Eridan had spent the last four days cramming for some shit midterm; and he aced that bastard, reported straight to the liquor store, and headed right back to his dorm room.

He shut the door behind him, pulled the chilled six-pack from its paper bag and set it down on his desk with a soft clatter, and shrugged off his coat, hanging it on a hook by his door, expensive loafers and dress socks quickly shed after. He stretched out, briefly, tension still coiled in his shoulders and the small of his back, all of his body eager for some kind of release. He grabbed a couple of bottles and crossed through the bathroom-pausing only to check himself in the mirror and straighten his black turtleneck-and knocked on Sollux's door.

Best case scenario, this time the douche would answer, split the six-pack, and they'd share a rowdy fuck; worst case scenario, same plan with twice the liver damage and half the participants.

After a hesitant moment, the door opened and there stood Sollux, clad in a clean black t-shirt and jeans, one red sock and one blue sock, 3D glasses slid halfway down his nose, "Hey." His voice came less steady than his don't-give-a-fuck stance would imply.

"Hey Sol. Aced a big-ass exam an' need me some unwindin'. Got some time to share a drink?" Eridan offered one of the bottles, chill-misted and inviting.

Tempting. Very tempting. Sollux leaned back on his heels before asking, "Is this an actual bona fide 'door knocking' situation?"

"You said to knock when I want somethin'," Eridan shrugged, giving a winning smile, "Right now I'm after a drinkin' partner, though far be it from me to go pretendin' a fuck didn' sound like the perfect way to cap this all off. One or both, what d'you say?"

Sollux visibly relaxed with a quiet sigh and a nod, "All right, yeah sure. I'm in. Better not let KK know or the pantywaisted dickbag will have a whole stupid bunch of hell to raise at us for breaking rules."

Eridan handed him one of the bottles and pulled a keychain bottle opener from his pocket. "Like he'd give a shit; if anythin' he'd be pissed we didn' include him in the drinkin' portion, but I didn' feel like fetchin' two packs, you feel me? So. Your room or mine?"

He thought on that briefly for a moment, looking up as he tapped his foot, "Your room. Might as well fuck up your sheets this time."

Eridan grinned and led the way back to his own room; so far, so good. The last two times he had knocked on Sollux's door for "relief" he had been met with only silence. Possibly Sollux had been out both times, but Eridan reasoned it was more likely that the reclusive dickwad just hadn't had the proper manners to answer the door and give a not-tonight in person. "Sounds like you're game on both counts," he said as he popped Sollux's cap, and then his own.

Sollux nodded and took a sip, cringing somewhat at the taste of the brew, but not complaining.

Eridan flopped down on the bed, loosening his scarf and taking a hearty pull of his bottle. More bitter a brew than he preferred, but he had just grabbed the first cheap cold pack he could find, "Not my favorite, but it does the job proper. But man, I aced that fucker, I feel it in my bones." He flicked his eyes up to Sollux. "You goin' to sit down or what? Get comfy; you're makin' me nervous just standin' there."

"Yeah, yeah I'm gettin' there." Sollux then inched over to the bed and perched at the edge, pulling his feet up as well and staring over the rim of his glasses at him for a brief moment, "There. So what astronomical task was it that you apparently aced?"

"Art History. Teacher's ruthless as fuck, though." Eridan took another draught and looked over to Sollux. "What about you? Ain't seen a lick a you in days."

In actuality, for the last three days Sollux had been pulling hours for his side-job, leaving him with little time other than what he had spent in class, "I owed my friend some face-time otherwise she would've come over demanding I go outside. She does that, you know."

"That Ar chick? Fef was goin' on about her." Honestly, someone forcing Sollux out into the living world every now and then was not just probably good for him, but also the only thing keeping the scrawny schmuck from achieving the ultimate nerd zen and becoming one with his laptop, body and mind. "She drink? Draggin' her to our soirees would light Fef up like Christmas."

Sollux seemed to relax a bit. Casual conversation over a beer, nothing to worry about. "I keep meaning to ask, but she keeps getting busy with either her job or her boyfriend."

