Chapter 1

Born to Surf

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As the waves splashed against my face I knew I was born to surf it was in my blood and one day I was going to be the famous Clara Kingston even though I was only 13 I knew I was going to be like my mom, Terri Kingston.

I had big dreams and I was determined to reach them.

Me and my best friend Juliet where out in the surf in South America, our home. We where both home schooled. We were out with a reef to the left of us and as the tide started to pull us left I said

"Juliet I think we should head in."

" Yeh." she replied we started paddling. Juliet and I reached the shore and headed to my big white double storied house.

"Hi mom", "are you out already "she said

"The waves started pulling us toward the reef "I murmured

"Oh are you girls hungry I made cheese and ham sandwiches" "no thanks "I exclaimed as Juliet and I headed up stairs to my pretty white and tomato red room.

We both slopped on my bed. Juliet started

"I might get a new board on the 14th, my birthday" she said

"How do you know?" I asked, "I heard my parents talking in the kitchen yesterday." she said.

"Oh, do you know what type?" she enquired

"Billabong probably, but I'm really not sure.

"Nice" I said, enthusiastically.

"I got to run, my mom said she wanted me back at 5, and its 6 now. She will be worrying."

I rushed down stairs behind her. As we reached the door I said "Bye". She smiled and waved.

As morning broke I went to the bathroom to get out of my PJs and brush my teeth. I smelt a delicious smell and then it hit me "Ooh my word." it was my mom's birthday. I raced down stairs to find my sister, Megan and my dad making pancakes.

"I forgot. I'm such a klutz. " I came right out and said it.

"Ooh," said Megan childishly

"I thought you were the older one?" I said

"yes I am" she replied coldly

"I haven't even got her a present" I exclaimed well is she awake yet? No said dad. Well, when she's awake, call me I will be in my room. So I dashed in to my room and shut the door with a soft thud. I ran to the corner of my room to my bed and slid under and grabbed my magazines and photo book. I went to my desk and got some paper, colorful pens and a pair of scissors. I wrought and decorated the words happy birthday mom and cut out things that she liked from the magazine and pictures of the family from the photo book, and stuck them down. I stuck some flowers on and I was done. Then I heard a voice "moms awake".

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