

"What's the problem?" a golden-eyed jaguar named Szayel wonders.

"We have to locate five humans," Ichigo remarks. "They haven't found them yet and don't know if they washed ashore or not. How about I go this way with the tigers and Grimmjow can take the jaguars that way?"

"How about you stay put and let our fastest runners look for them with our best trackers?" Grimmjow frowns. "That'll be the easiest plan of attack, don't you think?"

"… Fine."

"You heard my bitch," Grimmjow smirks. "Group up however you want, just get your asses out there and find those humans. Send the runner back here to inform us before you make contact with them, they'll likely think you're trying to eat them if we're not there."

The humans watch in amazement as the blue haired man growls and snarls at the felines, the cats breaking off into groups and racing along the shore in both directions. Grimmjow and Ichigo attempt to gather those already there, hoping to get them to Isshin without too much trouble. They learn the leader's name is Kariya, that their ship had been capsized during the storm.

"Ichigo, the rest of their group has been spotted down the way," Rukia calls as she hurries over.

She had joined Renji's group, which consisted of them and a few jaguars. Grimmjow sends the tiger to call back the second group, joining Ichigo in gathering the rest of the humans. Though they're uncertain about these two, the humans agree to follow the clan leaders to the lab.

"That one is Kisuke and his mate is Yorouchi," Grimmjow informs. "That's Byakuya, Kurotsuchi, and the jaguar leaders are Aizen and Pantera. They won't hurt you; they just want to get you to safety."

"Please bring the rest of our group soon, I'm worried about them."

"Don't worry; we'll have them at the lab in no time. Come on, Ichi."

The orange head follows his mate happily, the two followed by Shiro just in case they encounter something dangerous. It doesn't take them long to find the group, the five huddled together as they eye the jaguar that's lain down to rest. Nnoitra grins widely at Grimmjow and Ichigo, standing to face the two approaching.

"We told you to stay away from them."

"I am away from them," the jaguar states smartly. "Someone had to keep track of their movement… I just made sure they didn't move."

Grimmjow rolls his eyes as he pulls Ichigo toward the humans. When the feline attempts to get closer, the blue haired jaguar snarls at him in warning. Nnoitra backs off, grumbling about unfair leaders. Shiro isn't about to leave Ichigo's side, so he sticks his tongue out at Nnoitra and keeps beside his brother. Ichigo sets a hand on his head, silently telling him not to move from beneath it.

"You're the rest of Kariya's group?" Grimmjow calls. "Are you all uninjured?"

"You've seen Kariya?" a slight woman wonders.

"Yeah, he's on his way with others to a lab on the island," Ichigo smiles. "We've come to take you there as well… don't worry about the tigers and jaguars, they just like to tease. They won't actually harm you unless you try to hurt them first."

Quietly, the rest of the humans follow them to the lab and Ichigo's heart lifts when they're all reunited. Grimmjow and Ichigo linger only a short while, as there are still things to be done for the clans. Once they're positive the humans are safe and help has been called to take them from the island, the two leave. Ichigo is wandering playfully through the brush, his amber orbs sending a come-hither look toward his lover. Grimmjow chuckles and bounds through the trees to catch his mate. Just as they tumble to the ground in a flurry of growls and purrs, a tiny mewl cuts through their heated tension.

"What was that?" Ichigo wonders.

"Hell if I know."

Ichigo pulls away from Grimmjow, creeping closer to the origin of the sound as his dominant hovers him. In a clearing not far from them, they see the carcass of a jaguar female. Ichigo frowns and looks to Grimmjow, however it's clear he doesn't recognize the feline… which means it's likely a rogue from the other side of the island. It's been attacked by wolves recently, though that's not what killed it. Movement to its side draws Ichigo's attention, the tiger creeping closer to see two little cubs searching for attention. They must've been born after the attack, which must've been recent by the heat coming off the body, but the mother died after feeding them the first time… the stress on her body just too much.

"Grimm… there are two babies," Ichigo states. "What should we do?"

"… Bring them with us," Grimmjow comments. "Nelliel just had cubs; she should have enough milk to share between them. We'll raise them as ours."

"We're going to have a family!" Ichigo grins widely. "But… what will we tell them when they get older?"

"The truth. It won't change anything, just as it didn't change who our parents and family are."

Ichigo nods in agreement, lifting one cub by the nape of its neck as Grimmjow picks up the other. The two, grateful the cubs were clean, head back to their shared den. They know the others will be happy at the prospect of a growing clan, even more so that it's the clan leader that's raising cubs now. Ichigo purrs in joy, entering the den and setting the cub he holds next to Nelliel.

"Please, feed them?" he asks. "We found them in the trees, their mother was dead."

"Awe! I love cubs!" Nelliel squeals. "I'll be happy to help you feed them!"

"There are two, both boys," Grimmjow comments after setting his down.

Nelliel purrs loudly, drawing the cubs close to her so they can feed with her own cub. Ichigo stays with her as Grimmjow heads over to speak with the rest of the den. Everything has fallen into place for the clans; the quarrel is over, the humans don't have to die on their island anymore, their clans are together and growing, and now Grimmjow and Ichigo are starting their own family. Life certainly couldn't be better for the couple.

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