Eridan shrugged, sweeping his beer-filled hand-pinky extended-towards Sollux, "Bring her when she feels like it. Fuck, bring him too. Whatever, so long as they don't go squealin', right?"

Sollux made a face, "Ugh. I don't even know what to expect out of them, so I'm just expecting a lot of shit."

"New beau?"

Sollux nodded with another choked sip of his drink, "Petty much, I mean what do you know about anyone dating anyone? All your friends are single, right?"

Eridan shot him a disgruntled look, "More or less, but it ain't like I haven't had a steady in my time."

Sollux snorted, genuinely surprised but masking it with a coat of incredulousness, "Really?"

Eridan raised an eyebrow, "What? You're actin' like you think nobody'd want a piece a this." He swept a hand over his face and chest. "Yeah, I had repeat partners before, an' even the odd proper girlfriend here an' there. Is that such a strain on the bounds a credibility?"

Sollux gave a reedy little laugh, "Hilarious. Though really the best part is trying to think about you being domestic at all."

"Domestic? If that's what you call takin' a girl for a night on the town, fingerin' her in the parkin' lot, lettin' her blow me under the tablecloth at dinner, fuckin' like dogs in a bathroom stall at the club, an' havin' another go in bed when we got to her place, then sure, I'm domestic as fuck."

Any sense of hilarity drained from Sollux, as an expression of discomfort settled on his face; eyes growing wide, jaw dropping just so before he responded, "…That so?"

Eridan leaned back on his bed, taking another swig and feeling that old familiar buzz forming in the back of his neck and creeping upwards, "Vris was a freak; good an' crazy an' liked it in public."

"Apparently." Sollux took another drink, pointedly looking the other way before responding, "Once beard number two shows up, guess that'll be a good indicator that I'm not that big on whatever sex dungeon bullshit you're running."

Eridan struggled for a moment to parse that. "...The fuck? There's a train a thought runnin' here I ain't got the ticket for, Sol. Mind tryin' that again?"

"A beard's whatever other chick you're gonna bang until you're positive that dick's really what you're after. I'm waiting for that door to knock any time now because yeah, it's kind of obvious to me."

Eridan eyed him; was Sollux serious? Did he really think that deflecting that hard wasn't going to hit him in the face?

"Dunno what you're goin' on about; I wasn't fuckin' Vris because I was hidin' anythin'. I was fuckin' her 'cause she was fun to fuck… Now what's really goin' on in that bipolar noggin a yours, Sol? You sure you ain't just jealous 'cause you ain't got so much experience as a yet?" Eridan smirked, sitting up and drawing up his knee, letting his arm rest on it.

"Just can't let me make fun of you without it all going back to me, huh?" Sollux snorted and put his half full bottle on the floor before sitting back up.

Eridan drained his bottle and set the empty aside. "Just thinkin' we could catch you up on some a that 'experience' if that's what you was intimatin'." Eridan shifted to his hands and knees, staring Sol down with a smolder.

Sollux then grinned cheekily, pulling off his sunglasses with a flourish, "Oh yeah? Come at me, bro."

Challenge accepted. Eridan pushed Sollux against the bed and captured his lips in a kiss as he straddled Sollux's thighs.

Sollux's eyes opened in shock at Eridan's zeal, having no choice but to follow along for the time being. He gripped his glasses in his right hand, squeezing, hoping not to drop them, but unable to focus on little else than those lips claiming his voraciously.

Eridan's hand drifted down Sollux's arm to his hand, and he took his sunglasses. He sat up, taking off his own glasses and setting both pairs aside, "Here, free up your hands an' use them, Sol, show me there's some life in you."

A smirk split Sollux's mouth, baring crooked, uneven teeth as he yanked Eridan back down by his shirt onto his mouth once more. Something akin to a growl bubbled out of Sollux's throat as he began sucking Eridan's lower lip, eager to show him just who was the fucking boss right now.

