It was a simple request, or so Quinn thought. She still remembered the time that Rachel had thrown on her old Cheerios uniform. And there were many times that Quinn had worn Rachel's animal sweaters when she missed her so badly. When Rachel stumbled on her that one time, she had found it so adorable that she insisted that Quinn wear her clothes more often. And as such it should have been a simple request, but it wasn't.

"No, Quinn."

"But baby-"

"No, and don't go using the 'but baby' line. I am not wearing this!" Rachel said with a stomp of her foot. She spun on heel when she saw Quinn stick out her lower lip. The blonde's pout would have her folding in no time. On the bright side, her girlfriend had yet to catch on to this weakness.

"But Rach, Sam's party; it's about comics," Quinn pleaded.

"But why do we have to dress up?" Rachel asked incredulously, still not looking at Quinn, who she was certain, was wearing that cute little pout on her face.

"It's like Comic-Con; everyone dresses up," Quinn reasoned. She got up from the bed and went up behind her girlfriend. Rachel could hear her approach and took a few steps forward to evade her. Quinn's frown deepened. "Come on baby, it'll be fun." Rachel huffed. "You'd make a really cute Supergirl," she added meekly.

The singer's shoulders slackened at the blonde's tender voice. She straightened up quickly to avoid losing her edge. She then felt hands on her hips and a head on her shoulder. How the hell did she not hear Quinn closing the distance? Quinn nuzzled into her and her hands went up to play with the hem of Rachel's blouse.

Rachel faltered once more, and once more Quinn was unaware of her impending victory. But Rachel Berry wasn't a quitter. She wasn't, and she had her way sometimes. And as long as Quinn didn't go as far as trying to deny her sex for this request, she still had a chance to get her way.

A Fifty-Fifty chance.

Arms around her waist.

Okay, maybe not Fifty-Fifty, but she still had a chance.

A kiss on her shoulder.

A small chance.

A kiss on her cheek.

She wasn't going to give in.

"I'm sorry."

"Okay!" she screamed a second after she heard the apology. But it was too late to stop herself. Rachel turned around begrudgingly to an ecstatic Quinn. Hazel eyes light up almost as brightly as they did during their first date, their first kiss, their first time, and the first time they said those three little words. She couldn't say no to that.

"You'll do it?" the blonde had to ask. The pint sized diva nodded weakly, slightly upset that she let victory slip from her grasp so easily. But those gloomy thoughts were soon gone as Quinn took her into her embrace. "Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you. You're the best girlfriend ever."

Some Time Later…

"I'm not going!" Rachel whined from inside the bathroom.

"What?" Quinn shot up from the bed, slightly panicked. Sam's party would start in an hour. The blonde was already dressed in her Batgirl costume and her girlfriend was changing in the bathroom. She had taken a surprisingly long time there and now she wasn't coming out. "Baby why?" she asked while she tried to open the door. It was locked.

"I look ridiculous," she answered. "And it's uncomfortable."

"Can you at least come out and let me see you?"


"I'm sure you look great."


"Will you come out if I make you vegan lasagna for dinner?"

"N-" Quinn smiled when she heard her girlfriend cut herself off. "That's not fair Quinn!" she whined. Quinn could hear her stomp her foot again. "You know that's my favorite." The tiny singer paced in the bathroom with lasagna on the mind.

"So you'll come out?" Quinn asked hopefully.

"No!" Quinn frowned.

"How about if you can have me for dessert?" she offered innocently, far too innocently for someone who just offered up her pussy. The singer almost tripped as she heard those words. The only thing that tasted better than Quinn's lasagna was Quinn herself. She moaned audibly at the thought of eating out her girlfriend. "Is that a yes?" She heard the door unlock and squeaked in glee. "Aw, you're adorable."

Rachel was wearing a blue top with short sleeves and the traditional 'S Shield' on it, that very nicely show off her toned stomach, and a red skirt with a matching cape, and boots. The only thing that was wrong was that she was frowning, and maybe the fact that Supergirl was a blonde but that was unimportant.

Quinn's original plan was to dress up as the Black Cat to Rachel's Spider-Girl. Quinn loved the idea of Rachel wearing a skin-tight body suit, but the Supergirl costume proved to be more… fun.

"It's still uncomfortable," the singer complained.

"How?" Quinn questioned, even though she was sure she knew what Rachel meant.

"This thong keeps going up into my butt," Rachel answered which caused Quinn to giggle. "Supergirl doesn't even wear a thong."

"How would you know that? You don't even read comics."

"I'll have you know, Quinn Fabray, that I have started reading comics."

"You have?"

"Yes, and even if I didn't you still read them to me."

"Damnit," she accidentally said aloud, when she realized that her plan had backfired. Quinn mental berated herself when she saw Rachel glaring at her, although the singer looked more cute than threatening. "Fine. Turn around." The brunette quirked an eyebrow but obeyed. The blonde lifted up her skirt and licked her lips as she admired her girlfriend's ass. "But baby, it looks so good on you. It makes me just want to…" Instead of finishing Quinn gave Rachel's ass a firm smack. "God, I love your ass." She let the skirt fall and palmed both of Rachel's cheeks. "Maybe you could sit on my face later," she suggested. "I've always wanted to eat out a superhero. I wonder how they taste like."

Rachel had no idea how Quinn could talk like that and yet still sound so innocent, but fuck it, she didn't care. Quinn started nipping at her neck. Rachel leaned her head to the side to give the blonde more access. She mewled contently as Quinn gently sucked on her pulse point. Rachel brought her hand up to short blonde hair and pull Quinn off, causing her to whine, but he complaints were soon cut off as Rachel turned her head and brought their lips together.

Her lips parted with a moan as Quinn squeezed her ass, which the blonde used as an invitation into her mouth. She massaged Rachel tongue with her own. The singer whimpered when Quinn withdrew before she could properly taste her.

"Okay," she whimpered. "Okay." Quinn let go of her ass and jumped up and down happily.

"You won't regret it babe. And then we can go to Mike's Star Wars party next week." She heard Rachel groan.

"Do you want me to wear something else then?"

"Yes, please," Quinn answered with pouty lips.

"Okay, what is it?" Rachel tried to sound indifferent, but it was kind of hard to do that when her girlfriend clapped her hands together and once again squeaked in glee, and then gave her a kiss on the cheek. That and the fact that later she was going to get laid. Rachel couldn't really complain about that, now could she?

"It's at the end of the closet; right side." The brunette approached the closet and opened it. She moved the clothes aside one by one until she saw it. Behind her Quinn was shyly smiling.

"I am not dressing up as Slave Girl Leia!"

To Be Continued?