Title: Dare To Believe
Summary: Mr. Gold's spell not only brings back magic, but a man Emma thought she'd never see again. A man who died in her arms.

A/N this was made for a once upon a time land comm Challenge was to create summaries for stories that didn't exist than to write a story for all entered summaries.

Word Count: 633

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Just because the curse had broken didn't mean Emma's job was done. The people in Storybrooke needed a sheriff now more than ever. Magic had come to Storybrooke and it was changing everything. Emma sat at work sorting through the fairytale characters who had been resurfacing. Regina had held many of them captive and some of them were lost. Ariel had spent her time hidden in a cave, Aladdin had lived on the streets stealing for his supper. Even worse a body had been found, and after the autopsy it was shown that the man died because of a crocodile.

Emma couldn't believe that this was really happening to her, after all the times people had tried to prove to her that there really was a curse and she just couldn't see it. Henry had tried to prove to her so many times and she just couldn't see what was right in front of her face. August even showed her his wooden leg and she still couldn't see it, she was just too blind to see. Jefferson, even though he was crazy still spoke the truth. He had said that she needed to open her eyes and that she had brought magic back to Storybrooke. Well he was right about one thing but it wasn't her who brought magic back. Even seeing the illustrations of him in Henry's book with the same scar across his neck, she refused to see the truth. Regina was the one who finally admitted to her that what Henry said was true there was a curse and Regina was evil, now she knew for sure, because of Regina's actions she almost lost Henry forever, but the magic of true love saved everyone.

Emma's thoughts drifted to Graham 'I remember' she could hear him say it right before he fell to the floor. Her kiss brought his memories back. She learned from her mother that Graham was really The Hunstman and that if it wasn't for him she wouldn't even be alive. He had sacrificed his own heart for her mother's and she couldn't even thank him for it. Emma flipped through Henry's book reading the story of Snow White and The Huntsman. She saw his face illustrated on one of the pages and could feel tears build up in her eyes. Her finger moved across the drawing reaching for something she couldn't grasp.

The phone broke her from her thoughts and pulled her from her memories. "Emma?" she heard on the other line, "I think you need to come out to the Toll Bridge, right away." She heard her father's voice through the speaker. She hung the phone up and grabbed the keys to the cop car.

James waved her down upon arriving at the toll bridge. Emma left the sheriff's car and hugged her father quickly before asking, "What is it dad?"

He pulled away and looked her directly in the eye, "This will be a shock Emma, but the magic here has done something peculiar."

Emma hurried off towards the bridge, "What is it?" she called back to him before slipping down the pathway of mud that led to the toll bridge. Emma was startled when someone had caught her at the bottom. She looked up and his eyes startled her.

"Emma." He gasped as he pulled her into an embrace.

Tears welled in her eyes, she recognized his eyes, his voice, even his touch; though she had only experienced it for such a brief moment before he passed. "I don't understand," she sobbed into his chest.

He rubbed her back and nestled himself into her hair, "That's the thing Emma, you can't always understand magic."

"But I can believe in it now." she breathed into his chest. He smelled just like she remembered; the woods.