Eridan growled right back, itching Sollux's upper lip with his teeth. He pulled off his own scarf and cast it aside, and let his hands grip and scratch through Sollux's shirt.

Eridan's tongue was there to meet his, twirling and twining together for a moment before Eridan sat up, breaking the kiss in favor of the equally vital mission of getting naked. He peeled his turtleneck off and cast it aside, then leaned down to strip Sollux of his shirt.

Sollux reared back from Eridan, eyes on his face as he stripped his own shirt off, beginning to unzip his jeans as well, "Get your pants off already, diva."

Eridan climbed off Sollux to do exactly that, dispensing with his khakis and steel-gray boxer-briefs. "Can't wait for me to fuck you, can you, Sol?" he said, as he pulled a bottle of lube from his bedside table and tossed it by Sollux's hip as he kneeled on the bed.

"Wait what?" Sollux suddenly looked nervous, "I don't want anything up my ass!"

"No? Shame, it's a great feelin'," he shrugged and worked a hand up Sollux's thigh as he offered, "You ever heard a intercrural?"

Sollux warily shook his head, mismatched eyes on Eridan's hand up on his leg. He began to harden in his briefs at the sensation of being rubbed there, breathing deeper and then looking back up at Eridan.

Eridan's hand inched further, fingers slipping beneath the fabric of Sollux's boxers. "The long an' short a it is, you keep your thighs pressed together, an' my dick goes twixt 'em while I give you a sweet li'l reach-around, leavin' your ass untainted an' worry free for the time bein'."

Sollux eyed him up and down, warily. "You sure? You're not just gonna spring it on me like 'Surprise shitstain!' or anything?"

"Eugh, no," Eridan said with a disgusted sneer. "What manner a asshole you take me for? No. I mean to fuck your ass, Sol, make no mistake, but I mean for you to want it when I do."

"Well that's going to take you a fuckton of convincing and possibly some bribery to get to happen." Sollux then groaned softly, pushing his hips up as Eridan's wandering hand moved further up his thigh.

Eridan smirked, pulling Sollux's boxers away, "I ain't so sure on that point, Sol. Tell you what, let me play with you a bit, an' scout's honor I ain't goin' to stick anythin' in your ass tonight."

"All right, lay it on me." Sollux nodded once again, half erect and spreading his legs just so. His tongue slid over his lips briefly, just wetting them in anticipation.

Eridan inched forward, picking up the bottle and flicking it open with his thumb. He poured a little lube out on his hand and wrapped his slippery fingers around Sollux's shaft, stroking him gently, "Mmm? You givin' me full permission to do anythin' I want but invade that ass a yours?"

Sollux stared down at Eridan's hand and nodded, growing hard almost immediately at the heat and pressure. He shut his eyes and allowed himself a low, stilted moan.

Eridan slid his hand down, cupping Sollux's sack in his palm, rubbing behind it with his fingers. "Even if I mind to go teasin' your taint a little?"

Sollux jumped slightly, not in any unpleasant means, but ohh. Oh that felt good... He himself never skimped on giving that spot a thorough massage whenever he gave himself some good, sweet abuse, but having Eridan's fingers working instead of his own made all the difference, "Fuck, do it more, ED..."

Slick fingers probed and massaged the thick band of muscle, and Eridan scooted a little closer, straddling one of Sollux's thighs, to kiss his neck.

Sollux opened his eyes with a quick gasp as he felt lips on his neck. He inched back from the strangely intimate kisses, but still felt himself growing hotter, harder, the breath constantly being stolen from his body by his mounting arousal.

Eridan purred, taking his hand away, "Get on all fours, Sol, an' I'll give you more."

Sollux immediately obeyed, slinking himself up and around, teeth digging into his lower lip as he waited.

Eridan knelt between Sollux's spread calves and snaked his hand forward, once more massaging behind Sollux's ball-pouch, before slowly inching backwards across his peritoneum. "You don't mind if I do a li'l explorin', now do you, Sol?"

Sollux's cock jumped at the tone of his voice, unleashing another soft groan as he nodded.

