Chapter 1

'Finally! Lunch break! Couldn't wait anymore... Gosh, I'm starving' Katherine Beckett thought as she grabbed her jacket from the back of her chair and walked towards the last desk in the row, where the two detectives, Javier Esposito and Kevin Ryan, stood, chatting about whatever unimportant thing they wanted to do after their shift.

"Hey, guys. Wanna grab a bite at Remy's?" She asked politely, though she wished they'd say no. It was a hard day for her. January 9th. Her mother's death anniversary. And all she wanted to be by herself, because she knew she'd have to deal with her father later, and wanted to prepare her self for the situation, but they were her friends and...

"No, thanks." They said in unison, looking at each other as soon as they noticed it and Ryan continued on his own. "We still have paperwork. Hum... We'll eat later, Beckett. But thanks anyway."

"You and Espo are staying because of paperwork?" she asked, raising a brow at them. She knew it wasn't true. They hated paperwork, but as long as it was done by the end of the day and she wasn't the one to finish it, who was she to argue? "I'm so proud of you!" she squeazed Ryan's cheek before walking down the hall, towards the elevator and leaving the precinct.

He had been there, looking for something actually worth writing about for over an hour. He was tired, about to give up and leave when he saw her come in. Her brown hair framming her face perfectly, her long legs giving her an air of superiority (God, he had a thing for long legs), her green sweater, disposed over a white shirt and jeans, matched her eyes, which glowed as she smiled at the balconist and ordered.

She payed for whatever she'd asked for and sat at the table across his. He could see her front now. 'She's stunning' he thought. 'But why are those beatiful eyes so sad?' That was it. The click he needed, the inspiration, the mystery in her eyes was exactly what he needed for his new book.

He opened his laptop and started carefully writing, describing every detail he noticed in her. He looked up and down from his screen, just to see if she was still there and check if he'd missed anything. But, this time, when he looked up, her green eyes met his blue ones. She had finished eating her burger and was now drinking coffee, neither of them dropping the gaze.

After what felt like hours, she stood up and moved closer, sitting one of the chairs from his table, right in front of him. "Would you mind to explain yourself? I mean, you've been checking me out for the last hour." she said. God, her voice was so soft, tiny bells ringing in it.

"I'm sorry if I creeped you out. I didn't mean to." he said, shyly." It's just that I've been having writer's block and my publisher was pushing me to write. Then I came here and had no inspiration until I saw you, with all that mystery and sadness mixed up in your eyes and I thought about making up a story about it, you know?"

"You're a writer? And you want to write about me?" he nodded, twice. "Something I might have heard of?"

"In a Hail of Bullets, Flowers for your Grave, the Derrick Storm collection...?"

'Oh, my God!'

"Wait, you're Richard Castle? The Richard Castle?" she couldn't believe he was now standing - sitting, actually - in front of her. Her favorite author, the guy who had helped her get through her mother's murder, the guy who'd saved her from being just like her father. The writer who didn't let her give up and go straight to the bottle.

"Looks like I have a fan.!"

"What?" she asked, stupidly as her cheeks blushed.

"Well, my dear, for the way that you're blushing, I'll take it as a 'Yes'."

She blushed even more and dropped her head. Gosh, he was there and he cared about her being a fan. She should've recognized him, from the back cover of his books, but she didn't. If she had, she would've never approached him. She heard him say something, but she didn't really care about whatever that was. She was more worried about getting her heart race and facial color back to she was able to, she asked "What did you say?"

"I asked your name, Ms. Gorgeous eyes." he flirted, bringing the blush back.

"I'm Beckett, Kate Beckett." she answered.

"Are you some sort of secret agent like James Bond, Ms Beckett?" he joked, his ocean blue eyes glowing while staring at hers.

"No, I'm not, Mr. Castle. But I work for the NYPD, though." she answered sincerely. He was trying to make her confortable, and,damn, it was working. She smiled at him and he smiled back.

"May I know what's your job in the NYPD, exactly?"

"Just made detective last month."

"So Detective Beckett it is." he said grining and typing something on his laptop. Then, he wrote something down on a note pad on his edge of the table. "My dear detective, I should go now." he said, standing up and shaking her hand. "It was a pleasure to meet you." he left her there, with a stupid grin on her face.

She felt magical, though for her magic didn't exist. She felt whole again, special. She felt the way she used to feel when her mother was around... 'Oh, he left his note pad!' She looked back, to see if he was still at Remy's. Nothing. She couldn't see him through the window either. He was gone. She grabbed the notebook and read what he'd just written.

"My dear detective, looks like, now, I have a reason to see you again, don't I? I'll be back here soon. Hope to see you around! :) -RC"

'Well, I guess now I'll have to come back here everyday, in order to give it back...' she thought smiling and leaving the diner.