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Chapter 4

As the next morning broke; at 5 am sharp. We in the waves again and ready to catch a few so we went to north side where it was a bit calmer. Just me and Jul's at the other end of the beach.

It was calm and collected with just a few waves servicing and the sun coming up slowly casting an eerie glow.

As I got my first wave of the day I hit something and the left sides of my board just were the front had written Roxy in big pink spider handwriting. It gave impact hard and pushed me off.

I screamed as agony ripped through my side, and unforgiving tears stained my cheeks. Jul's head shot to the left after waiting for a wave, she came paddling as fast as she could. When she was at least five feet away she saw my arm with its bone at an angle sticking out I howled in pain as my broken arm started to spurt jest of thick blood and drifted out all around us. I gave a cry as I spotted a dorsal fin there sticking out of the water. Jul's pulled me on to her long board and tied my ankle strap to hers and willingly pulled me and my board to safety of the sand.

She ran for the house for my mom and first aid kit, which was probably emptied after, my sister's broken tooth.

Then I gave a loud cry of pain of my skin ripping open and exposing the pail white bone, there was blood all over the sand and a pool around me.

Then I saw Juliet and mom racing towards me, tears ran down my face as rivers run down mountains and I was frozen I could not look down as my mom leaned down over me. I became very dizzy and a flash of pain shot through my head and then everything went as black as the night sky and all I could think about was how we where goingt o stop the blood if my sister wasted all of the bandages...

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