Eridan let his fingers wander back, barest fraction of an inch by barest fraction of an inch, as his dry hand cupped and kneaded Sollux's butt cheek.

Sollux tensed slightly at the groping, "What are you doing?"

"Explorin'. I promise, nothin's goin' in your hole, but you might like a finger teasin' the outside a it; plus, I figured why not play some grabass while I was back here? Why, ain't you enjoyin' this?"

It did feel good; good enough to warrant his frame arching back into the touch as Sollux kept his head down, hiding his face.

Eridan let his fingers drift a little further back, his dry fingers digging into Sollux's ass cheek. A thought occurred to him: Sollux's hygiene was...inconsistent, at times. "Uh, 'fore I go any further, you keep it clean back here, don't you Sol?"

"Dammit ED, you had to go and kill the mood, didn't you?" Sollux snapped half-heartedly, looking back over his shoulder with a hateful glare.

"Hey, I'm riskin' my manicure for your pleasure here, asshat, an' I'd rather not flip my shit by accidentally findin' yours."

Sollux turned around and glared, eyebrow cocked and face bright red, "Dammit do you want me to just go wash myself or go back to my room or something?"

"Just tell me if skidmarks tend to be a recurrin' character in the sitcom that is your laundry; that's all I'm askin!"

"No! Now shut the fuck up and keep going!" Sollux reached back and dug his nails dug into Eridan's knee haphazardly.

Eridan winced, and scratched his nails across Sollux's ass cheek in retribution, before he let his wandering fingers continue to explore Sollux's crack.

Sollux ground his teeth slightly with a whistling hiss between them. Gradually he did relax, fingers unfolding as his breath came slower and deeper with arousal.

Almost at a glacial pace, Eridan's fingers found their way to just before the tight pucker of Sollux's ass. "Still feelin' nice, Sol?" he asked, his other hand dropping down to rub Sollux's thigh.

Sollux impatience was steadily catching up with him, but nearly as fast as it could have. He licked his lips, enjoying the sound of that voice right then as his own was whisper like sandpaper, "Yeah..."

"Feelin' pretty tense though, Sol, you sure you ain't nervous?" Eridan laid a hand to either butt cheek and parted Sollux slightly.

Of course I am, you smug dickhead. Sollux thought tensely as his breath threatened to strangle him as he spoke, "I'm fine!"

Eridan let his fingers drift down, from the top of Sollux's crack slowly back down between the cheeks, "Sure you are. But Sol, you're goin' to love what I got planned for this ass a yourn. I know in my bones, the day ain't too far off when you crave my cock up in here, sweet as can be."

So subtly, only because his fingers were tracing his flesh and muscles, Eridan could feel how Sollux twitched at those words.

Eridan smirked and moved his legs, straddling one of Sollux's calves. He bent forward, his cock pushing against Sollux's hip, his fingers circling around his tight hole; "Scared as you may be now, you're goin' to love me gettin' balls-deep in this tight li'l hole. You're goin' to want me rammin' my stick so far up in you it gets lost, an' you'll beg me to fuck you clear through the mattress, you mark my words."

Sollux wanted to ask if Vris ever told him he talked way too much in the heat of the moment, but could only push back against his body, licking over his teeth quickly in anticipation.

"But that's another day..." Eridan let his fingers travel forward, probing and kneading along Sollux's taint as they inched closer to his junk once again.

"Dammit ED I'm gonna burst just fucking do something already...!" Sollux snapped, desperation barely concealed in his tone.

"Tch, no patience." Eridan drew back his hands and picked up the bottle of lube. He poured a good puddle into his hand and began to slick the inside of one of Sollux's thighs. He smirked as Sollux groaned softly, and he lubed up his other thigh, and backed up.

"Okay Sol, legs together, nice an' tight," he directed, as he lubed up his cock, and Sollux obeyed without a second thought.

Legs spread and in position, Eridan slipped his member between Sollux's thighs. He laid a hand on Sollux's shoulder, pulling him up, "Here, straighten up, will you?"

