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Rachel easily folded to Quinn's pout. They stayed, and for the rest of the party all the boys would stay clear of Rachel as long as Quinn was in sight. The blonde did her best to keep her jealousy and possessiveness under control. It's not like she wanted to, or enjoyed attacking her friends… okay, maybe it was kind of fun to make some use of her gadgets but still she didn't want to hurt anyone.

Except maybe Finn; the gargantuan boy had the audacity to flirt with Rachel right in front of her, while she had an arm wrapped around the singer's waist. If anyone deserved a good healthy dose of her gadgets, it was him. But Quinn stopped herself from reaching for the eskirma sticks on her back, hidden beneath her cape, and hitting him of the head with them. (Technically those would be Nightwing's weapon, but fuck it Quinn loved Nightwing and his weapons and was also envious of him having been in relationships with the original Batgirl and Starfire. A brief thought flew through her mind of dressing Rachel up in Starfire's costume; Fuck! That would be hot!)

When he left them be, Rachel gave her a chaste kiss and ensured her that she no longer had any feelings for him while also thanking her for not going ballistic on him. Quinn gave a weak smile and took gave another kiss back while taking Rachel into her arms. While hugging her, Quinn flattened out the back of Rachel's skirt while disguising the gesture as her just trying to grab her ass.

Quinn felt sad and as time flew by, she herself, started to avoid her girlfriend. She wanted Rachel to enjoy this day and now she was ruining it. The blonde went upstairs and sat down at the top step while she listened on the commotion from the living room. She took off her gloves, settling them down on a small table in the hallway, and fidgeted with her home-made utility belt, cursing it and all its fun little toys for the mess she had gotten herself into.

Soon she heard footsteps coming up and she shifted to the side to allow whoever it was access to the bathroom. She was too distracted looking down at her lap to notice her girlfriend sitting down next to her, until she felt an arm around her waist. She looked up to see concerned brown eyes.

"Hey baby, what's wrong? Why aren't you downstairs?"

"I'm sorry," Quinn responded rather than answering. Rachel's eyebrows quirked in confusion. "About today," she explained further. "I don't know what came over me. I just…" She got up and went down the hall, ashamed at her insecurities. Rachel followed after and spun her around, not content to let her girlfriend shut her out.

"You know I love you and only you." It wasn't a question.

"I know. It's just I still can't believe sometimes that someone as awesome as you could fall in love with a geek like me," she admitted, looking down making sure to go past Rachel's boobs and her tone stomach and that sinfully short skirt and her impossibly long legs and finally down to her boots. But her head was soon brought back up to lock eyes with her girlfriend.

"I love you Quinn, and being a geek doesn't make me love you any less," she assured. "In fact it only makes me love you more." The blonde's frown started to fade, but Rachel knew that it wouldn't be that easy; they were both so very stubborn. "And you know," she continued, taking Quinn's right hand. "This costume," she looked down at herself, "is pretty hot."

The next thing Quinn knew, her hand was brought underneath Rachel's skirt and was pressed against the singer's thigh, right below the curve of her ass. She tentatively brought her hand up higher, fully cupping the mound of flesh as her left hand did the same to Rachel's other ass cheek. Quinn lifted Rachel up, having slender legs wrap around her waist, and pushed her against the wall, crashing their lips together.

Rachel moaned at her girlfriend's enthusiasm, and quickly made work of removing Quinn's mask so she could thread her fingers through her choppy golden hair. Once it was off she gently hung on a nearby doorknob; they both had worked very hard on these and several other comic based costumes and she didn't want to risk ruining them.

She pulled her in closer, inviting her to explore her mouth, which Quinn soon did. Rachel sucked on her lover's tongue which elicited moans from the taller girl. Their tongues danced in Rachel's mouth until the ex-cheerleader pulled back for some much needed air. She then brought her lips to the smaller girl's neck grinding her hips into Rachel, unintentionally pressing the front of her costume directly onto Rachel's clit.

"Oooh," Rachel whimpered into Quinn's shoulder. The blonde smirked into her skin and rolled her hips again, pleased to hear the same filthy sounds escape her girlfriend's lips. She continued her work on Rachel's neck, nipping lightly and then soothing it with her tongue. A muffled "Fuck!" was smothered into Quinn's shoulder when the singer canted her hips for some sort of relief. Quinn reluctantly brought one hand away from Rachel's ass and moved it towards her core. She moaned at the wetness she found there.

"God, baby you're soaked!" She moved the material of the thong aside, but before she could do anymore Rachel grasped onto her hand. "Come on, baby. Let me fuck you!" Quinn pleaded. Rachel shook her head as she tried to regain her composure, which was kind of difficult when talented fingers were just centimeters away from her clit.

"Not here Quinn," Rachel panted, hoping that Quinn would stop but when she felt deft fingers teasing her folds, she knew that Quinn had no intention of stopping now "Not it your ex-boyfriend's place," she pleaded, and Quinn's hand stopped and pulled away.

"Why not?" Quinn whined, with that pout on her lips. She put Rachel down and licked off the small (not so small) amount of Rachel juices that she had on her fingers. Rachel felt her arousal spike at how innocent Quinn could make such dirty action look, and thoughtfully considered just forgetting that they were at Sam's house and just fucking her girlfriend. But she kept her cool.

"Baby, I promise that once we get home we can have as much superhero sex as- whoa," Before she could finish Quinn had already took hold of her and the rest of her costume and they were darting out the door, without even taking the time to say goodbye. Their friends watched in silent confusion, but they were glad that they didn't have to worry about Quinn anymore… at least for now.

To Be Continued…

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