Sollux obliged him, trying to keep his balance on his knees. A moment later, his back was pressed up against Eridan's chest, keeping him steady.

Eridan began to rock his hips, sliding his erection back and forth between Sollux's warm thighs, just beneath the cleft of his ass. His hands worked down Sollux's belly.

Sollux only grew harder, unable to do much other than arch into the feeling and grip his own cock and stroke.

Eridan's hand crept lower, bumping into Sollux's wrist. "You want me doin' that, or you rather get it yourself?" he asked, as he kissed and nibbled the back of Sollux's shoulder.

Sollux tensed for a moment, the feel of Eridan's lips suddenly causing him something of an anxiety. It felt too real. Too fucking real. He pulled his shoulders forward slightly and wordlessly forced Eridan's hand between his legs.

Eridan cupped Sollux's sack with one hand and began to jerk him off with the other, as he sped his hips, his dick slip-sliding against Sollux's taint. He groaned, feeling the heat of Sollux's back against his chest; "Fuck, keep those thighs nice an' tight, Sol, I'm lovin' this..."

Sollux smirked and chuckled breathlessly as he continued to rock between Eridan's hips and his hand, the laugh cutting off abruptly as he pushed forward once again. So good, so good... Sollux then leaned his head back against Eridan's shoulder.

Eridan rocked his hips back and forth, groaning; it had been a long time, too long since he felt the slick sweetness of a tight pair of legs, and he stroked and tugged at Sollux's cock as if it were his own, his grip tight and fast.

Sollux had already been close for a while now, but found himself reaching climax faster than he originally intended. He held his breath and tried to slow down, focusing on something so he didn't blow his wad right then and there.

Eridan kept stroking him, but he let his other hand come around to his hip, grabbing him roughly as he slammed between his thighs over and over, beginning to pant.

Sollux breathlessly growled, "You gonna come? You think you're gonna blow your wad all over me, ED?" He then bit down on his lower lip, hands gripping Eridan's hips behind him.

"Oh I'm goin' to, Sol," he barked, "But I ain't goin' to paint your nutsack pearly-white just yet." He sped up, his grip tightening around Sollux's cock as he took his own pleasure just under Sollux's bony ass.

"Fucking gross..." Sollux moaned-a long, scratchy, low sound as he squirmed against Eridan's chest.

"Nnngh, just for that you're cleanin' your own damn mess...fuck, just stay tight" Eridan found himself getting closer, but fuck if he'd blow it after only a short frot. He licked along Sollux's neck and groaned, "That's good, that's it..."

Sollux tensed and gasped, exposing more of his neck with a low groan, needing to feel his tongue again.

Eridan licked and lightly bit the back of Sollux's neck, as he felt himself get closer. The friction was delicious, and he recognized the point of no return quickly approaching. "I'm goin' to...goin'...fffffuck!"

He bucked his hips, pumping out a sticky mess between Sollux's thighs.

The splash of heat that then dripped down his cock and thighs caused Sollux to groan from the implication, feel, and sheer fucking realization of the situation. He then reached down and jacked himself hard, the way he was used to, the way that he always did when he was so hot and desperate.

He finished with a quiet, strangled yelp in his throat, just then realizing he'd used Eridan's come as a makeshift lubricant.

Eridan sat back on his ankles, feeling loose and comfortable all over as he caught his breath. "Whew...that's the stuff, ain't it?"

Sollux nodded, still panting from the exertion as his brain reeled. He then realized his thighs were wet and sticky, he smelled like a whore. He made a disgusted, quiet little sound as he pushed himself up off the bed and walked toward the bathroom.

Eridan let himself rest for a moment before dismounting the bed and rummaging through his discarded pants for his bottle opener. He disposed of his empty bottle from earlier, uncapped another beer for himself, and sat back on the bed to wait for Sollux to finish. "I gotta get in there next."

From inside the bathroom, Sollux yelled, "I smell like a fucking pier now, I hope you're happy!"

"I claim responsibility only for the beer an' semen, neither a which were a concern a minute ago. Any other stink is all you, Sol," Eridan called back.

"Obviously you've never been to a pier, otherwise you'd know that's all it smells like there!" In the bathroom, Sollux wiped at his thighs and still sensitive member with a washcloth. Wait, was this Eridan's cloth? Oops. Serves him right anyway.

Ungrateful fuck. Eridan shook his head and took a drink, "You got no sense a enjoyin' the moment. Hey, hurry, will you? I got to tidy up a mite an' start runnin' wash, unless you're goin' to be up for another go soon."

Sollux rinsed off the washcloth and dropped in a wet ball on Eridan's sink before walking out.

Eridan set his bottle on the nightstand and rocked to his feet, before walking past Sollux to the bathroom. He rolled his eyes at the washcloth in his sink, chucked it in the hamper, dampened a fresh washcloth, and cleaned himself up. He walked back to his room and got a fresh pair of boxers from his dresser. "Hey, hand me my glasses, will you?"

Sollux's jeans were already back on as he sat on the bed, "Why? You that blind without them?" He picked them up and put them on instead. His face then distorted in confusion and pain, "Fuck, you really are."

Eridan walked over and snatched his glasses away. "Fuck you, Sol, fuck you all over again." He put on his glasses and his boxers, and looked down. He picked up the half-empty beer from the floor, still standing miraculously upright and unspilled, and handed it to Sollux. "What were you, raised in the woods? You ain't got the body a Tarzan, but here in civilization we don't leave shit to get knocked over."

Sollux took the bottle with an sharp, short jerk of his wrist and took a sip, "Whatever, princess."

Eridan rolled his eyes and scrabbled back into his khakis, then grabbed his beer. "Ain't you got any manners? Fuck, you're bad as Kar is." He sat on the edge of the bed, after checking to make sure it was a clean spot, and brought the bottle back up to his lips.

They sat drinking in silence for a minute or so before Sollux picked up his shirt and tried his best to slide back into it while holding the bottle.

"Here." Eridan reached over and took the bottle for him. "See if that ain't easier."

Sollux raised an eyebrow and pulled his shirt on, shaking his head out afterward. He took the bottle back and put it on Eridan's desk.

"Oi, you set that shit in the recyclin' bin," Eridan barked, gesturing to the marked can next to his wastebasket. "The fuck is your problem, man? You don't just leave your shit wherever."

Sollux rolled his eyes and sighed heavily, setting his gaze back at Eridan as he firmly set the bottle back down on the desk again, "You bitch when it's on the floor, you bitch when I put it on a flat surface. Are you ever satisfied with anything?"

"Maybe if I wasn't surrounded by the kind a asswipes that got no notion on how to conduct themselves civilly. I ain't askin' much, just a li'l fuckin' decorum here, Sol; I spend enough time mindin' after Fef an' Kar, it ain't so much to go askin' you to mind your manners." He took another daught, shifting to a cross-legged position. "Though you're free to another if you're wantin' one."

"You know you don't HAVE to mind after everyone." Sollux dragged himself over to the bin specified and dropped it in.

"Wouldn' have to if people did shit RIGHT," Eridan grumbled. He straightened, "Hey, long as we're playin' a game a Q an' A here, I been meanin' to ask: why'd you get so twitchy when I was workin' your neck, anyhow?"

Sollux looked back with a start, squirming in place a bit before answering, "Felt weird is all."

"Ticklish or somethin'?"

He shook his head quickly, "Not really."

Eridan thought for a few seconds, "Ain't accustomed to neck attention as a yet, then?"

Hoping to get off the subject, he grumbled, "It's too weird and intimate, ok?"

"Wow, way to go imaginin' things." Eridan chuckled and stood, walking over and throwing an arm over Sollux's shoulder, "I wasn't tryin' after any intimacy shit, Sol. Look, if I was interested in just a dick, I'd get a dildo; an' if I only wanted somethin' to stick mine into, I'd just jack off, right?"

Sollux looked over, an eyebrow raised in confusion.

"The thing you got to remember about the body, Sol, there's nerve endin's everywhere. Literally everywhere; there ain't a patch a epidermis that can't be teased an' flushed, an' if you end up bein' or havin' the kind a partner that JUST wants the ass, or JUST wants the cock, you're signin' up for a life a dull romps. Now me?" He gestured to himself, "I see things differently. I see possibilities. The whole body, Sol, is a marvelous an' sexy thing, an' when you get two a them together you can go discoverin' endless combinations a bits, fittin' an' grindin' an' slidin' an' lickin together an' findin' what excites the most. The whole body becomes one big sex toy, an' I mean to use the whole thing, yours an' mine. You follow?"

Sollux squirmed a little, involuntarily, voice deadpan regardless, "So basically you decided I'm your sex toy?"

"While we're naked an' gettin' on with it? Yeah. Like I'm yours." Eridan gave his shoulder a little squeeze, "I use you for my pleasure, you use me for yours, an' we both see the other satisfied. There, an' if there's a more fair or just bargain in the world, I ain't heard a such."

Sollux inhaled and nodded slowly, "All right then. I'm not your fucking boyfriend though, got it?"

Eridan smirked and released Sollux, giving him a pat on the back, "Like I'd willin'ly get myself latched to a fucker that can't even manage to recycle his dead soldiers without micro-managin'." He leaned against his desk, "So, you want me stayin' away from your neck from now on, or was it just foreign to you? 'Cause, bein' honest here, you got seriously lickable collarbones."

Sollux smirked and leaned his head back, pulling down the collar of his shirt, "By all means."

"I meant in general, but since you're offerin'..." Eridan set his beer on the desk and pulled Sollux close by the shoulders, turning with him and pressing him against the desk. He trailed the point of his tongue along the exposed clavicle, and kissed the hollow at the base of Sollux's neck, one hand drifting down to cup Sollux's ass.

Sollux groaned fondly, teeth exposed as his grin only grew. He then chuckled as his ass was groped, "Well clearly I can tell what your favorite thing is."

Eridan lapped up along the muscle to the corner of Sollux's jaw, and murmured, "You're forgettin' what a greedy bastard I am, Sol, I ain't settlin' for just one favorite."

Sollux rocked his hips slightly, voice low and challenging, "If you let it go I'll make you want it."

"Such a filthy mind you got in your head; I always welcome a nice bit a depravity," Eridan nibbled the base of Sollux's neck, his other hand drifting down and pressing against Sollux's ribs through his shirt.

Sollux's grin began to slip as he began to grow hard again. Eridan was doing to him on purpose the fucking prick... "Nnngh dammit ED."

Eridan softly kissed up and nipped just beneath Sollux's jaw. "See what I mean about the whole body bein' used for pleasure?" He rocked his hips against Sollux's, not quite ready for another round but knowing it wouldn't be long. "Fuck, Sol, you sound ready for another go..."

As though conflicted, Sollux shook his head, "Don't think I can right now."

"Shame." Eridan withdrew a little, leaving his hand on Sollux's ass for the moment. "But hey, you know where to find me when you're feelin' frisky."

Sollux nodded dizzily, a slight smirk on his lips, "Sure."

Eridan walked over to the bed and began to strip the sheets. "An' remember, you can initiate too, Sol. Those thighs a yours are welcome over damn near any time."

"Expect morse code any day now." Sollux waved over his shoulder as he crossed the bathroom doors. Once back in his own room, he leaned against his door with a lazy, satisfied grin. He could get used to this.

Eridan snorted, shaking his head. He tossed his bedlinnens into the hamper, retrieved a fresh set from his dresser, and painstakingly re-made his bed. He did not even bother to put on a shirt as he dragged his hamper to the laundry and began his wash, feeling loose and free and glad to be alive.

Me and my co-author Dyzzyah are going to be at Otakon for all three days and going to all the Homestuck related things. If you see us, you should say hi! :D